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2015 Nanjing ForeignLanguage School Cambridge International Senior High ClassEnrollment (Nanjing Candidates)

Forintroducing international advanced curriculum and science teaching technologyin the high school of Jiangsu province, exploring the model of high schoolcurriculum reform, promoting the development of Jiangsu fundamental education,building international talents training base and cultivating the internationalcompetitive talents, Nanjing Foreign Language School passed the check ofCIE in 2006 by Municipal Educational Bureau. The school has become aninternational exam center (Registration Number: CN545). It introduces CambridgeInternational Senior High Class curriculum which is regarded as “Golden CurriculumSystem” in England and “worldwide higher education pass”. (GCE A-Level)
1. Curriculum
TheCambridge International Senior High Class in Nanjing ForeignLanguage Schoolconsistsof a fundamental curriculum and a core curriculum. It is a 3-year course:
Fundamental curriculum: International General Certificate of SecondaryEducation(short for IGCSE)is a one year pre-curriculum for the corecurriculum. Excellent graduates from junior middle schools, whose scores of thehigh school entrance exam reach the admission score of key high schools and thenpass the pre-entrance examination for English language will have qualificationto apply for the course.
Core curriculum: Cambridge International Senior HighClass curriculum (GeneralCertificate of Education Advanced Level, short for A-Level) originates fromBritish high school curriculum. It lasts 2 years and suits for students who havefinished the fundamental curriculum.
2. Diploma
In 3 years learning process, students will attend CIEexamination (Grade 10 students take the CIE Subjects Exam, Grade 11 students takethe GCE AS Exam, Grade 12 students take the GCE A2 Exam). The students who passthe examination will get the Certificate of Cambridge IGCSE and the CIE General Certificate ofEducation.
Scores recorded by the certificate of Cambridge IGCSEand the CIE General Certificate ofEducation areaccepted as a university entryqualification, and recognized worldwide as evidence of adequate competence by over1100 universities in over 150countries. Students can choose and apply from universities all over the worldaccording to their scores and intentions with the certificates.
3. Teaching Management
The Cambridge International Senior High Class in Nanjing ForeignLanguage School is fully managed by the school. Teaching managementis charged by the academic principal from the high-class branch of the CIE (China),while Cambridge Academic Committee supervises teaching.
Cambridge International Senior High Class in Nanjing Foreign LanguageSchool are taught in small-size classes. The corecurriculum is taught by experienced foreign teachers. Excellent bilingualteachers are selected to teach subjects of the fundamental curriculum.
4. Enrollment Policy
Enrollmenttarget: The graduates of junior middle school with proper value system, acceptablescores and healthy body.
Enrollmentplan: There will be 2 classes for the fundamental curriculum with 60 candidate.50 for Nanjing candidates who pass the high school entrance examination, (and10 for candidates who have no Nanjing Resident ID).
5. Tuition Fee
Fundamental curriculum class (Grade 10): The tuitionis CNY 60,000 per student per school year;
Core curriculum class (Grade 11/Grade 12): The tuitionis CNY 70,000 per student per school year.
(The costs of the text books, IGCSE examination fee, IBO examinationfee, IBO registration fee, school uniforms, school supplies and study-abroadcoaching service fee are not included.)
6. The pre-entrance examination for English Language
Studentswho are interested in Cambridge International Senior High Class in Nanjing ForeignLanguage School(including Grade 9 students from Nanjing Foreign Language School) have toattend the pre-entrance exam for English Language which required by all internationalhigh school curriculums (include Sino-Canada International High Schoolcurriculum/Cambridge International Seinor High Class curriculum/IB Diploma Programcurriculum).
Information Session and Exam Sign Up
Time: 8:30 am -16:30 pm on Sunday, May 3rd
Location: 30 Beijing East Road, Nanjing Foreign LanguageSchool
Both middle school graduates and parents who are interestedin the international high school curriculum offered by Nanjing Foreign LanguageSchool are welcomed.
**Time: 9:00am -10:00am
**Location: Lecture Hall at NFLS Main Campus
**Content:International Department Enrollment Information Session
**Q&A and sign up the test after the informationsession.
Nanjing candidate examsign up: sign up the test onthe official website,,between May 3rd and May 5th.After successfully sign up online, pleasesignature the confirmation letter, pay the exam fee and claim the testadmission card at Nanjing Foreign Language School (#30 Beijing East Road) between8:30 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, May 9th
Thetest fee is CNY 200.
Exam Time: 16:00pm-18:00pmon Sunday, May 17th .The exam lasts 120minutes with 120 full marks.Candidates will get the testresults at 13:00 pm on Friday, May 29that Nanjing Foreign Language School (see the instructions of at schoolentrance).
Nanjing candidates who attend the High School Entrance Examination needto select “NFLS Cambridge InternationalSenior High Class” in the first batchadmission school on the Nanjing 2015 High School Application Form according tothe requirements of the Exam Guide. We admit students from high score to lowscore based on the combined grade of High School Entrance Exam and the Pre-EntranceEnglish Exam and the order of the application form.
Whencandidate receives the conditional offer, please bring the original and a copy of the high school entrance exam transcript tointernational department office and get the payment form. Get your admissionoffer by the vouchers of your payment of first semester tuition fee.
Tuitionis fully refundable if parents submit a written application to quit beforemilitary training. However, it is non-refundable when military training begins.Please consider carefully before making the decision.
8. Contact
The candidates and parents may call the office or go toNanjing Foreign Language School international admission office (Room 609, AdministrationBuilding) in person for more information since April 20.
Open hours: 8:30~11:30;13:00~16:30
Telephone number: 025-83282324
Address: Room 609,Administration building, NanjingForeign Language School, 30 Beijing East Road, Nanjing)
Post Code: 210008