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A brief Introduction to 2019 Enrollment of Senior High School Science and Technology Specialty Students in Nanjing

Foreign Language School 

A brief Introduction to 2019 Enrollment of Senior High School Science and Technology Specialty Students

Nanjing Foreign language School is one of the first seven foreign language schools in China sanctioned by the State Council in 1963. For more than 50 years, Nanjing Foreign language School has trained many outstanding foreign language professionals for the country, and the students have been in all fields both home and abroad. Nanjing Foreign Language School aims at cultivating “ foreign language specialty in both liberal arts and science, internationalization and compound talents",, especially cultivating modern people with Chinese soul and global mind. In the past ten years, while giving full play to the advantages of foreign language teaching, we have paid great attention to cultivating students' humanistic literacy and scientific spirit, actively strengthened science teaching, and obtained a total of eight gold medals in international middle school students Olympus in physics, chemistry and informatics. Every year, nearly 100 senior high school students win gold medals at the national and provincial Olympus competitions. Nanjing Foreign Language School is one of the 16 foreign language schools approved by the Ministry of Education to enjoy the policy of student delivery. Every year, through recommendation, many students are admitted or admitted earlier to Tsinghua University, Peking University, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and other first-class universities in China. Nanjing Foreign Language School has cultivated a group of outstanding students with international vision, leadership temperament and outstanding talents. Every year, a large number of students enter the famous universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, France and Germany Japan, Australia and other countries for further study. The school also established a "green aisle" for senior high school students to go straight to the University of Toronto and Waterloo in Canada. Here in NFLS, we have a dedicated, diligent, excellent teaching team and smart, studious, upward students, there is democratic, equal, harmonious educational atmosphere, rich and colorful, Chinese and Western compatible campus culture, NFLS provides a broad stage for the healthy growth and all-round development of every student.Our school this year for the city's junior high school graduates to recruit science and technology specialty students. We warmly welcome excellent students with all-round development, good morality, high intelligence, especially those with outstanding scientific and technological skills to apply for Nanjing Foreign Language School. The specific enrollment requirements are as follows:

1. Application requirements

The enrollment object of science and technology specialty students is the junior middle school graduates in the whole city (including the NFLS middle school graduates).

Applicants for science and technology specialty students should have strong STEM literacy and informatics literacy. In the comprehensive quality evaluation of junior high school, moral quality, citizen literacy, communication and cooperation are qualified, should get at least a “B” at learning ability, exercise and health. Aesthetic and performance are above grade B, in addition, applicants should have the first prize or above in the informatics competition organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education while in junior high school.

2. Enrollment plan

5 science and technology specialty students are planned to enrolled (including NFLS Junior Middle School graduates), the specialty program is STEM+ information technology.

3. Enrollment schedule

A briefing meeting on enrollment policy will be held from 9: 00 am to 9:45 on May 1 in the report hall of Nanjing Foreign Language School (30 Beijing East Road). On May 1, 9: 00 - 16 : 30,the enrollment consultation will be carried out in the cafeteria on the first floor.

From May 5 to 7, the registration of students specializing in science and technology will be done on the Internet, and the candidates will fill in the enrollment application form on the official website of Nanjing Education Bureau. One can’t apply for both science and technology specialty students and subject specialty students at the same time, each candidate can only apply for one school, one project, no one can change their application after the deadline is due.

On May 10th, the NFLS qualification expert group of science and technology specialty students will check the qualification in advance.

On Saturday, May 11, 8:30 - 12:00, candidates who have successfully registered at the official website of Nanjing Education Bureau will go to Nanjing Foreign Language School (30 Beijing East Road) for on-site confirmation and will receive the notice of additional examination. Candidates must bring self-recommended materials, "Nanjing Junior Middle School Student’s Comprehensive Quality Evaluation Form", original copies and photocopies of award-winning certificates (the original documents will be returned to the students or parents after examination and examination by our school), examinees' household registration book or identity card, 2 2-inch recent mugshots.

On May 18, candidates will part in the additional examination for science and technology specialty applicants organized by Nanjing Foreign Language School (specific time, examination contents and other arrangements will be implemented in accordance with the documents of the Municipal Bureau of Education, subject to the notice of additional examination).

Before May 22, the school will announce the results of the professional additional entrance examination, and will sign the admission Agreement of Science and Technology Specialty Students with the qualified candidates and parents, and determine the list of pre-admitted candidates according to the enrollment plan.

From May 22 to 28, the list of pre-admitted candidates and results will be announced on the official website of Nanjing Foreign Language School.

Before May 31st, the school will report the pre-admission list and results to the Secondary Education Department of the Municipal Bureau of Education and the Municipal Admission Institute.

From June 3 to June 7, the City Entrepreneurship Institute will announce the list of pre-admitted candidates in the``Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau official website'' . 

From June 15 to 16, the candidates will take the Nanjing unified entrance examination.

4. Admission standards

Candidates must take the Nanjing unified entrance examination. For pre-admitted candidates with a score of 560 (80% of the total score is the municipal entrance examination result, excluding the additional foreign language examination of our school), our school will go through the formal admission formalities at the municipal entrance examination institute. Candidates who have not been admitted will be implemented in accordance with the admission standards of the middle school entrance examination in that year.

5. The arrangements after the school begins

All science and technology specialty students admitted to our school can be directly included in the science experimental class of senior high school according to the students’ voluntary application. Students who do not enter the science experimental class are unified with other students admitted to senior high school. All the students admitted to our senior high school have the right to be admitted to colleges and universities in advance and to be recommended to study abroad.

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