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On the Road of Pursuing High-Quality Development

On the Road of Pursuing High-Quality Development

---Summer Teaching and Cultivating Faculty-Training Activities of Nanjing Foreign Language School in 2019

From August 25 to 28, 2019, the annual summer teaching and cultivating faculty-training activities were successfully held in Prosecutors College of Jiangsu. More than 300 faculty members participated in the activities.

The theme of this training is "High Quality - International Vision and School-based Practice", focusing on the connotation development and practice innovation of the high quality high school. The three-day activities are colorful and exciting, with expert lecture leading, exploratory layout of educational reform, and summaries of the teachers in teaching and educating.


Expert-led Expansion of Vision

Principal Zou Zheng first made the theme report entitled Building a World Famous School with Chinese Characteristics and Training Innovative Talents with Global Competence. Principal Zou interpreted the construction plan of our high-quality demonstration high school from four aspects: the current situation, the goal, the measures and the guarantee, and put forward the development focus in the next three years.


Three experts were invited to give lectures to the faculty and staff. Professor Lu Linhai, Ph.D. supervisor of the Institute of Education of Nanjing University and deputy director of the Center for Research and Evaluation of Higher Education, gave a lecture entitled Learning and Teaching: International Progress and Local Vision. Professor Lu compared the differences between Chinese and Western learning cultures from the perspective of cultural philosophy. By comparing a large number of data in the research results, he expounded the differences between Chinese and Western learning and teaching, and put forward the teaching path in Chinese education. All these provided abundant and scientific theoretical basis for the research of training internationalized talents with "Chinese mind" in our school.


The President of Jiangsu Education Association, a senior Chinese teacher and a researcher Yang Jiujun gave a lecture entitled Reflections on the Construction of High Quality Demonstration Senior High School. President Yang Jiujun analyzed the characteristics of high-quality senior high schools from the orientation of ordinary senior high schools and the requirements of the development of ordinary senior high schools in the new era, and elaborated from six aspects: educational ideology, educational quality, educational mechanism, educational vitality, educational community and educational guarantee. President Yang also pointed out several issues that need to be paid attention to in the process of building, which showed us the way to build a high-quality high school


Professor Liu Qidi, deputy editor of People's Education Press, made a report entitled The Cultural Path of Moral Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in the New Era. Professor Liu, starting from the requirements of the development of the new era and his adherence to Chinese traditional culture, discussed with us the path and direction of moral education in primary and secondary schools. He emphasized that the education of ideals and beliefs, socialist core values, traditional culture, ecological civilization and mental health should be strengthened in the new era. Secretary Lu Yan of the Discipline Commission of our school summarized the moral education work and cultural construction of our school, and thanked Professor Liu for his professional guidance!

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Practicing and Improving

The establishment of high-quality high schools needs not only theoretical guidance, but also grounds education and practice. Vice-President Zhou Yi interpreted the Comprehensive Reform Plan of Jiangsu General College Entrance Examination from six aspects, and put forward a new plan according to our teaching practice.


Li Hongbin, deputy director of the teaching department, introduced the forward-looking project of our school entitled About Students' autonomous learning - Boundless Classroom. He reported on the project background, existing basis and future measures. With the help of Borderless Classroom 1.0 online, teachers were encouraged to actively develop characteristic courses and constantly enrich and improve the campus network curriculum resources. The teacher, Shi Zhaozhao from Information Group introduced how to use the online information platform. Xu Kang, from History Group shared his experience of developing Moocs.

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Sharing and Improving

The grade groups sharing and exchanging how to teach and research pushed the seminar to a climax. Sha Xuanyong from junior 3 first introduced their achievements. In 2019, the average grade of the middle school entrance examination ranked first in Nanjing. Excellent results were achieved in all kinds of competitions, especially in informatics competitions. Sha made a precise positioning around promoting morality and nurturing persons; They worked hard together and effectively promote all the work. They devoted themselves to teaching. The teachers' devotion behind the achievements are moving!


Yao Xiaoqin, the leader of Senior 3, introduced their work and the excellent team of head teachers. This year, the recommended admission rate of our school was at the top of foreign language schools in the country. The results of the college entrance examination were also brilliant. 17 students took the college entrance examination, and all reached the line to go to the key university. That was 100%. This year, our school remained the top because we had most students to go the best universities in the United States. From the report, we can see that Yao and her team are full of educational wisdom and sincere feelings with students.


Professor Wei Xin, deputy director of the International Department, gave a comprehensive introduction to the work of the Ministry of International Affairs from five aspects. In 2019, the passing rate of IB Global College Entrance Examination in Senior Three was 96%, and the admission rates of China, Canada, Cambridge and IB top schools were also very high. Achieving such excellent results was inseparable from their many years’ hard work and practice in South China International Course. At present, our international curriculum has demonstrated the incomparable advantages and characteristics.


On behalf of the Foreign Language Group, Ms. Li Aiyun, deputy director of English Team, reported that some English teachers of our school went to Hangzhou to attend the International Conference on English Education in China during the summer vacation. Among them, six teachers, Li Aiyun, Lu Mei, Ji Min, Wu Qihong, Zhang Li, Xue Linlin, and so on, made brilliant thematic sharing at the conference, which won high praise. Ms. Li shared many stories of their team.


Zhou Yuanyuan, on behalf of the History Group, shared the dribs and drabs of the curriculum construction in the past year, and participated in the Annual National Conference in the summer. Mr. Zhou introduced the curriculum system of the museum in detail. At last, she shared her personal thoughts and perceptions on the integration of disciplines in the course of curriculum construction.


In August 2019, the student, Yang Junzhao from Nanjing Foreign Language School won the gold medal of the 31st International Informatics Olympic Competition. The teacher, Li Shu from the Information Group highlighted the experience of attending the International Informatics Olympic Competition in Azerbaijani with Yang Junzhao, and reproduced the two-day competition through video. When it came to the strength of the international players, we realized the hardship of training behind them, and were shocked by the hard-won gold medal!


Brainstorming for Development

The establishment of high-quality demonstration high school requires the concerted efforts of the whole faculty and staff to achieve. Then came the group discussion, which was chaired by Vice Principal Liankai. The theme of group discussion was eight optimization projects of high quality high school construction. Each group had a lively discussion about the eight optimization projects, and put forward specific optimization suggestions according to their actual work.

Teachers agreed that moral education needs full participation and a series of activities should be carried out in accordance with traditional culture and national conditions. The construction of boundless classroom needs to strengthen teachers' self-development, and the school needs to provide further incentives and technical support. In terms of curriculum construction, the school needs to consider the integration of junior and senior high school design, and improve the school's elective curriculum system.

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The Summary

Finally, Liu Qianshu , Secretary of the Party Committee of the school made a concluding statement on the training activities. Secretary Liu stressed, to build a high-quality high school, all people, experts or teachers, focused on three key words: rooting in practice, rooting in tradition, rooting in China. It is hoped that teachers will activate their own sparks of thinking from learning, practice and reflect constantly in educating and teaching, improve the quality of educating and teaching, and contribute to the development of high-quality school.