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The 2nd Semester of 2015—2016 School Year Metro Volunteer Recruitment Announcement

The metro volunteer work will be carried out in certain places according to the agreement between NFLS and Nanjing Metro Operation Company. Students who apply for it and pass the interview will be arranged as volunteers at Jimingsi Station and Gulou Station from April. And they are supposed to work for 4 weeks, 2 hours per week. And those whose work is considered qualified by the school Youth Committee will gain public service credits. The exact schedule could be coordinated in accordance with the actual recruitment situation. 

Nanjing Metro volunteers’ main job

●guiding the passengers to use metro equipment

●offering certain metro station information 

●publicizing honorable behavior as passengers

●helping the old, weak, sick and disabled   

Nanjing Metro volunteers’ work hours

9:00 am ---11:00 am, 2:00 pm ---4:00 pm

Nanjing Metro volunteers selection favorable conditions 

●passionate about public welfare, willing to be a volunteer without any interest-orientation

●having certain knowledge about metro volunteers’ job and how to use the equipment in a metro station. Students who had metro volunteering experience will be preferred.

●clear expression, being able to use mandarin for public speaking. For those with foreign language skills, they must be able to speak the language fluently and good at communicating.

●descent appearance and manner, responsible, physically and mentally healthy

●available for the training and relevant activities before working officially

Join in before the deadline

Go to campus website---notice and announcement--- The 2nd Semester of 2015—2016 School Year Metro Volunteer Recruitment Announcement, download the attachment, application form for metro volunteer,and hand in your application form at Student Affairs Office Room 303 before March 18th, 2015.

About the selection process

We are going to interview all the students on the application forms that we have received, and we want to have those who are with great comprehensive qualities, being able to show the young, energetic and healthy image of NFLS students, passionate about being volunteers, physically capable, loving serving people, with enough knowledge and skills for certain volunteer positions.

All the students who have handed in your application forms please join the NFLS Metro Volunteer QQ Group 273747478. The interview time, results and the exact training time will be announced in the group. 


NFLS Youth Committee

March 10th 2016