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Stir up Youth, Seek the Dream, the NFLS Students Had the Sixth National Students’ Military Training Camp

Stir up Youth, Seek the Dream, the NFLS Students Had the Sixth National Students Military Training Camp 

On July 29th, the 6th National Students’ Military Training Camp opened at Xi'an Rocket Military Engineering University. The military training camp, with the theme “Holding the Sword,stimulate the Youth”, was organized by the Rocket Army, supported by the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education and the Bureau of War Readiness and Construction of Shaanxi Provincial military region. The Rocket Military Engineering University was responsible for organizing the teaching and training of the camp, daily management, food, accommodation and other related support work. A total of 508 student representatives from 31 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps attended the military training camp.


The commemorative map of the official museum, Rocket Military Engineering University

In a ten-day study and training, young students from all over the country felt the mighty force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) rocket. From the Grand Sword Auditorium to the stories of role models and heroes, numerous stories touched every student. The missile force, regardless of fame and fortune, worked day and night, forgetting about themselves and keeping the training, the spirit of their devotion to our country made the students full of admiration; the students couldn’t help feeling proud of our country and patriotic at the East Wind missiles which never missed a target;the first generation of nuclear-weapon scientists of the last century and the armed force support troop defended the strong wind and sand storm with their physical body, whether the intellectuals or the soldiers who were tough guys, were all  fighting hard together. The sincere applause aroused again and again for these touching stories.

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the lecture on the spot



After selection, our school sent Mao Danchen,Wan Yifan, Cao Luning and Qi Kexin, all from senior Grade 1, to participate in the training camp on behalf of Jiangsu Province. In the process of learning and experiencing military skills, as individuals, they went through

sweat and rain water, while as a team, their interpersonal communication ability and team consciousness have been greatly improved.


Marching in line, swinging straight arms in sultry raincoats and boots, shouting slogans, the project tested the students' physical fitness and perseverance.


Mao Danchen and Cao Luning took part in the map recognition project test and covered 15 spot in 20 minutes.


Except Wan Yifan who was wounded and couldn’t take part, the other three were actively running in the electromagnetic spectrum project, and the competition was finally completed within the time limit.


On the military theory project, Qi Kexin, the class representative, sorted out a large number of materials and made important contributions to the review of the whole team. Mao Danchen ranked first in the provincial team with 90 points in the exam.


In the light weapons shooting range, the students used their strength and spirit, stabilizing the gun line. Finally Mao Danchen shot 43 rings, Cao Luning,39 rings, the results were counted in the total team score.


The four students played their own roles in the team, although their task was different,each student did their best. Ten days of camp life helped the students learn the significance of the team, learn to understand and care for the team-mates, produced the characteristics of the military camp, and the patriotism and self-confidence in the heart were deeply rooted.


Appendix 1: Certificates

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Appendix 2: the students feelings

Qi Kexin


The day I parted with my teammates, I hurried away with my luggage in the dark, because I could never say goodbye. In front of the intersection where cars came and went, Nanjing had the familiar sultry air, Xi'an was like a dream far away, but those lots ups and downs,while recollecting, I felt like I just experienced them today.

Let me begin with the monitor,everyone of us wrote a letter on the day when the certificate was granted . She, like our big sister, was concerned about everyone of us. A lot of little things were kept in her mind, even just a little discomfort, so little that was hardly perceived, couldn’t be neglected by her. It's only a 12 days, how careful of her to understand us so much within just 12 days?

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"Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Troupe", because when the programs of other provincial teams were facing elimination or deletion, our team's two programs were completely presented on the stage! Although the performance was only a few minutes, the rehearsal process was particularly hard, because of the tight schedule, we had to do the rehearsal while other teams were free; sometimes we simply took a bath and changed our clothes, and thanks to the poor air conditioning, we always got wet through. Under such difficult conditions, a homegirl like me could do complicated dance movements with the help of a tall boy who wore tight dance shoes with bearing the pain. The highly uneven team could actually achieve such a unified movement. I think the creation of this "small miracle" can not be separated from the efforts of everyone, this is probably the most touching thing during this journey.

When we were together, we were a fire, we were stars all over the sky when we separated. I wish in the following days, we will be walking on our way together and no longer separate.

Cao Luning:


The training of military skills, the cultivation of team consciousness, meeting, making new friends. This training camp brought me a lot more harvest than a light award. Compared with the traditional military training of standing and kicking, this was more like a real humane military camp, besides t sweat and exposure to the sun, everyone had to study in class, in the rest of the time, we were encouraged to show our talents, the students could normal communication with the monitor,the company commander.


I can't forget the directional training. In the absence of signs, and in a few kilometers of walking on maps and compass, it did not allow for any procrastination or error. When it needed two people to cooperate, I, who was not good at long-distance running, even I had tried my best, I would drag down my partner. But my partner didn't give up. Why should I give up? The most tiring, the most desperate was to read the pictures and the map, all these taught me a kind of persistence.

In the game of electromagnetic spectrum monitoring, we were full of determination. However, because the other team members were not decisive enough, they did not give up the wrong platform, thus the result had a sharp drop. At that time, we were panting in the preparation area and looking at the other team to come back but there was nothing for us to do. The bitter experience of the electromagnetic spectrum game told me that the plan could never too careful, and we must keep the crisis consciousness in mind at all times.

If one makes a mistake, the whole team has to pay for it. Almost all items appeared in the form of relay, calculation of total score and other team forms. In the light weapons shooting examination, all five sharpshooters missed the target; four people in the electromagnetic spectrum failed to find it for ten minutes and insisted that they would not return for exchange, which resulted in a slippage in their scores; the only 60 points in the military theory examination dragged down the average score of everyone; and in the military sports meeting, two people ran around the pole one after another, the pole fell down due to the mistakes they made and a lot of time was wasted. Some people said the wrong things, but our hearts were still loving and we were still tolerant of each other. Because even without today’s mistakes, we will still need the tolerance of others tomorrow.

I will never forget the endless jokes between the training gap of the provincial teams and the pleasant communication with other provincial partners in all the activities. These days, the first person when I open my eyes is you, it’s you when I close my eyes. But such intimacy is cruel to us young people who are scattered all over the world. Many subtle things, a story, a look, are like running water, in a few days and nights, they flow downstream in our life, we can no longer remember them. We just remember that everyone was very good, these days were like gold.

For the teammates of the provincial team, perhaps we do not know each other deeply enough, perhaps we have had big and small disputes and unhappy moments, but at least, in these days and nights of sharing joys and sorrows, we really gave our back to each other, we are really the same team, we do not distinguish each other!


"A man is like a rainbow, only when you meet him can you realize his existence." Give every "fire" companion who brings me a good memory! Perhaps Rocket Military Engineering  University was the only place we met in this life, but true feelings are never afraid of time and distance. Before we realized it, we had long been important people in each other's growth.

Mao Danchen:


I never imagined that 12 days could be so short. All the sweats, tiredness, disappointment and joy of training seemed to have come to nought, only the sadness of parting was so real. It was clear that I had just learned to make bed, fold the quilt into a tofu cube shape, I packed the quilt and sent it home today.It seemed I had just arrived in the ancient city of Xi'an,but now I was now preparing to return with a large bag of luggage. I had just met the monitor, but now we were apart. I looked at the monitor on the back of the car, speechless, I had to have my dark skin, the bage on my right shoulder, the oblique kettle on the left shoulder, help me remember this incomparably fulfilling twelve days.

Wan Yifan:


The activity was over, but there are still many memories left, deeply engraved in the heart. The first class meeting, the first queue training, the first learning , the first housekeeping, these have left a lot of impression in my life. At the University, I experienced the culture of military camps and barracks, and learned about the great weapons of the great powers. These have further strengthened my sense of national pride, strengthened my belief in the realization of Chinese dream and my confidence in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.