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"Navigating Cup" Middle School Students' English Speaking TV Competition, the NFLS middle and high school contestants both won

"Navigating Cup" Middle School Students' English Speaking TV Competition, the NFLS middle and high school contestants both won

On October 27th, the 18th "Navigating Cup" Jiangsu Province Middle School Student English Speaking TV Competition was held in Wuxi Education TV Station. The competition was hosted and sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, the Jiangsu Center for Educational Technology and the Education Information Center.

The NFLS 10th grader Zhou Yanlin was a standout among the candidates and entered into the high school individual competition. She won first place in the special prize. The NFLS 8the grader Gu Tianai participated in the middle school team competition and won the special prize. Our school also won the Excellent Organization Award.


(Zhou Yanlin is in the competition)

The high school individual competition is divided into two parts, a 3-minute English speaking talent show and a 2-minute impromptu speech. In the talent show, Zhou Yanlin gave a speech calling on society to pay attention to mental health issues. The theme is profound, the feelings are sincere and the speech is thought-provoking. In the impromptu speech session, she talked about the changes in the past 70 years since the founding of New China and what the younger generation needs to do. Her speech was touching with sentiments, convincing with reasoning. Her outstanding performance convinced the judges and she received the highest scores in both sessions. In the end, she won first place in the special prize.


(Gu Tianai  is in the competition) 

The middle school team competition needs not only the player's individual ability but also team cooperation. After a 90-second impromptu speech, a 6-minute sitcom and a 20-minute debate, the Nanjing city team won the special prize with absolute advantage. As a member of the Nanjing City Team, Gu Tianai, a student of our school, had an excellent performance and won the praise of the audience.


(city high school sitcom performance)

In the Nanjing City competition a week ago, our students also impressed the judges with their extraordinary performance. The Nanjing City middle and high school competition was held in the form of teams.  Zhou Yanlin, Li Xingjian and Fan Changchang, the three 10th graders, participated in the high school competition on behalf of the school under the guidance of the English teacher Dai Huimin. After fierce competition, they won first place in team competition and all three received the first prize.


(city middle school sitcom performance)

In the middle school speaking competition, Gu Tianai used her specialties working together with Yang Yuwen and Hao Yinjia to create the drama "Sparks of Life". Under the guidance of teacher Shi Suping, Cai Yun and Wu Ying, the drama used the form of time travel to bring unique feelings to the judges. While mastering her own performance part, Gu Tianai also actively participated in the discussion and made suggestions throughout the process.

In the rehearsal for the provincial competition, Gu Tianai did her best to carefully understand every detail and make suggestions on acting movements and expressions, etc. After two days of rehearsal, each character had gone through the transformation and became more vivid. For her teammates, Gu Tianai has always been encouraging. The only 7th grader in the Nanjing team said: "Whenever I am nervous on the stage, I think about her courage, I will not be nervous anymore." Finally, through cooperation with other teammates, they won the provincial team special prize.