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About the Model of "LEARN" of the English Teachers from Nanjing Foreign Languages School

About the Model of "LEARN" of the English Teachers from Nanjing Foreign Languages School

In October, the 8th National Symposium on Foreign Language Teachers and Development was held in Nanjing. On the morning of October 27, the English teacher team of our school presented the team's research results to the experts at the symposium.

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The team of English teachers presented

Cultivating students' core competencies has become the main topic of contemporary education. At the same time, teachers' professional development has been highly valued. As the main force of curriculum reform, teachers can grow up continuously only if they adhere to the sustainable and lifelong development direction in the practice of education and teaching. Vice President Lian Kai led the teacher team to summarize the exploration and attempt made by our school in recent years in the professional development of English teachers, and put forward the "lean" model of English teachers' professional development under the ecological orientation.


The "learn" model of English teachers' professional development under the ecological orientation


Mr. Lian Kai gave a general introduction to the team's research result named “the LEARN model of English teachers' professional development under the ecological orientation”. Her speech first analyzed the realistic background of LEARN model from the 3 perspectives of the school, teacher and international teacher education system, and then combined the relevant concept definition, from the macro level, that is, the construction of learning community for middle school English teachers, and the micro level, that is, L (liberal), E(extra curricular), A(accessible), R (reflective), N (need-based) respectively represents five dimensions: cultural atmosphere shaping, extra curricular activities, training resources development, reflective teaching practice, and the respect of individualized needs.


Teacher Xue Fei's speech was entitled "building a culture of teamwork and promoting teachers' professional development" . She believed that building an inclusive and cooperative Liberal teaching team can promote more teachers' personal professional growth through such practices as group lesson preparation, team lesson grinding, group lesson grinding, team research, and the construction of a platform for young teachers' growth.


The theme of Teacher LV Yan's speech was "Improving teachers' organizational ability based on extracurricular activities". She pointed out that teachers not only need to develop and improve their professional ideas and knowledge, but also need to pay attention to improve organizational ability related to education and teaching, including the ability to organize teaching activities and the ability to organize education activities. Organizing extra curricular activities with rich contents and various forms is an important way to improve teachers' independent, comprehensive and sustainable professional development.


Focusing on the topic of the impact of training resources on Teachers' professional development, Teacher Shang Yuanyuan talked about whether teachers' training resources are easily accessible is an important factor affecting teachers' smooth progress on this road. Her speech expounded how to broaden the teachers’ training resources from three aspects: the path of foreign language teachers' Continuing Education and training, the design content of foreign language teachers' Continuing Education and training, and the implementation of the concept of lifelong learning, in order to help foreign language teachers build a more comprehensive framework of knowledge and ability and provide useful reference.


Teacher Huang Bei's speech centered on reflective teaching. She introduced the specific exploration plan of promoting reflective teaching from three aspects: individual exploration, team action and school guidance. She pointed out that reflective teaching, as a teaching exploration activity for the purpose of pursuing practical rationality, is an effective way for teachers to improve teaching quality and achieve professional development.


Teacher Lu Yan's speech focuses on how to cultivate need-based teachers' curriculum development ability, based on the main needs of the research on Teenagers' interests and the main driving force of teachers' curriculum development under the background of new curriculum, combined with the experience of the new curriculum development in senior high school from three aspects: teachers' curriculum awareness, curriculum design and curriculum implementation. This paper discusses the positive role of need-based curriculum development in promoting teachers' ability.


An hour and a half of team presentation climaxed in President Lian Kai's summary. She once again said that professional development is an important part of teachers' professional growth. The foreign language teaching and research team from Nanjing Foreign Languages School has been making unremitting efforts in the collective cooperation. We hope that through the team's continuous exploration, in the teaching career, we can really feel the sense of presence in the group, sense of acquisition, professional promotion and professional happiness.