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There Is Great Love in Their Mind Although They Are Young | CCTV News Channel Has 13-Minute Report on ‘Star Education Supporting Club’

There Is Great Love in Their Mind Although They Are Young | CCTV News Channel Has 13-Minute Report on ‘Star Education Supporting Club’

Our school learned about the establishment of the “Star Education Supporting Club” by 11 students of Class 7 Senior Grade 1 due to a sudden banner. They insisted in teaching foreign languages in Buchen Left-Behind Children's Cram School in He County, Anhui Province every week in one semester. (The original link: )

This warm story spread out for an unexpected banner, and was reported and forwarded by People's Daily, People's Network, CCTV Network, Jiangsu News 360 and Jiangsu News Radio.

On July 8, CCTV-13 news channel had a 13-minute report on the event, with the content as follows.

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90-year-old man sends “ownerless banner”

Not long ago, a 90-year-old man came to Nanjing Foreign Language School with a brocade banner, saying that he would give it to several students in the school, but he did not know the specific names and classes of these students. Who is this old man, why should he send a banner to these students, and what did they do? A series of questions will lead to the secrets of the 11 students for several months.

Luo Yumei, Property Manager of Nanjing Foreign Language School, received the old man. He said that he was Ye Lianping, a retired rural teacher in Buchen, He County, Anhui Province. He also carried a brocade banner.


Lu Our students have been insisting in teaching children in the rural area in Anhui. Their parents also accompanied them every time, and they took food, clothes, books and so on, so the old man is very touched.

Ye did not know the specific names of these students. As the students were taking a sectional examination, what he said cannot be checked in a short period, so Luo asked Ye to sit in the conference room.


Lu He said that he had to rush back to class, so I accepted the banner on behalf of the school. After they left, I searched out all of his deeds on my mobile phone. All of my colleagues were excited.


Ye, 91 years old, is a retired teacher in Buchen Middle School in He County, Anhui Province. In 2000, he emptied out his room of more than 30 square meters and founded the left-behind children’s home, teaching local students English without pay. Over the past 20 years, the left-behind children’s home has provided teaching support for more than 1,000 students, and Ye has been honored as a good man in China and a national advanced individual in moral education.

Which students voluntarily taught in Anhui, so that Ye came to Nanjing to send the banner? The head teacher of Class 7 Senior Grade 1 suddenly remembered a clue.


Yao Shuyi, Head Teacher of Class 7 Senior Grade 1: One student wrote in his essay that he once voluntarily taught migrant workers' children or left-behind children in He County, Anhui province, but I can’t remember who wrote it.  

Teacher Yao sent a message in the parents’ group of his class, and soon some parents responded. Since the beginning of this year, 11 students from Class 7 Senior Grade 1 went to He County every Saturday. Yuan Zichen was the initiator and organizer of this public welfare activity.


Yuan: In fact, I initially just want to exercise my ability.

Driven by a public welfare organization in Nanjing, Yuan came to Buchen Left-behind Children’s Home. She was impressed on the first day of meeting Ye and the left-behind children. When I entered the classroom, I was impressed by the eyes of the children and the class of vigorous Teacher Ye, and at the same time I felt a responsibility on my shoulders. Teacher Ye has persisted for so many years, and I may not have played such a big role as Teacher Ye, but I am eager to try my best to help them.

The visit to the Left-behind Children’s Home changed Yuan's mind that training herself was no longer important, and she now wanted to be an excellent volunteer teacher. She knows that teaching English needs long-term persistence, so she must invite her classmates to join her.

Yuan: I was not sure, and I did not know whether it could succeed. I was afraid that I might not be able to persist, because these students were all so busy. I did not know whether others were willing to do this or whether their parents agreed them to do this. I should coordinate many things, including transportation and teaching preparation.  

11 middle school students overcome difficulties and persist in working as volunteer teachers

Yuan told a few of her close friends her idea, and they were all very interested. They established the Star Education Supporting Club, which initially included four students, and afterwards the number gradually increased to 11, including a Finnish student.


Yuan: I thought the name is very simple, there is a sentence saying a single spark can start a prairie fire, and I think the same goes for public welfare. Maybe a person's strength is very weak, but many people's strength is very strong. Although we are a small team of ten people now, I cannot say that it has the potential to start a prairie fire, but it is an expectation in my heart.

Good wishes always face the test of reality. After they started to do it, difficulties gradually followed. It is a more than 130 kilometer round-trip from Nanjing to He County, and these volunteer students are children, so safety is a big problem.


Chen Hanzhi from Class 7 Senior Grade 1: My mother is more worried about traffic and safety problems, and none middle school student team carried out similar teaching activity there. She accompanied me when I first went there because she was worried.

Later, several parents took turns to pick up the students. The parents are more anxious about the occupation of their study time than commuting. Especially Nanjing Foreign Language School gathers top students, and the students are fighting for every minute, and have a quite tight schedule.


Ye Xingzhi of Class 7 Senior Grade 1: We will make preparations next Monday if we work as volunteer teachers next Saturday. For example, I teach grammar, I need to understand it first. As we forgot many of grammars that we learned in primary schools, so we need surf the Internet to check a lot of information, prepare lessons and design topics. What’s more, I should leave on the morning of Saturday, and have two or three hours of classes at noon and afternoon. It is very late when I come back. It is time for dinner, but I am so tired that I go to sleep.

Yuan: I faced many contradictions when I managed the team. Because some students could not go for unexpected things, for example a competition, it was very troublesome to find a backup temporarily. 


In order to alleviate parents' concerns, the students of the club promised that they would take turns to teach in Anhui and arrange their study time more efficiently. The club has also formulated rules. If anyone asks for leave, he must find a backup to ensure the progress of the class. These 11 students worked as volunteer teachers for the whole semester, and the school and teachers would not learn about it if not the banner.  

Yao Shuyi, Head Teacher of Class 7 Senior Grade 1: They insisted in giving the children classes every Saturday afternoon, even during the mid-term and final examination. They made detailed plans for the activity, such as the contents of teaching, textbooks, and knowledge points in each stage. Their notes of teaching preparation are as meticulous as that of teachers.

Designing interesting courses to discover stars

You should be persisted in public welfare, but it is hard. They took turns to teach English in Anhui, and wrote a summary carefully after class every week, indicating the progress of the course and the performance of the children, and gave it to the students who would teach next week, so that the course could be seamlessly docked.

After months of contact, these high school students in cities have a different understanding of left-behind children in rural areas. In their previous impression, left-behind children are introverted and obedient. However now they find that the children are also vivacious.


Chen Hanzhi of Class 7 Senior Grade 1: Our impression of left-behind children was limited to what we seen on TV, as if someone often sent them relief materials. However, when I really approached them, I found that they are as lovely as us. Some boys thought that we are not as intimidating as Teacher Ye.


Ye Xingzhi of Class 7 Senior Grade 1: This is really a very serious problem. Girls are very obedient and love to learn, but most of the boys are naughty, just like when I was a kid.

To help these naughty children, the members of the club arrange some games during classes to reduce the boring repeat and enable the boys to release their nature and participate in the class.


Every time they bring food, books, stationery to reward children who are serious in class.

After these left-behind children were inspired to learn English, the students of the club are thrilled about their progress. They see their value and are happy to help others.

The members of the club will be students of Senior Grade 2 after the summer vacation. They will have heavier study, but they are determined to persist in teaching the children. This warm story spread out for an unexpected banner. Before the summer vacation, more than 40 other students of Class 7 Senior Grade 1 want to join them. A single spark has started a prairie fire, and the light of the stars will also shine more brightly.


Chen Hanzhi of Class 7 Senior Grade 1: In my opinion, these left-behind children are actually like a star, they hide in the night, if no one pays attention to them, they may be pale beside the moon. But when we really pay attention to each of them, I found that they are unique.

Yuan Zichen of Class 7 Senior Grade 1: We will be students of Senior Grade 2, and then graduate, so I hope our younger schoolmates can join us because I think if this project can be passed on, it can influence more people.

Sparks light up love and hope

We learned about these volunteer teachers after Ye came to send the banner. Meanwhile, more people also knew the persistence of Teacher Ye for 19 years.

Ye sent the banner to these volunteer teachers, and he is also a banner in the hearts of the students. Now more and more students want to join them. As what Zheng Zhihua sings, stars light up my future, and warm the heart of children with a little light. The light of these stars not only illuminate the world of left-behind children, but also illuminate their own hearts.

They initially want to exercise themselves, but afterwards have been persisted in. These students are young but have great love. They not only pursue for scores but also their social responsibility. It is a meaningful social practice. We expect their positive energy can influence more people.