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Again, Two NFLS Students Joined in the National Team, Linguistics This Time......

Again, Two NFLS Students Joined in the National Team, Linguistics This Time......

After Yang Junzhao was selected to be in the IOI2019 Chinese delegation

Liu Tianyi, Wang Hanyue were selected to be in the IOI2019 Chinese delegation

Ding Xiaoman was selected to be in  the IOI2019 Chinese delegation

Two of our students joined in the national team

this time, it was linguistics


The 2019 International Linguistics Olympic final selection, jointly sponsored by the Working Committee of the Chinese Information Society of China, the Department of Linguistics, Beijing Language University, China Science and Technology Web of Science & Technology Daily, was held at Beijing Language University from June 6th to 9th. 208 senior high school students from all over the country, as well as more than 10 leading teachers, will meet at Beijing Language University to compete, cooperate and communicate. They will compete for the first, second and third prize of individual and team, and determine to form the national team with 8 high school students in the final selection.

NFLS students did a fruitful job in this competition

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Wu Hao Kun from Class 2 senior Grade 1, and Li Ruijia from Class 2 ,senior Grade 2 stood out in the final selection and were both selected to be in the national team. They will represent China to go to the Korean Foreign Studies University( Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) at the end of July to participate in the 17th International Linguistics Olympic Competition International Linguistics Olympiad.

In the individual competition, NFLS students did the job well, each contestant won a prize with the total of 5 first prize, 4 second prize, 3 third prize, of which 5 first prize contestants entered the top 12 interview, Wu Haokun from Class 2,senior Grade 1, Li Hongyue from Class 1, senior Grade 2won the best problem solving award for the second question.

In the team competition, the two teams sent by NFLS also stood out. The NFLS Qian Team won the Group Gold Award and the Kun Team won the Group Silver Award. NFLS Kun Team also won the Group Comprehensive Winning Prize (the highest combined total score of team score and the highest combined individual score of each player).

In addition, Li Hongyue of Class 1, senior Grade 2 from our school won the campus bronze ambassador, Liu Ye of Class 3, senior Grade3 won the campus gold medal ambassador for two years in a row.

NFLS has a long history in participating in international linguistic competitions

In recent years, NFLS has the largest number of participants in the preliminary competition; in the final, NFLS students have also performed well: China has sent teams to participate in international competitions since 2012, and every year since 2013, NFLS students have represented in the national team. On the international stage, our students are brilliant, to every time they take part in international competitions on behalf of the Chinese team, they win some prizes, three honorary nominations, two bronze medals and one silver medal.

The performance of NFLS students in the International Linguistics Olympic Competition

Cao Qitong, Honorary nomination in 2013

Cao Qitong,Honorary nomination in 2014   (admitted to Stanford University)

Zhang Ruowang,Silver Medal (accepted by MIT) in 2015 

Yu Shuyue,bronze medal in 2016 (accepted by California University of Technology)

Zheng Linghui, Honorary nomination in 2017 (accepted by Peking University)

Liu Ye bronze medal in 2018 (admitted by Cornell)