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NFLS Students Won the First Prize of "2019 Robotics Competition" in the Province.

From May 24th to 26th , the 19th Jiangsu Teenage Robot Competition was held at the West Taihu Lake Campus of Changzhou University. The Jiangsu Teenage Robot Competition, sponsored by Jiangsu Science and Technology Association, Provincial Education Department and other units, is the most formal competition in the robot competition. Thousands of robot production elites from the province participated in the competition.


After the demanding selection in Nanjing primary and secondary school robot competition, Chen Yijiao, Chen Baitao, Liu Zhixuan, Yang Jingyi, Ke Jun’an, Wang Zhenze from the second grade of junior high school, formed two teams to represent Nanjing in the provincial competition (Nanjing can send only five teams in the FLL Project Challenge).

FLL Engineering Challenge is the oldest competition in robot competition and the most participated in by the schools. FLL Engineering Challenge preparation is complex and needs to make a lot of preparations in the aspects of construction, programming, subject research and so on. During the preparations for the competition, the NFLS contestants made full use of their extracurricular time under the leadership of the guidance teacher, Ju yueshuang to repeatedly test and improve the performance of the robot, constantly optimized it and strove for the best.



On the day of the game, the players made concerted efforts to overcome the difficulties. On the venue, the torrential rain poured down, regardless of the dirty surroundings and the tiring work, they carried huge robot boxes, shuttled through all the venues of the competition campus. In the competition, they were calm, not arrogant and impetuous, skilled in the manipulation, stable play to their strength. In the end, Chen Yitao, Chen Baitao, Liu Zhixuan and Yang Jingyi's team won the first prizethe third place in Jiangsu Province.



The students took part in robot competition not only for an award-winning certificate, but also to exercise practical ability in reality, to improve communication ability in communication and cooperation, and to stimulate creativity in difficult challenges.