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2015 Nanjing Foreign Language School British Columbia Academy-NFLS BCA Enrollment (Nanjing candidates)

Nanjing Foreign Language British Columbia Academy-NFLS BCA was opened in 2002 with approval of Education Department of Jiangsu province and the Education Department of BC Canada. As a result of cultural exchange between China and Canada, NFLS BCA is strongly supported by the education authorities in Jiangsu Province and Nanjing Municipal, as well as the Canadian government, Canadian Embassy and Consulates. During the past 11 years (including 2015), over 883 qualified graduates have been admitted by universities in Canada and U.S., including Toronto University, McGill University, University of Alberta, Queens University, Waterloo University in Canada and South California University, University of Wisconsin and Cornell University. Almost 30% of the graduates got scholarship. With high quality and excellent performance in universities oversea, NFLS BCA becomes well-known among the admission officers. Dozens of university admission officers come and visit our school to interview the candidate every year.

I. Curriculum

The curriculum in NFLS BCA lasts for 3 years. It is taught in English with the curriculum of Canada British Columbia Provincial Education Department and get certified annually. It enable students to experience the education oversea without going abroad.

NFLS BCA adopts the student centered teaching philosophy and teach with small size class. It aims to improve students’ language ability, broaden the global awareness, encourage critical thinking, cultivate student to apply the knowledge to solve problems, and be able to compete with the British Columbia students. It is the foundation of becoming the leaders in technology and business field in the future.

II. Diploma

Students get enough credits to graduate in 3 years (see the credits description on the school website under NFLS BCA ). Students who pass the required subjects will get the Dogwood Diploma from the Education Department of BC Canada. Students are opt to apply for the universities all over the world according to their transcription and interest with the Dogwood Diploma.

III. Teaching Management

NFLS BCA is fully managed by the Nanjing Foreign Language School. The Canada British Columbia Provincial Education Department is responsible for external assessment. NFLS BCA hires the secondary education profession with teaching qualification of BC Canada as the principal. All of the teachers have the teaching certificate of BC Canada. Nanjing Foreign Language School arranges excellent teachers to teach the internal high school course and daily management.

IV. Enrollment Policy

Enrollment target: Graduates of junior middle school with proper value system, acceptable scores and healthy body.

Enrollment plan: There will be 4 classes with 100 candidates in Grade 10. 80 of them are Nanjing candidates who pass the high school entrance examinations, (and 20 for those who have no Nanjing resident ID).

V. Tuition Fee

The tuition costs CNY 60,000 per student per school year.

(Costs of text books, school uniforms, Intensive English Summer Camp, accommodation and registration for Canada education department are not included)

VI. Pre-Entrance English Exam

Students (including 9th Grade students from Nanjing Foreign Language School) who plan to apply NFLS BCA need to attend the Pre-Entrance English Exam arranged by Nanjing Foreign Language School for the international high school curriculum (including NFLS BCA, Cambridge International Senior High Class, and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme- IBDP).

Information Session and Sign Up for Exam

Time: 8:30 am -16:30 pm on Sunday, May 3rd

Location: 30 Beijing East Road, Nanjing Foreign Language School

Both middle school graduates and parents who are interested in the international high school curriculum offered by Nanjing Foreign Language School are welcomed.

**Time: 9:00am -10:00am

**Location: Lecture Hall at NFLS Main Campus

**Content: International Department Enrollment Information Session

**Q&A and sign up the exam after the information session.

Nanjing candidate exam sign up: sign up the exam on the official website,, between May 3rd and May 5th. After successfully sign up online, please signature the confirmation letter, pay the exam fee and claim the test admission card at Nanjing Foreign Language School (#30 Beijing East Road) between 8:30 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday, May 9th.

The exam fee is CNY 200.


Exam Time: 16:00pm-18:00pm on Sunday, May 17th.

The exam lasts 120minutes with 120 full marks.

Candidates will get the test results at 13:00 pm on Friday, May 29th at Nanjing Foreign Language School (see the instructions of at school entrance).

VII. Admission

Nanjing candidates who attend the High School Entrance Examination need to select “NFLS BCA” in the first batch admission school on the Nanjing 2015 High School Application Form according to the requirements of the Exam Guide. We admit students from high score to low score based on the combined grade of High School Entrance Exam and the Pre-Entrance English Exam and the order of the application form.

When candidate receives the conditional offer, please bring the original and a copy of the high school entrance exam transcript to international department office and get the payment form. Get your admission offer by the vouchers of your payment of first semester tuition fee.

The registered students need to attend Intensive English Summer Camp from July 15 to July 25.

Tuition is fully refundable if a written quit application with parents’ permission is received before military training. However, it is non-refundable when military training begins. Please consider carefully before making the decision.

VIII. Contact

The candidates and parents may call the office or go to Nanjing Foreign Language School international admission office (Room 609, Administration Building) in person for more information since April 20.

Open hours: 8:30am~11:30am;13:00pm~16:30pm

Telephone number: 025-83282324

Address: Room 609,Administration building, Nanjing Foreign Language School, 30 Beijing East Road, Nanjing

Post Code: 210008