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A Journey to Peace that Lasted 82 Years

A Journey to Peace that Lasted 82 Years

Eighty-two years ago, John Rabe, John Maggy, Richard Brady and other international warriors, took their lives to establish an international security zone in Nanjing, and tried their best to protect 250,000 Chinese refugees, and they interpreted the glory of human nature with their commitment and struggle.

Eight-two Years later, The descendants of these international righteous warriors, came to Nanjing from Germany, the United States, Canada and Australia, to participate in the "2019 Purple Grass International Peace Summer Camp" organized by the "Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall of Japanese invading China" (2019 Purple Grass International Peace School Summer Camp), to find the footprints of the work and life of their family ancestors. Four students of our school started a peace trip with them as volunteers.

Chris Reinhardt, the descendant of John Rabe, who was the chairman of the Nanjing Security Zone International Committee, and Angelina Reinhardt, the daughter of Chris Reinhardt,  Rich Marge, the descendent of the American pastor who photographed the history of the Nanjing Massacre, John Marge, and his wife, Sarah Staines, their son, Julian Marge, their daughter, Ruby Marge,Chris Marge and his daughter Nibin Marge, Taoping Marge; Steve Brady,the descendant of Dr. Richard Brady, an American doctor who treated refugees at Nanjing Gulou Hospital, and his daughter, Megan Brady, attended the summer camp, all together 11 people. Yu Xuan, Feng Xing’er, Zhang Hengchuang and Ju Siyao, all senior 2nd graders, served as volunteers for the event to assist in the interview and translation, accompanied and coordinated during the whole process.

July 1st

The camp opened at the "Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall of Japanese invading China." the campers observed a moment of silence, laid flowers and rang the clock of peace for the compatriots killed in the Nanjing Massacre. After the ceremony, the campers visited the Nanjing Massacre History Exhibition and engaged in a dialogue across time and space in front of the exhibition boards of their ancestors.


The summer camp began


The campers laid flowers to their compatriots killed in the Nanjing Massacre

On the afternoon of the day, Professor Yang Xiaming, a researcher on the Nanjing Massacre history at International Peace Research Institute, gave an English lecture entitled "International Influence of the Atrocities in Nanjing". The members had a face-to-face conversation with the survivors of the Nanjing Massacre, Ge Daorong, Ai Yiying.

July, 2nd


Visiting the old site of Anso in Liji Lane, Nanjing, everyone was in a heavy mood.

For the first time, the international friends came to the exhibition hall of the Comfort House in Liji Lane, Nanjing, and felt directly the crime of the "comfort women" system of the Japanese army for the first time. Everyone present was shocked by this dark and heavy history.

July 3rd and 4th 

The international friends visited the Nanjing Gulou Hospital’s History Memorial Hall and the Rabe’s Residence Memorial Hall, where their ancestors used to work and live, to follow the footsteps of their ancestors.


the grandson and great grandson of Dr. Richard Brady, who once worked at Gu Lou Hospital, pointed at the photos of their ancestors.


The two grandsons of John Marge had a conversation before his grandfather's story exhibition


Mr. Rabe's great-grandson knelt in front of the bronze statue of Rabe for a long time

Orignally, Nanjing Twelfth Middle School was Yizhi Primary School founded in Xiaguan, Nanjing in 1917 by Mr. John Marge, an American missionary, in the name of the Episcopal Church. Mr. John Marge lived there for 28 years, and his descendants took pictures with the statues of their forefather, the statue of John Maggie.


the photo with John Marge at No. 12 Middle School


Rick shows a picture with Holocaust survivors

July 5th


The statement by the volunteer representatives at the closing ceremony


the photo of all campers

On the last day, international friends co-produced peace-themed handicrafts in Gaochun, Nanjing, to bring the summer camp to a successful end.

From the first day's pick-up at the airport to the last day's closing, we have formed an international family. The volunteers of our school participated in the translation and reception during the process, and showed the international friends around Nanjing to feel the culture of Nanjing City, the peace and tranquility of the day.


a photo with Rick Marge

As participants, the students had the opportunity to learn more about the history of the Nanjing Massacre. While looking for the life and footprints of the international righteous warriors, we had a deeper understanding the painful history that took place in Nanjing 82 years ago from a more diversified perspective. In the process of communication and interview translation, we could feel the international friends true feelings again and again, which has aroused deep thinking.

12 13  

the volunteers are dong translation work in the interviews 

14 15  

the volunteers are having an interview

the video in which the volunteers are have an interview 

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In the age of peace, the young people should bear in mind the history, cherish peace, take the history as a guide, face the future, and deliver these stories to people around us in the world in the course of our future learning, and spread the idea to every corner of the world, carry forward this unselfish spirit of humanitarianism and build a better future.

This voluntary activity was a very valuable experience for the students, we hope that the seeds of peace will grow in everyone's hearts.