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Sweat for Motherland’s Birthday, Passion for Our Youth----The School Sports Meet

Sweat for Motherland’s Birthday, Passion for Our Youth----The School Sports Meet

In autumn, the vast sky is blue and the sun is high. The teachers and students from Nanjing Foreign Languages School gathered at Wutai Mountain, and the scenarios about the school sports meet came on stage in turn.

On October 18, 2019, the 57th Sports Meet of Nanjing Foreign Language School opened in Wutai Mountain Stadium.

March-in Ceremony

At 8 a.m., the march-in ceremony begins. Each unique phalanx accompanied by passionate marches, imposing through the rostrum. The unusual momentum and neat and powerful footsteps show the style of youth, and various unique decorations make people's eyes shine. On the runway, the sound of loud slogans are heard one after another; in the stands, warm cheers are heard for a long time. The whole stadium is full of vitality and youth.

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Next, President Zou Zheng gave a speech for the games. Under the educational concept of all-round development and free growth, Nanjing Foreign Languages School is continuously strengthening the physical health education, highlighting the important position of physical education in the "Five Education", rooting in the concept of physical and mental health, and cultivating the habit of exercise.

Under the premise of offering a variety of sports courses, the school added a weekly physical education class in the first year of high school, and there are plans to gradually implement it in other grades of high school. President Zou pointed out that cultivating one or two sports hobbies in middle school and self-conscious physical exercise became a part of my life and became popular in the school.

Then the student athlete representative, the head of the sports department of our school, long Xinyu and Bao Qianni gave speeches. In the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the sports cause of our country has been booming. On September 28, the Chinese women's volleyball team won the World Cup again. The spirit of unity, cooperation and indomitable struggle has greatly inspired the pride, self-esteem and self-confidence of the Chinese people. Long Xinyu and Bao Qianni called on the students to learn from the women's volleyball team's spirit, and to be fearless, tenacious, hard-working, United and fighting, and brave. We should dedicate our youth to the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China.

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Wonderful Show

At the end of the opening ceremony, the cheerleaders of Junior 2, Junior 3 and senior high school and the students of our school's song and dance club brought wonderful performances. Dynamic music, superb dancing skills, fiery enthusiasm and perfect cooperation make the audience boil, and push the atmosphere to the climax.


Track events

The exciting game begins. The galloping figures on the track have created a different landscape in this autumn and become the eternal pride in our hearts. Every handover stick reflects the importance of teamwork. Every start-up contains the determination and will of athletes to strive for the top. Every sprint shows us the students' perseverance and hard work. Strength, faith, persistence and hope are converging in the extended runway and shining at the finishing line in the distance.

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Field events

Of course, the field events are also equally striking. Athletes' leap in the air and struggling to throw are worth everyone's cheers. Every athlete has a high morale and tries his best to show his best.

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A teacher-student football game

The teacher-student football game played at noon has always attracted much attention. The teacher team scored a goal in full fire and won the applause. The student team caught up and regained one point. Morale was high. After fierce competition, the teacher team won the game 3:1 with clear tactics and superb cooperation. The wonderful and humorous commentary of middle school students during the competition also added a lot of color to the game.

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Teacher 4 * 100 Relay Race

This unique event-the teachers '4 × 100 meter relay race started in the final heat of the Games. The teachers who are gentle and calm on weekdays turn into contestants. Although they are different from the past, they are not inferior. The fierce competition makes the audience boil. "It's strange to see the teachers playing seriously and feel that they know more about them." "Is this the egg for this year's sports meeting? What a surprise!" The students expressed their great interest in playing with the teachers. And they are very happy to cheer for their favorite teachers.

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The success of the sports meet can not be separated from the volunteers and referees who work silently in the scorching sun. Their busy figures may not be as eye-catching as the athletes, but it is they who, as the strong backing of everyone, ensure the smooth progress of the games. Their persistence deserves our warmest cheers and sincere gratitude.

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"Sweat for Motherland’s Birthday, Passion for Our Youth ". With the efforts of all of us, this sports meet has come to a successful end. I believe that the beautiful sceneries of the sports meet will always be engraved in the hearts of every student of Nanjing Foreign Languages School.