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NFLS Two Physics Academic Innovation Team Have Achieved Good Results in JSYPT-7 and NYPT-7

NFLS Two Physics Academic Innovation Team Have Achieved Good Results in JSYPT-7 and NYPT-7

From July 16 to 20, 2019, the 7th Jiangsu Provincial Middle School Students Physical Academic Innovation Competition(JSYPT7)and the 3rd National Middle School Students Physical Academic Innovation Invitation(NYPT3)were held at Suzhou University. Nanjing Foreign Language School Round table Warriors Team and Nanjing Foreign Language School Min’er Haoxue ( smart and fond of learning)  Team participated in the competition, the two teams respectively obtained No. 2 and 4, and finally were awarded No.1 of the first prize! This is the result of the joint efforts of NFLS teachers,the excellent students and many other relevant participating teachers, and it was is the brainchild of hard work and sweat.


After the announcement of the competition test paper, the students who were interested in physics research and PT competition continued to make breakthroughs in the process of related research. In the communication with other school teams, the NFLS students,with outstanding learning ability, improved themselves and deepened the understanding of PT competition. Many students gradually managed to explore the essence of physics research and felt the value of academic spirit in the debates with other contestants.

After the communication, those outstanding students were selected to form the Round Table Warrior team, Min’er Haoxue Team, two strong teams. In the months that followed, the students on the teams discussed together and made full preparations before the game. These two glorious teams, representing the level of physical speculation in NFLS, set off to Suzhou on July 16th for the competition.


On the morning of July 17th, the opening ceremony was opened in Dongwu Lecture Hall of Suzhou University. Eighteen middle school teams from mainland and Taiwan, as well as volunteers from Suzhou University, gathered early. Fang Liang, vice president of the School of Physics and Science and Technology, Suzhou University, presided over the opening ceremony, and leaders such as President Gao Lei and Wan Jianguo, Secretary General of the Provincial Physics Society, delivered speeches at the opening of the Seventh Jiangsu Middle School Students’ Physics Academic Innovation Competition. Each participating team appeared on the stage, and the captain came on stage to introduce their members. Teacher Zhong Ming of Nanjing Normal University took the oath on behalf of the referees. Wang Hanyue, vice president of the Young Scientists Society of our school, took the stage as a student representative to lead all the participants in the competition. The students took the solemn oath as contestants. After that, the students and volunteers began the first day of the competition in an orderly manner.

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The NFLS- Round Table Warrior Team is headed by Xu Jikai, president of the Young Scientists Society, with Wang Hanyue, Liu Tianyi, Zheng Weihe, Peng Zhanming and Sun Hanji as team members. Ye Chengzhi is the captain of this year's NFLS- Min’er Haoxue Team, with Fan Yiyang, Liu Ruochen, Tan Xianzhe, Yao Yichen, Zhu Boyang as team members.

On the first day of the game, the Round Table Warrior Team achieved excellent results in each game, ranking second only at a weak disadvantage. In the case of the frustration in the first round, Min’er Haoxue Team tried to adjust themselves to the 2nd round actively, to a certain extent, they improved the overall level, advance the overall ranking in top 10.

At the end of that day, the Round Table Warriors were together prepared for the next day with calmness but without pride. Under the leadership of the captain Ye Chengzhi, the Min’er Haoxue Team focused on the problems occurred during the day, and summarized the excellent skills used by the opponents during the competition, so that the team members who had no previous experience had a better understanding of the details of the game. Subsequently, after a full discussion, everyone decided the detailed competition strategy for the next day,the team members had a clear distribution of the work, they had a fulfilled night.


The next day, the game went on. Yao Yichen, a member from Mn’er Haoxue Team, made use of  all kinds of problems in her opponents’ report and showed a strong ability to debate on the field. The questions were smooth, sharp and logical. The judges were impressed by her and gave her absolute high point, 9 points. The second player was Fan Yiyang, who was calm and confident and did not lose his demeanor to make the perfect positive report. In the face of a series of questions from the opposing students, he answered one by one with calmness, and finally won the highest score for the Min Team.

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On July 19th, in the individual competition, Wang Hanyue, Liu Tianyi and Sun Hanji from our school successfully stood out among the contestants all over the country with complete theoretical analysis, accurate experimental design and wonderful demonstration report after two and a half hours of field experiments and ten minutes of speech reports. Wang Hanyue ranked second and won the first prize. Sun Hanji and Liu Tianyi won the second and third prize respectively, bringing glory for NFLS with excellent results.

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In the PT training activities after the competition, Xu Jikai and Liu Tianyi, who had been selected for the national training team, explained to us two topics in national or international events-gyroscope Tesla meter and circular pendulum. They were confident in their speeches, and their confidence and steadiness in front of the public was worth learning from. At the end of the show, the two interacted with the audience, answering the questions and exploring the essence of PT.

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Since then, a number of teachers gave some PT training lectures for the students at different times, including Dr. Jiang Shangchi of Meta Optoelectronics and engineer and Kevin Kim, an engineer, gave lecures on the new round of IYPT topics in 2020, it was really impressive.

After two days of three fierce competitions, 18 teams finally reached the end of the game. “Experiment, Science, Thinking'' , the Jiangsu Physics Academic Innovation Competition was marked with these three key words that appeared on the large screen of the venue, they were also the three core elements of the PT competition. Those days and nights’ careful preparation and the thinking and debating at the games, Nanjing Foreign Language School’s Round Table Warriors Team once again won the excellent result of the Provincial League Championship Award! And Nanjing Foreign Language School Min’er Haoxue Team members, at their first time to participate, won the fourth group prize and NO. 1 of the first prize!

At the venue, as the song sounded, the flag of JSYPT was handed over to Southeast University, the next organizer. The seventh Jiangsu Middle School Students’ Physics Academic Innovation Competition and the third National Middle School Students’ Physics Academic Innovation Competition concluded successfully.

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