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NFLS Recruitment Announcement for 2017 Graduates with a Bachelor’s Degree or above

Nanjing Foreign Language School was found in 1963 as our country’s first foreign language schools and has been a well known public school of Jiangsu Province. The school is run after the spirit of truth, endeavor, knowledge and humbleness, a teaching style of strictness, creativeness, carefulness and flexibility, and a mission of training the students to be competent people with a Chinese soul and an international mind.
NFLS is located by the side of Xuanwu Lake and at the foot of the solemn Tai City, covering an area of 45,000 square meters. English, German, French and Japanese are taught here. We have Junior High, regular Senior High and International High School, including nearly 90 classes, over 4000 students and 300 teaching and administrative staff. It is a school with first-class teaching facilities, advanced education concepts and a harmonious campus atmosphere. Our teachers have stable and handsome income and opportunities of further education and continuous study. Every year there will be dozens of our teachers taking part in different kinds of training or studying. The school helps every young teacher grow and provides a platform for every teacher to show their talents.
Welcome to NFLS, those who are talented and have dreams for middle school education
Positions available: Chinese (1), Math (1), English (3), Physics (1), Biology (1), History (1), PE (1), Arts (1)
a. Graduates of 2017 with a bachelor’s degree or above.
b. loving middle school education, passionate and professional
c. Having passed the New Teacher Recruitment Examination organized by Nanjing Education Bureau ( For more information, please go to Nanjing Education Information Website and look for Recruitment Announcement for Schools Directly Under Nanjing Education Bureau and the Secondary and Primary Schools in the 4 Districts 2017)
d. Having the teachers’ certificate before the end of 2017.
About sending your resume:
1. The applicant could send a copy of your resume to NFLS. Address: the Secretary’s Office of Nanjing Foreign Language School, No. 30 Beijing East Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu. Post Code: 210008. Please write the subject you apply for on the cover.
2. The applicant may also send your resume by email to, with the title that includes the subject you apply for, the school you graduated from, education background your name.
3. Send your resume in any one of the above ways. Please do not do both.
Nanjing Foreign Language School 
Nov. 8th, 2016