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Loving Yili, Be a "Pomegranate Seed" to Convey National Friendship

Loving Yili, Be a "Pomegranate Seed" to Convey National Friendship

In his speech at the Second Symposium on the Work of the Central Government in Xinjiang, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that all nations should understand, respect, accept, appreciate, learn from and help each other, and hold each other close like pomegranate seeds. This not only further emphasizes the importance of national unity, it also has put forward requirements for the work of national unity.

Liu Fei, a teacher from our school who supports and teaches in Xinjiang, actively responds to the activity of "three entries, two contacts and one friendship, national unity as one family" and undertakes this glorious task. He attaches great importance to this task, does a good job in the national unity of schools and the people whom he pairs up to help, and passes on friendship.

Since Teacher Liu Fei undertook the work of national unity of "three entries, two contacts and one friendship, national unity as one family", he has actively responded to the party's and the country's national policies, carefully studied political theories, sincerely treated local minority students, always used his true feelings to communicate with students and parents, and has made his own contribution to national unity.

Teacher Liu Fei also prepares lessons carefully with a high sense of responsibility and devotes himself to the education in the border areas, especially the teaching of Chinese in Junior Middle School of Yining No.22 middle school. With the goal of improving the local teaching level, transmitting the spirit of Nanjing Foreign Languages School and promoting national unity, he communicates with teachers and students, shares the experience and happiness of Chinese learning, and jointly improves the Chinese level.


Liu Fei is teaching in class 3, Grade 7 of the 22nd middle school in Yining City. There are students from Han, Uygur, Kazak, Mongolian, Hui, Xibo, Kirgiz and other nationalities in this class.

Yining No.22 middle school, which is supported by Liu Fei, is a school with multi-ethnic students. In order to more directly spread the ideas of teaching Chinese from Nanjing, especially the training goal of "cultivating modern people with Chinese soul and world mind" and the teaching style of "strict, new, careful and flexible", Liu Fei gives every class seriously in the teaching practice of Yining No.22 middle school.

He sincerely listens to the students both in and out of the classrooms, and gives warm encouragement and wise guidance to some minority students who have poor academic performance and learning attitude, so as to open up their reading ideas and stimulate their wills to express themselves, and makes them have something to say and want to say.

He also inspires students' enthusiasm for learning through various forms of rewards, conveys Nanjing's advanced teaching methods, especially those of Nanjing Foreign Languages School, and demonstrates the democratic and harmonious teaching style in Nanjing Foreign Languages School.


Among the seven students from Class 3 Grade 7, who have been praised for their performance in Chinese in the mid-term examination, there are the students with the best performance and the greatest progress. These students are from Han, Kazak, Mongolia, Hui, Xibo and other nationalities. The gifts used in the commendation include the large storage U disks with logos of NFLS, the exquisite fans printed with images of NFLS, and the postcards full of elements of NFLS. These "NFLS gifts" let Yining's students further understand NFLS and inspire their enthusiasm for learning.


Mr. Liu and three students, Ba Junjie (Mongol), Ma Junhao (HUI) and Su Maiya (Uygur), who had made great progress in the examination of class 6, Grade 7, and awarded the postcard series "three lines of poetry of NFSL".


Liu uses postcards such as "beautiful scenery in four seasons in NFLS" and "three lines of poetry of NFLS" as carriers to send messages to students in philosophical and inspirational phrases, so as to stimulate students' patriotic feelings and wills to struggle.


Mr. Liu Fei writes messages on the postcards of "four seasons in NFLS” and gives them to the students of Class 6 Grade 7, Aknar Bakhedawuli (first from left, Kazak), He Penglei (second from left), Xiang Xuanhao (first from right), and Guo Xiaoming (top from right)

Liu Fei teaches 20-21 hours a week in Yining No.22 Middle School. In addition to the full workload, he has also become “a pairing relative” in the work of national unity with the seventh grade students, Rofati Rozimmati and Awuzar Alimujiang. He often knows about the national general language learning of two Uygur boys and provides extra-curricular tutoring in the subject of Chinese. In addition to teaching, home visits are often carried out to learn about the practical difficulties of students and their families, and help at his own expense.

In class 3, Grade 7, a student who loves to study and works hard, his poor level of Chinese language and his slow writing of Chinese characters greatly affect the listening effect and examination results of Chinese class. 

After class, Mr. Liu Fei often provides make-up classes for Rofati in the classroom or office, from being familiar with the language grammar, to explaining the content of the text, to writing a regular theme composition. The guidance highlights the key points and overcomes the difficulties, which greatly improves the Chinese performance of Rofati: from 49.5 points in the phased examination in September to 78 points in the mid-term examination in November.


Mr. Liu Fei and Rofati Rozimayti are interpreting the classical Chinese text "the twelfth chapters of the Analects of Confucious"

Rofati’s family lives in a lumber mill community in the Yining City Development Zone, where his father is the head of a lumber processing project and his mother is a factory security guard. In his spare time, Liu Fei visits the parents regularly after school, reports to the parents about the learning situation of the child and gives them practical guidance on child education methods.

Sometimes, the Chinese expression of the parents of Rofati is not very clear. Teacher Liu self-taught Basic Uighur language and has a simple exchange and friendship expression with them. Every time when he comes to the butcher's home, he will buy some gifts at his own expense: rice, flour, oil, new clothes, school supplies, toys, books required by the syllabus, and so on.

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In the Wechat communication record between Rofati’s mother and Mr. Liu, she expresses her sincere thanks to Mr. Liu.


Mr. Liu Fei is giving Rofati the book "journey to the west"

 (One of the required Chinese books in the new curriculum textbook 7 upper)


Mr. Liu visits the home of Rofati and takes a photo with the whole family after giving gifts and books.

Compared with Rofati, Avuzar Alimojiang, a boy of Class 3 Grade 7 is naughtier. He’s often absent-minded in class, has many careless notes, and can't write more words. These words are almost replaced by irregular Pinyin... These study habits directly affect his exam results.

Mr. Liu Fei first does the ideological work of Awuzar to make him realize the richness and interest of the national common language and characters. Using the similar phonetic and lexical phenomena in Uyghur language, he has understood that "character" is a combination of sound, form and meaning, which can not be replaced by homophonic words or similar words, and they use some classic and simple stories as the original materials to expand or polish the articles.

Mr. Liu Fei's actions have brought Mr. Awuzar, who is gradually proficient in using language, closer to his teachers and classmates, and greatly improved his scores. After the mid-term exam, Mr. Awuzar carefully sums up the gains and losses of his Chinese exam and asks him to do the paper again. 


Mr. Liu and Mr. awuzar analyzes the examination papers, filles in the gaps in classical Chinese, and exchanges the anecdotes of scholars in A New Account of the Tales of the World.

Mr. Liu Fei has made his due efforts and unremitting dedication to the local teaching and research. I believe that with the further development of the work of national unity in the future, Mr. Liu and the teachers and students of all nationalities in Yining No. 22 middle school will closely hold together like pomegranate seeds, and continue to write a new chapter of national unity with full friendship.