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To “Touch”the History with Heart, To Explore the Education with Emotions

To Touchthe History with Heart, To Explore the Education with Emotions

The NFLS Museum Course lightened the national symposium on history education 


From July 15 to 18, 2019, held by Basic Education Research Institute of Shaanxi Normal University, Editorial Department ofMiddle School History Teaching Reference , and Tang Qin History Teacher Studio, the``Taking the Time Mission, Exploring Education Wisdom --40th Anniversary of Middle School History Teaching Reference and National Academic Symposium on History Education'' was held in Wujiang, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. More than 1,000 experts, scholars ad middle school history teachers gathered on the coast of East Taihu Lake, on the ancient canal,  thinking about the past and present, taking care of the future, shared history education and education wisdom.

a photo of NFLS team and the chief editor of Middle School History Teaching Reference ( the 3rd on the left), and Tang Qin, the Chief expert on the Project of famous navigational Teachers in Jiangsu Province ( the 2nd on the left)

In addition to history teachers, English teachers and art teachers joined the team at the meeting. On the afternoon of July 16, history teacher, Tang Yuan and art teacher, Hao Shiqi, as representatives of young teachers, like newborn calves, full of vitality, giving a separate history lesson for junior high school children to lead them to "see through the history" and listen to "speeches”, attendees saw the power of life in interdisciplinary teaching. The teachers told the children that history could not only be seen and heard, but also "touched" by heart.


In the course of the students' evaluation, the students were both lovely and sincere, facing the “nitpick” of the two hosts, they enjoyed the class and felt very happy with their young but firm voice, and they said that they loved this history class which they had never seen before.


the experts evaluation

History class should have a soul and be effective, then it is called a good class. Teacher Tang's topic selection is bold and innovative, close to life, and her basic skills are solid.

--- Chen Xuejiang, a Special-leveled teacher from Beijing

This class is a new type of activity-exploring class, a fine-designed class, a lesson that makes history become live, and an aesthetic history lesson.

--- Li Aidu, a special-leveled teacher from Shandong Province

Very fresh feelings, it was the fusion of many kinds of things: the fusion of national curriculum and local curriculum, the fusion of general history and subject history, the fusion of history class and art class, and the combination of classroom learning, museum course, the students’ hands-on history and other practical inquiry activities. Such a class put at such a conference made all of us think about the topic: how to build a more effective and better history class in the context of core literacy and in the context of the big curriculum vision.

--- Xia Huihui, a famous teacher from Guangxi

Innovative, beautiful, broad, fresh and active!

--- Zhu Qisheng, a famous teacher from Anhui Province

At the closing ceremony of the symposium on the afternoon of the 17th, English teacher Shang Yuanyuan, the deputy director of the Teaching Management Department of our school, gave a special speech on cross-subject exploration and international exchange of history education, shared with everyone "telling history in English to witness the growth of history-the practice and thinking of elective course 'Facing History And Ourselves' ". The ten-year elective course was condensed in a half-hour speech, which touched the whole audience.


Mr. Ren Pengjie, the Executive Director of the Basic Education Research Institute of Shaanxi Normal University and the Senior Editor of Middle School History Teaching Reference, spoke highly of the persistence of the teacher of NFLS and he was sorry that time was not enough to show the whole class, and he thanked the "Yuan Yuan " of NFLS, and praised the NFLS teaching team, showed his respect to Nanjing Foreign Language School!

The NFLS museum course at this National symposium triggered great interest in the participants to discuss and think whether history education could be innovated. The experts believes that this exploration direction of NFLS Museum course which was based on the development of comprehensive literacy should be confirmed, the meaning and value of the demo classes were immense. With the aim of``modern people with Chinese soul and world mind'' as the training target and``cultivating innovative talents with global competence'' as the exploration focus, NFLS strove to improve the course quality from the top-level design. This exhibition greatly enhanced the national influence of the course construction, and gave us the force to continue to move forward.

the museum course

At present, museum courses include museum courses based on role experience, which are oriented to junior high school students and trigger students' positive thinking with more interesting and dynamic learning means. Our school adheres to the "pomegranate style" classroom for nearly five years, takes the six dynasties Museum as the activity base, uncovers the real face of the people's life of the six dynasties from the angle of clothing, food, housing and other kinds of cultural relics resources, and starts an interesting journey through the experience.

Senior high school students adopt the comprehensive forms of project including project style, inquiry and group cooperation to deepen the depth of experience, with the combination of both art and science knowledge, the students can comprehensively apply the knowledge they have learned under the guidance of teachers and museum researchers to a certain extent, and record the research process, and finally get the research results.

Taking the Ming and Qing dynasties cultural relics restoration course as an example, this course is based on the STEAM curriculum concept, which is one of the museum courses designed and developed by NFLS and Nanjing Museum. The course focuses on the restoration of Ming and Qing porcelain. It is not only because Nanjing Museum has a very rich collection of Ming and Qing precious porcelain cultural relics resources, the strong comprehensive ability and solid subject literacy of the high school students are taken into account as well.

Take the experiment of porcelain restoration in Ming and Qing dynasties, which was displayed at the provincial STEAM curriculum base on May 24, as an example. The demo class was based on one group of students research subject, "studying the color development of copper coloring agent under different conditions", and intersects with the chemical experiment inquiry method. Taking the famous copper red glaze as an example, by adjusting the temperature, concentration and other variables, the students explored the influence of different conditions on the coloration of colorant, and tried to prepare the colorants which were close to the properties and color of ancient porcelain glaze. They integrated modern science and technology into the traditional restoration technology, NFLS students with "a Chinese Soul and a global mind" hoped to make their own efforts to inherit Chinese culture. In the class, the students could make comprehensive use of history, geography, chemistry, physics, art and other subjects to improve their comprehensive abilities. At that time, the event was covered by the provincial media.

Classroom Report on Restoration of Ming and Qing Porcelain

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The English elective course FHAO (facing history and ourselves), which goes deep into history, increases the localization design, and makes use of the resource advantages of Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall and Zijincao International Peace School to strengthen the students' curriculum experience. For the group of students who will go abroad, "one lesson before going abroad" and other school-based courses are added, the courses combine history with the hot issues of today's society, cultivate the students' international vision, develop the students' ability in expressing themselves, comprehensively analyzing problem ability and critical thinking ability, link the history with the moral choices we face today, and promote personal tolerance and humanistic spirit by using history as a mirror, so as to make the students grow into citizens with a sense of justice and responsibility.

Thank the school leaders for the guidance and support of curriculum construction, as one of the leading teachers in Jiangsu Province, Teacher Yu Wei has devoted a lot to this activity, and thank the English group and the art group for their strong support! NFLS has always been committed to building a higher platform for curriculum construction and providing young teachers with the opportunity to learn, show and communicate, but our ultimate goal is what Editor Ren Pengjie warned everyone at the closing ceremony: do not forget that "all the efforts are for students," and our curriculum construction has been on the road all the time...