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Recruitment Notice for Physics Laboratory Assistant in Nanjing Foreign Language School

Recruitment Notice for Physics Laboratory Assistant in Nanjing Foreign Language School

One physics laboratory assistant 

Requirements: 1. Graduated in physics or other related majors with a full-time college degree or above, aged under 30, healthy, no gender limitation, with CET 4 certificate. 2. With certain scientific management knowledge, familiar with physics courses and experimental equipment for middle schools and undergraduate preparatory.3. Loving education, with strong sense of responsibility, devoted, excellent ability to communicate, coordinate and execute, excellent team spirit.

It is a contract-based job, and the salary and treatment are negotiable. Interested applicant should fill in the attached Registration Form for Staff Information of Nanjing Foreign Language School and send it by e-mail to before August 30, 2019, and we will inform you the further interview time.

Attached please open the following website to download