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There Are Some things That Can Be Understood Until You Experienced Them Yourself

What is cheerleaders’ spirit?

Teamwork, hard work, natural enthusiasm,

It represents outgoing, passionate,

a vibrant spiritual force.

It is the pain to complete the lift again and again at the beginning of the training ;

It is the patient explanation by the teacher when we walk the wrong beat many times.

It is the mutual help of the players when the lift is wrong;

It's the last shout, "come on! Do it well! "


---- Huang Yujia, Class 6, senior Grade 1

On May 26th, 2019, Jiangsu Aerobics and cheerleaders’ tournament was held at Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Normal University as scheduled. 

Our school sent a total of 6 teams of 99 representatives from the second year of junior high, the first year of senior high and the second year of senior high, including 5 group teams and 1 single team, 5 team teams all got the amazing results of the first place in the contest, and the single team won the sixth place. With passionate dance, the players showed the vitality and upward spirit of NFLS students.


The first game was by the cheerleaders’ group which opened the juvenile group B skills level 1 prescribed move (2016 version) competition, the senior Grade 1 of Nanjing Foreign Language School’s cheerleader’ team, the Shiny Team, had a good start, they won the first place.


In the second game was the cheerleaders’ group, the open junior group A, collective skills (level 1, level 2), optional moves. The shining cheerleaders’ team of Nanjing Foreign Language School, which consisted of senior 2nd graders, was full of energy, and the players acted neatly, forcefully, grasped every rhythm correctly. In the end, they won number 1. 


 The third game was the cheerleader’s group which opened the juvenile group B flower ball prescribed moves (2016 version), Nanjing Foreign Language School’s junior Grade 2 cheerleaders’ team performed as well as their seniors and ranked the first place!


 The fourth game was the cheerleaders’ group which opened the juvenile group C flower ball prescribed moves (2016 version), junior Grade 2 of Nanjing Foreign Language School’s dazzling cheerleaders’ team made entrance one by one with their teammates, their performance was still outstanding, there were many viewers, and finally the team took the lead as the first place!


 In the fifth game, the cheerleaders’ group was the junior group of group B collective skills (level 1 ≤ 2). The twinkling cheerleaders’ team of Nanjing Foreign Language School, senior Grade 1, they held high the brand of "NFLS" and "Go, NFLS", the team beat other opponents and won the trophy!

The last game was an international age group 1 of women singles, Qin Yiwei, Nanjing Foreign Language School represented the shining cheerleaders’ team, she did not fear the strong opponents, tried her best to play, and finally won the sixth place.

Behind the brilliance was the sweats of cheerleaders and the persistence of team.

It was our turn to play, we cheered and rushed to the field with loud slogans. In the tense and happy game, the players smiled and gave a passionate performance with confidence and vitality. We jumped, rotated, calmly completed every difficult high throw and lift. Everyone was trying hard, everyone was sprinkling enthusiasm, just to live up to every drop of sweat and every effort.

                                         Bao Qianni, Class 6, senior Grade 1

 Suddenly we had to say goodbye, that was hard to imagine even until I returned, from tomorrow, no more training, no more afternoons to keep me waiting in school for rehearsal. The students who had training usually feel cordial when they meet and hope to get together again after graduation.

                                          Lu Xinran, Class 1, senior Grade 2

The moment that really made me feel lost was Monday evening, when I went to the gate of the neighborhood and found that it was not dark.

 Do you think two months have been a long time? No, not at all. But as a rare male player, from the “cheeky” moment of filling out the form at the office, to the moment of returning the uniform and getting the prize, it seems that what I have experienced can’t be expressed with several simple words. Do you say that you are satisfied with learning four eight-beat movements, a number of shoulder positions and lift moves? Not all of it; is it sentimental that there is no more training and a chance to meet a coach? Not really; are you happy to win the championship? Not completely. 

Since senior high school, I have watched the students around me take part in cheerleaders’ group one after another, but they did not feel the mystery until they really participated in it. Watch with your own eyes, your partner couldn’t never roll forward at the beginning but in the end he made it with ease, watch with your own eyes, from the penultimate lift with tremble to the calmness on the court; from the rhythm of entangled slogans to the shock of shouting. Some things, can’t be understood, until you experience them yourself.

Shao Zicheng, Class 7, senior Grade 2