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Pay tribute to the teacher! Celebrating the 35th Teacher's Day

Pay tribute to the teacher! Celebrating the 35th Teacher's Day

At 2 pm on September 5, the launching ceremony of the 35th Teacher's Day and the 2019 “Nanjing Education Good Story” tour sharing event hosted by the Nanjing Municipal Education Bureau and the Education Committee of the Nanjing Municipal Committee of the Communist Party was held in the lecture hall of our school. As an excellent candidate, our school teacher Cao Qihai shared his good education story “Art Education Together With Love” with the audience. The faculty and staff of our school observed the ceremony.

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Teacher Cao Qihai shared a good story of education

After the ceremony, all the faculty and staff of our school continued to celebrate the 35th Teacher's Day.


Teacher Liu Wei and Ju Yueshuang hosted the celebration event.

New Teacher Takes an Oath of Office

Youth is the hope of the country, and young teachers are the hope of the NFLS! This year, 12 new teachers including Tao Yinyuan, Lin Ling, Tang Zhiyi, Zhang Shuiqin, Fang Yanran, Zhang Yuping, Wang Yahui, Cheng Yanqiao, Pan Xiangru, Ding Jie, Zhang Yujie and Ye Xin joined the NFLS.


Teacher Chen Yi led the new teachers to take the oath of office.

We wish young teachers to grow up rapidly in the harmonious family of the NFLS, also ask the veteran teachers to care for the growth of young teachers as always!

Testimony of 30 years of teaching

If young teachers are the hope of the NFLS, then the veteran teachers are the wealth of the NFLS! The development of the school is inseparable from the teachers who have long been dedicated to teaching. This year, we have four teachers who have served in education for 30 years. They dedicated their best years to education and students. They are Li Hongbin, Zhang Yudong, Li Aiyun, Wei Xin.


Teachers with 30 years of education service spoke about their feelings. They expressed their love for education, school, and students! The development of the NFLS needs an influx of fresh blood and the valuable wealth of veteran teachers. Of course, it is inseparable from the tradition and the spirit of the NFLS!

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Testimony of 30 years of teaching

Master Paired with Apprentice

In the big family of the NFLS, the growth of every new teacher comes from the care and support of the veteran teachers.

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Principle Zou Zheng issued certificates to teaching and moral education masters

2018-2019 Academic Year Commendation

The NFLS is a big harmonious family. In the past academic year, all the faculty and staff have united as one and made brilliant achievements. Many faculty and staff members were commended by their superiors. Secretary Liu Qianshu read out the list of commendations for the 2018-2019 school year. 


Secretary Liu Qianshu read the list of commendations

Honor comes from responsibility and selfless dedication. Honor comes from unity and mutual support. Every achievement is inseparable from the contributions made by all the faculty and staff of the school. We sincerely send our best wishes to all NJFS faculty and staff who are devoted to the development of the school. We wish you a happy Teacher's Day!