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Gratitude and Baptism, Hello Senior High School!

Gratitude and Baptism, Hello Senior High School!

Mobilization meeting

On August 15, the freshmen of Senior Grade 1 in NFLS gathered in the lecture hall to participate in the military training mobilization conference and the Red Cross rescue training activity. Teachers of the Red Cross taught the students how to deal with emergencies, and elaborated procedures of trauma rescue and methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The teachers showed while explaining, and the students actively discussed and participated, and mastered the basic essentials of rescue in practice to prepare for the base military training.


The six-day base life on August 16-21 was memorable.

We sweated on the playground, cried in the bed of the dormitory, and smiled.

The students’ memories of the military training are as follow:


On August 16, the opening ceremony of the military training for the freshmen of Senior Grade 1 in 2019 in NFLS was held at the Nanjing juveniles social practice knowledge base. Liu Mingxiang, principal of the base, introduced the fruitful achievements made by the base in recent years, and expected us to exercise our will and temper our character through the military training. Secretary Lv Yan of NFLS explained the importance of the military training to individuals, mentioned the impact of her military life on herself and encouraged us to devote ourselves to the military training with full spirit. The representative of military officers Chen Linshan was respectable with his valiant military posture and military salute. The student representative Zhang Leyi inspired the students’ confidence and fighting will by quoting the actor’s lines of the movie Nezha: who we are, we have the final say.


New challenge

The first test was to tidy up our dorm. It was not only to put supplies, but also had strict control of every detail. We must put the toothbrush in the mouthwash cup toward the right, and fold up the quilt as neatly as before. The students understood the army's strict discipline of life, gradually developed good behavior habits and serious attitude. I believed that our study and life in high school will be more efficient and organized.

Then, we started to practice standing, marching and parade step. Each kind of training made us have a pain in the back, but we could still fall into deep sleep even we were tired and looked forward to new challenges.



The instructors assigned us to different phalanxes according to each student's advantages - flag class, sign language class, demonstration class, for targeted training.

Each phalanx was carefully arranged by the instructors, and the students cherished and looked forward to the precious display opportunity and devoted themselves to the training. Everyone gradually mastered the essentials of exercise, carefully completing every military posture and not afraid of pain wile kicking the leg. Under the strict guidance of the instructors, we improved action details again and again to do better. 


Sweat dripped into our eyes along our foreheads, but each student insisted on swinging straight arms, kicking high legs, put feet down. Their perseverance and unity were admirable.

In the night sky, the students read loudly: our youth are excellent and energetic.   Their majestic voice resounded through the night sky. The youth have great ambitious.



In the hot sun, we saw some figures. They paid attention to the students' exercise, learned about their physical condition, helped the students who were not in good health rest aside. Regardless of the hot summer and exposure, they were anxious about the students’ physical conditions. They took pictures of the students wearing camouflage clothes to record the memorable moments. In the dormitories, NFLS leaders and teachers took good care of us. The military training was hard, but they warmed us.  

The unforgettable things affected the hearts of the students. We wrote down the interesting things and feelings in the military training practice manual to keep the good memory.



Finally, the seven-day military training of the freshmen of Senior Grade 1 closed with our performance in the magnificent national anthem.

Attendants included Principal Zou Zheng of Nanjing Foreign Language School, Secretary Liu Qianshu of the Party Committee, Vice President Lin Qin, Secretary Lv Yan of the Discipline Inspection Commission, President Liu Mingxiang of the Nanjing juveniles social practice knowledge base and Vice President Jiang Bo.


First of all, the national flag class and the queues of each company performed. They shouted loud slogans on the playground. The youth wore camouflage suites, stood straightly and raised fighting spirit.

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Next, the boys and girls respectively performed fist positions. With the music, the students put their best efforts to show what they had learned in the past seven days, showing their vitality.

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The demonstration class showed the basic movements of military life: military posture, turning, squatting, quick march, parade step, showing their disciplined training.

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The last part was the performance of the 51 girls of the sign language gymnastics phalanx. With confident smiles, they performed the sign language gymnastics, The Nation, perfect fist grip and salute.


The student representative Yi Junda expressed his feelings as a flag bearer in the military training. Looking back on a week of military life, although his voice was hoarse, he told each student's deep feelings with confidence and firm eyes.


Secretary Liu Qianshu read out the military training award notice, hoping that the students can learn from example, strive to improve themselves, win glory for the school.


Finally, Principal Zou made a passionate speech. He mentioned the motto of West Point Military Academy, Responsibility and Honor of the Country, and the dedication of generations of young people to the country in the film Forever Young, telling students that young people have a responsibility to make the country strong. His  speech greatly inspired the students.


The seven-day military life is a baptism of youth and a special glory. It was so wonderful that it was unforgettable and reluctant. The students said goodbye to the instructors and made good preparations for high school life. Good-bye, military training! Hello, high school! With cultivation in the military training and ardent expectations from school leaders, teachers, and parents, the students have firmed their dreams, and will become more confident and energetic to open up a broad world of NFLS students.