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A Brief Introduction to 2019 Enrollment of the Experimental Class of Sino-Canada

International Senior High School in Nanjing Foreign Language School 

 Experimental Class of Sino-Canada International Senior High School in Nanjing Foreign language School

 2019 Enrollment Introduction

The experimental class of Chinese and Canadian international senior high school courses in Nanjing Foreign language School (Nanjing Foreign Language School British Columbia Academy-NFLS BCA), was jointly approved by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and BC Provincial Department of Education in Canada in 2002. it is one of the achievements of cultural, scientific, technological and educational exchanges between China and Canada. The school gained the strong support from Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Education Department, Canadian Government, Canadian Embassy in China and Consulate General. So far, a total of 1293 students (including 2019) have graduated in 15 years. All qualified graduates have been admitted to universities in Canada, America, Britain, including McGill, British Columbia, Toronto, McMaster, Alberta, Queen, Waterloo and other universities; University of Vanderbilt, Cornell, Rice, Washington, St. Louis, California, Los Angeles, California, Berkley, Southern California, Carnegie Mellon, Ann Arbor, Michigan, New York, Smith College in the US; London University College in United Kingdom; Melbourne,Sydney and other universities in Australia; the University of Hong Kong; Lobsang School of Management and other universities in Switzerland. The excellent quality and brilliant performance of the former graduates of the Sino-Canada International Senior High School Curriculum Experimental Class in NFLS has enhanced the popularity of the international high school curriculum experimental class. Every year, dozens of admission officers from foreign universities come to visit our school and interview students directly.

1. Curriculum planning and learning system


  • The learning system is three-year, the curriculum of China and Canada International High School shall be taught in English in full accordance with the syllabus and curriculum of the Department of Education of BC Province, Canada, and shall be certified annually by the Department of Education of BC Province of Canada to implement "all Canadian Environment" education, so that the students can enjoy senior high school education of BC, Canada without leaving the country.
  • The experimental class of China and Canada International Senior High School adopts the small class teaching mode of "people-oriented and teaching according to aptitude". Upon graduation, students' foreign language ability, writing ability, internationalization consciousness, knowledge use, thinking and creativity, self-care ability and so on meet the requirements for local Canadian students in an all-round way, that lays a solid foundation for students to grow into leaders in high technology and business in the future.
  • China and Canada international high school curriculum experimental class now recruits excellent fresh junior high school graduates. Applicants are required to reach the key high school score line and pass the English entrance examination.
2. Diploma

The students complete three-year studies of both the countries and receive sufficient credits (at least 80 Canadian credits). The students who pass the Graduation Numeracy Assessment (Mathematics ability Assessment required by the Education Department of BC Province in Canada and the Graduation Literacy Assessments ) can obtain a high school diploma (Dogwood Diploma) issued by the Education Department of BC Province in Canada. With this diploma, the students can apply to any university globally in accordance with their grades and wishes.

3. Teaching and Management

The management of the international high school curriculum experimental class in Nanjing Foreign Language School is the overall responsibility of Nanjing Foreign Language School, and the BC Provincial Education Department is responsible for external audit. The Sino-Canadian International Senior High School Curriculum Experimental Class employs secondary education experts with the teaching qualifications of Canada's BC Province as principals, and all teachers hold the Canadian BC teacher qualification Certificate. Nanjing Foreign Language School arranges excellent teachers to be responsible for the teaching and daily management of Chinese senior high school courses.

4. Applicants and the number of the students enrolled

Enrollment candidates: junior high school graduates with a good moral character, good academic grades, good physical and mental health

Enrollment plan: 4 classes, 100 students in senior Grade 1. Among them, 80 Nanjing locals, who will be admitted through the middle school entrance examination, the remaining 20 will be non-locals.

5. Tuition

The tuition fee is 60, 000 yuan per student per school year.

 (the above fees do not include books, school uniforms, learning equipment, accommodation and registration fees for Canadian Department of Education students, etc.)

6. Additional English entrance exam 

All candidates who wish to apply for NFLS China-Canada International High School Curriculum Experimental Class are required to attend the International High School Curriculum English entrance examination which is organized by NFLS (China and Canada International High School Curriculum Experimental Class / Cambridge International High School Curriculum Experimental Class / IB International Diploma course experiment). Class) , NFLS junior 3rd graders will take part in the English examination of our school, and those who pass the exam can apply.

  • Consultation and application
    • On Wednesday, May 1, 9 :30-10:15, at the report hall of Nanjing Foreign Language School (30 Beijing East Road), a brief introduction on the admission of International Senior High School will be held.

    • 9:00-16:30, on the first floor of the cafeteria, NFLS International High School course enrollment consultation service will be held.

    • Nanjing applicants:From May 5 to 7, the registration of the additional English examination for NFLS International High School course will be done on the Internet. Candidates (including NFLS junior 3rd graders) log on to the official website of Nanjing Bureau of Education (website "enrollment Information" section to complete the application of "Nanjing International Senior High School additional English entrance examination").

    • On Saturday, May 11, 8:30 - 12:00, successful applicants who signed up for the Nanjing International Senior High School English Test on the official website of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Education please bring the household registration books or identity cards, 2 2-inch mugshots to Nanjing Foreign Language School (30 Beijing East Road) to complete the registration confirmation, pay the examination fee, obtain the entrance examination certificate and conduct other related formalities.

    • exam fee: 200 yuan (cash)

  • Exam 
    • May 12 (Sunday) 16: 00-17:30, candidates who have received the entrance examination certificate will take the Nanjing International Senior High School additional English examination. The examination is a written test which lasts 90 minutes with the full score of 120 points.
    • On Friday, May 24, 13:00-16:30 please take the original entrance examination card to Nanjing Foreign Language School (No. 30, Beijing East Road) to receive the entry English entrance examination results, and the score line of the entrance examination will be then announced.
7. Enrollment and new term arrangement 
  • According to the requirements of the "Guidelines for Entrance Examination to Senior High", the students who have passed the Nanjing Middle School entrance examination must fill in the first batch of Application Form of Senior High School in Nanjing in 2019 "Nanjing Foreign Language School China-Canada International Senior High School Curriculum Experimental Class". Admission will be conducted according to the entrance examination results and application order from high to low.
  • After receiving the admission of our school, the candidates shall bring the original and photocopies of the entrance examination results to the international curriculum enrollment office of our school to go through the admission formalities, receive the payment notice to pay the tuition fee for the first semester, and obtain the admission notice with the payment certificate. After completing the above admission procedures, the tuition fees will no longer be refunded. Candidates and parents are requested to consider carefully before going through the admission formalities.
  • New students must report for registration and are required to attend the preliminary training of the Sino-Canadian course from 28 to 29 in August.
8. Enrollment information

Candidates and parents can go to or call NFLS Foreign International course Admission Office for each course project consultation.

Consultation time: 8:30- 11:30;  13:00-16:30

Consultation Tel: 025 83282324 (Admissions Office), 025 83282339 (China-Canada), 025 84555431 (Cambridge / IB)

Contact address: Room 609, Administration Building, Nanjing Foreign Language School, 30 Beijing East Road, Nanjing. 210008

School website: