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Pursue the Dream, Never Misspend the Youth | The 2019 Senior 3rd Graders’ Graduation Ceremony and the Swearing-in Ceremony of the Adulthood

Pursue the Dream, Never Misspend the Youth |  The 2019 Senior 3rd Graduation Ceremony and the Swearing-in Ceremony of the Adulthood Graders’

It was blazing midsummer day of June. On the afternoon of June 12th, 2019, senior 3rd graders’ graduation ceremony of Nanjing Foreign Language School and the adulthood ceremony were held at the school report hall. The school leaders, the senior 3rd graders’ parents,  all the teachers and the students in senior Grade 3 participated in the ceremony.

In the passionate, upbeat music, each class entered the stage, walking through the red carpet under the leadership of the head teachers. The introduction of every class was full of features, fully showing their style. The students swaggered and flourished; the atmosphere at the scene was warm and there was thunderous applause.


At the beginning of the ceremony, all stood up and sang the national anthem.


Principal Zou Zheng reviewed the results of the senior 3rd graders’ proud achievement in the year 2019. At present, 26 people have been admitted by Qinghua University and Peking University, and 66 are recommended to the C9 Universities, and many of the students are admitted by famous universities such as Yale, Chicago, Columbia, Cambridge, and UCLA. He also wished the 17 students who just walked down the entrance examination room.

At the same time, Principal Zou sent cordial and sincere wishes to the students. He hoped that the students, with good memories of their alma mater, moved forward to the future, with ideological and practical power, plant the foundation of life. President Zou's ardent expectations touched every NFLS student at the scene, no matter where they go in the future, the students will remember all these in their hearts.

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We watched the graduation video produced by the senior 3rd graders all by themselves, the scorching sun and sweat in military training; the unique experience and memorable performance in the course of farming; the colorful Art festival and the Foreign Language Festival were just like a hundren flowers blossoming together; in various sport competitions, such as the King Cup, badminton, basketball, the students were as smart as a new pin, and the teacher's expression bag with their own features, all the above was gathered in the video, seeing the familiar scenes, the students smiled, and some of them filled the eyes with tears for the touching words.


Shen Xin's mother, made a speech as the representative of the parents of the senior 3rd graders’ . She appreciated the unique nature of the NFLS education, the cultivation of each child's personality, and she thought that NFLS was a unique "community", and in this "community", the students showed their beauty, shared their beauty with each other, the "And at the very end, all has become an angel.".

Finally, she put forward suggestions for graduates who were about to enter a new stage of life  --- to insist on self-reliance, self-confidence, self-protection, never follow others blindly,  have the courage to take responsibility, and bring glory to the country. These meticulous exhortations were full of parents' love and support toward their children.

the wishes on the wall, the graduation wishes to the senior 3rd graders 

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The parents accompanied the children go through every intersection of life and cultivated the child to grow into a talent. At this time of becoming an adult, looking back at the path of past growth, the students deeply bow to their parents for the kindness of giving them life and raising them.


What’s more, on the way to growth, there are teachers' love and guidance. As they bid farewell, the students listened carefully to the teachers'  instructions and farewell exhortations from videos. All the senior Grade 3 teachers went to the stage and took the flowers that represented gratitude from the hands of the students, and there was warm applause.


Wang Ran, a senior 3rd grader admitted to Yale University, spoke as a student representative. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, Wang Ran thanked his alma mater, the teachers and friends for their company all the way, talked about time at school and expressed his imagination for the future-to be a dreamer who had the courage to pursue, ambitious and unremitting.

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At the adulthood ceremony, Jiang Zhihao, an excellent graduate from NFLS in 2004, took the oath as the leader. The students held high their right fists, the Constitution on their chest, facing the national flag, solemnly swear: patriotism, inspiration, seeking truth, practicing, being a good young man with ideal, capable and responsible.

After the solemn adulthood ceremony, Jiang Zhihao, a senior alumni,  encouraged the students to take solid steps towards adulthood, to make progress, and inspired them to "enrich and bear their lives after the age of 18."

The recitation of “ Vows of Escorting the Sailing” 

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“Adult” means not only age, but also the determination to sail with the nation in the future. The students read the vows of the escort passionately and heartily. The students, with the words from the bottom of their hearts, expressed the feelings for the country -- to take on the mission of the new era, to protect our nation with their tiny power, and meet the light of China’s future!


Time flies, the 2019 senior high school graduation ceremony and adulthood oath ceremony of Nanjing Foreign Language School ended in the school song “World Feelings”. The students sang the school songs together, the familiar melodies told the beautiful youth memory of the NFLS students.


The students took a picture with President Zou on stage, accepting the diploma meant taking this heavy achievement and hope.


Graduation season is farewell, is a sailing. Youth is not old, struggle constantly; the students are teenagers, the future can be expected. May graduates pursue their dreams and never misspend the youth!