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A Brief Introduction to the Enrollment of the Experimental Class, IB International Diploma Course, NFLS, 2019

the Experimental Class, IB International Diploma Course

2019 Enrollment Introduction

In order to respond to the Requirements of the Outline of the National Medium-And Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan (2010-2020) on the introduction of international high-quality educational resources and the training of internationally competitive talents, and in line with the implementation of the strategy of internationalization of education in Jiangsu Province and the construction of an open education system facing the world,with the approval of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Education, Nanjing Foreign Language School launched the "Experimental Class of IB International Diploma Course" in 2011 to introduce the IB International Diploma courses, which is recognized as the best in the field of international education, to provide excellent high school students with high quality international education resources, open a shortcut to the world's top universities. With International Diploma Organization (IBO) strict audit, Nanjing Foreign Language School has become its authorized International Diploma World School (Authorized World School). Up to now, a total of 347 students (including Class 2019) have graduated from the experimental class of IB International Diploma course in Nanjing Foreign Language School. All qualified graduates have been admitted to universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other regions, including Columbia, Chicago, Stanford, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Northwest, Brown, Vanderberg, Cornell, the University of California, Berkeley, Carlton College, Davison College, Vassa College, Rhode Island College of Planning and other universities in the United States; Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial Technology, London School of Economics and other universities in UK; Toronto, British Columbia, McGill, Waterloo and other universities in Canada.

1. curriculum and academic system
The IB International Diploma Programme in NFLS consists of preparatory courses and IBDP courses, with a three-year academic system:

Preparatory course (senior Grade one)CAIE IGCSEInternational General Certificate of Secondary Educationcourses. Our school will effectively reorganize the CAIE IGCSE curriculum according to the IB curriculum model to help students prepare for the IBDP stage. The course system is one year, recruiting excellent fresh junior high school graduates. Applicants are required to reach the key high school score line and pass the English entrance examination.

IBDP course (senior Grade 2 and 3): It includes a group of core courses and six groups of subject choices to help students achieve comprehensive and balanced development, and to cultivate students to acquire the necessary academic ability, innovation ability and research ability to study in overseas universities.

The core courses include Theory of Knowledge, (TOK), extended paper ( EE) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS). The course system is two years, suitable for students who successfully complete the preparatory course.

The six groups of subjects include: Chinese, English, Humanities and Social Sciences (Business and Management, Economics, History), Experimental Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, computer), Mathematics, Art (Visual Arts, Music). Students choose the courses they are best and most interested in.

2. Assessment System 

The students in the preparatory class in senior Grade 1 take part in school’s normal assessments and the global examination of some subjects of the IGCSE course. The IGCSE global examination paper is provided by (CAIE) of the International examination and Evaluation Department of Cambridge University and sent back to Cambridge University to grade through designated channels, and the results are released by CAIE.

The students taking IBDP courses (senior Grade 2 and 3) take part in the normal school examinations and IBO global examination. The normal assessment in the school shall be completed by the subject teacher in accordance with the IBO evaluation standard and submitted to the IBO for evaluation.The normal assessment scores account for 25%-50% in the final score. Senior Grade three took the IBO Global exam in May, the students take the exam at school, and the results are released by IBO.

The students who meet the requirements of IBO subject selection and core courses and who have scored more than 24 points (the highest score is 45 points), will be issued the IBDP certificate by IBO (the conditions and interfering factors for obtaining IBDP certificate can be found in the IBDP course introduction and FAQ on the official website of NFLS)

3. Teaching and Management

The IB International Diploma course of Nanjing Foreign Language School is wholly managed by Nanjing Foreign Language School. The school employs foreign teachers with international high school teaching experience and adopts small class teaching method. All the teachers are trained and qualified by (IBO), an international diploma organization. Nanjing Foreign Language School selects excellent bilingual teachers to be responsible for the teaching of some subjects of preparatory courses.

4. Applicants and the  number of the students enrolled

Applicants: junior high school graduates with high English ability, comprehensive development and good physical and mental health.

Enrollment plan: there are 2 classes in the preparatory course with a total of 60 people. Among them, 50 Nanjing local students, who will be admitted through the entrance examination to senior high, the remaining 10 will be non-locals.
5. Tuition
84000 yuan per student per school year.

(the above fees do not include books, school uniform, study supplies, accommodation, IGCSE global examination fees, IBO global exam fees, IBO registration fees and overseas education guidance fees, etc.)

6. Extra English entrance examination
Anyone who has interest and wishes to apply for the IB International High School Curriculum Experimental Class in NFLS is required to attend the extra English entrance examination of the International Senior High School Curriculum organized by NFLS (Sino-Canada International Senior High School Curriculum Experimental Class / Cambridge International Senior High School Curriculum Experimental Class / IB International Diploma Course, Experimental Class). ) , Students in the third year of junior high school in NFLS will take part in the additional English examination of our school, and those who pass the exam can apply.
 exam fee: 200 yuan ( cash) 

information & application

(On Wednesday), May 1,9:30~10:15 , at the report hall of Nanjing Foreign Language School (No.30, Beijing East Road), a briefing on the admission of NFLS International Senior High School Course will be held. 9:00~16:30,On the first floor of the cafeteria, the on-site enrollment consultation service of NFLS International High School course will be carried out.

For Nanjing local applicants: 

From May 5 to 7, the registration of the additional English examination for NFLS International High School course will be on the Internet. Candidates (including junior 3rd graders from NFLS) log on to the official website of Nanjing Education Bureau (website: for “enrollment Information”) to complete the registration of “Nanjing Foreign Language School International Senior High School Additional English entrance examination”.

May 11th ( Saturday) 8:30-12:00  candidates who have successfully signed up for the "NFLS International Senior High School Additional English Entrance Examination" on the official website of the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Education will take their household registration books or identity cards,2 recently taken photos with 2-inch mugshot to Nanjing Foreign Language School (30 Beijing East Road) to confirm their application,pay the examination fee, fetch the examination certificate and other related formalities


May 12th (Sunday) 16:00- 17:30, Candidates who have received the entrance examination permit will participate in the NFLS Senior High School English additional examination. It is a written test which lasts 90 minutes with the full score of 120 points.

May 24, ( Friday) 13 :00 - 16 -30 please go to Nanjing Foreign Language School (No. 30, Beijing East Road) with the original entrance examination card to get the additional entrance English examination results. At the same time, the qualified score line of the additional examination will be announced.

7. Enrollment and admission arrangement 
According to the requirements of the "Guidelines for Senior High School Entrance Examination", the students who have passed the Nanjing entrance examination to senior high must fill in the "IB International Diploma course Experimental Class" in the first batch of admission application in Nanjing 2019 Senior High School Enrollment Application Form. Admission will be done according to the middle school entrance examination results and application order from the high to low order.

After receiving the admission of our school, the examinees shall bring both the original copy and photocopy of the entrance examination results to the international curriculum enrollment office of our school to go through the admission formalities, to receive the payment notice to pay the tuition fee for the first semester, and obtain the admission with the payment certificate. After completing the above admission procedures, the tuition fees will no longer be refunded. Candidates and parents are requested to consider carefully before going through the admission formalities.
8.  Enrollment information
Candidates and parents can go to or call the NFLS international course admissions office and consult each course project.

Consultation time: 8 : 30 --11:30;  13:00 -- 16:30

Contact Tel: 025-83282324 (Admissions Office), 025-83282339 (Sino-Canada), 025-84555431 (Cambridge/IB)

Contact address: Room 609, Administration Building, Nanjing Foreign Language School, 30 Beijing East Road, Nanjing. 210008

School website: