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The Bid for the 2017 Nanjing City Subjects about Social Science Planning

Second, the requirements of the subjects’ selection: the applicants should choose the topics in the Guide to Subjects to apply, the original and creative researches are advocated, the low-level repetitions should be avoided.
Third, the requirements for the application: the subject application units should be capable of excellent research and have good academic resources; should be capable of providing the necessary conditions to develop the researches and guaranteeing the reputation. The personnel in charge of the subject group should be able to conduct the research independently and be able to organize and conduct the research, be able to take the tasks of practical research; should have the medium-level professional qualifications, or have a PH.D degree (Including a administrative position with a section rank or above ), the personnel in charge of the subject can apply for one subject only, and he/she can’t apply for other subjects as a member of other subjects. Those who have participated in Nanjing City subjects about social science with a failed result or being ended halfway, or canceled can’t apply. Science research institutes, the Party administrative units, practical working units are encouraged to begin cooperation and provide the funds involved the subjects.
Fourth, the requirements about the sponsorship limits, the time limits of the researches and the results: the funds for each subject are 30000-50000 yuan, the research task should be finished in a year, the final result should be the research report.
Fifth, the application requirements: the time for application is from March 22nd, 2017 to April 21st. The applicants should fill in the form, the Application for Nanjing City Philosophy Science Planning Subjects, on computer, ( refer to Application Form below) and the Design Demonstration of the Subject ( loose-leaf), ( refer to Loose-leaf below), after the official permission with a seal of the applicant’s unit, send/mail to Science Research Office, Nanjing Social Science Institute. Any delay will be rejected. The Application Form and the Loose-leaf should be prepared 3 copies, one of them should be the original version, printed with A3 paper, double-sided, seam-binding. The concerning forms that are required to fill in can be found and downloaded from the address below: (
Contact: Room 406, No. 1 Building, 43# Chenxian Street, Nanjing City. Post code: 210018, telephone: (025)83610178,fax 83614400
Nanjing City Social Science Planning Office
March 21st, 2017
The guide to 2017 Nanjing City Subjects about Social Science Planning
1. the Strategic Research on Nanjing’s Leading Role in “Yangtze River Urban Agglomeration”
2. the Research on Nanjing City Primary Degree Based on the City Function’s Optimization
3. the Research on Nanjing’s Construction into a National Center City
4. the Research on Pushing the Reform Measures forward and Forming Systematic Integrated Countermeasures
5. the Research & Practice on the Negative List of the Government’s Purchase Service
6. the Research on “ Mutual Construction & Mutual Management” between the Party Fundamental Building and Social Management
7. the Research on the Inheritance of Red Culture & the Development of Regional Red Tourism Industry
8. the Practice & Contemplation about Strengthening the Supervision within the Party under the New Situation
9. the Research on the Construction of Cities Suitable for both Living & Working on the Basis of Big Data
10. the Research on the Characteristics and Influence of Nanjing New Cyber Social Groups
11. the Research on Nanjing’s Development of Digital Creation Culture Industry
12. the Research on the Outcome Assessments and Functional Creation of Nanjing City’s Culture & Finance Service System
13. the Research on the Improvement about Nanjing’s International Influence as a Historic Cultural City
14. the Research on National Memorial & Nanjing’s City Construction as an International Peace City
15. the Research on the Protection of Nanjing’s Non-material Cultural Heritance & the Protection of Intellectual Property
16. the Research on the Protection of Nanjing Industrial Heritance and Its Recycling