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Good News!NFLS Had a Big Victory in BIMUN Again! We Won Almost All the Important Awards

From May 23th to 26th, a team of 11 students from senior Grade 1 & 2, junior Grade 2, Nanjing Foreign Language School went to Beijing to participate in the Beijing International Model United Nations General Assembly (Beijing International Model United Nations 2019, BIMUN). NFLS Model Federation has been actively training model talents, this year, there were three junior high school students for the first time.


The competition was fierce and the atmosphere was tense. During the competition, students from BFLS won the top place in various committees because of their rich experience in participating in the meeting, solid academic reserves, superb document writing and public speaking skills as well.


Due to the excellent performance of all the students, Nanjing Foreign Language School has also won the most important honorable award "Best Delegation" !


the Best Delegation --- top group award of BIMUN 

Nanjing Foreign Language School 

 (won the award the third time in four years)


Committee of the United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP)

the Best Representative 

Chen Yifei, Class 3, senior Grade 2 

the Outstanding Representative 

Gao Xinyi, Class 6, senior Grade 2 


Education, Science and Culture Organization of the UN ( UNESCO)

the Outstanding Representatives

Wang Yixiao, Fan Yuehang, Class 4, senior Grade 2 



the Best Diplomatic Style 

Cai Haohuan, Class 5, senior Grade 2 


Peace-building Commission of the United Nations
the Outstanding Representative: Ding Ruiyuan, Class 2, senior Grade 2

Diplomatic Style: Xue Qijun, Class 5, senior Grade 1 


International Labour Organization Commission on la Francophonie

Honored nominated

Chen Hongyu, Class 6, senior Grade 2


Beijing International Model United Nations General Assembly (BIMUN) is China's leading model United Nations activity, which has always been famous for its unique rules of procedure, every year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, the United Nations Association of China and departments and agencies of the United Nations system in China have strongly supported it.

The 2019 Beijing International Model United Nations Congress aims to bring a better academic atmosphere and conference experience for participants. It invited more than 700 delegates from 115 well-known universities and 52 well-known middle schools at home and abroad. The General Assembly established a total of 13 committees, including 5 in English, 4 in Chinese, 2 in French, 1 in Spanish and 1 in the main media centre.


 In 2019 BIMUN, the topics were novel and wide, kept pace with the times, encouraged young people to carry forward the spirit of partnership, work together to prevent conflict, achieve renovation, promote inclusion, build peace and further achieve the 17 sustainable development goals proposed by the United Nations.

Why were NFLS UN model participants so strong

What is the training and selection platform behind the model participants?

Today, the editor will unveil the module UN.

Nanjing Foreign Language School is one of the first middle schools to participate in the Modelling UN Conference sponsored by colleges and universities, the school successfully applied for "Model United Nations High School Curriculum Base in Jiangsu Province" in 2011. In recent years, NFLS has made all-round and multi-angle reform of the modulus course:
  • From single teaching to group teaching at the same time
  • From English as one disciplinary to Interdisciplinary Integration
  • From single classroom to flexible switching in many forms
  • Take the teacher-oriented leading to the teacher guidance, the outstanding students take the leading
  • Introducing high technology into traditional teaching mode and trying APP teaching

In the past two years, in addition to normally selecting outstanding students from senior Grade one to enter the model couplet course, NFLS has also selected students from the second year of junior high school who are willing to enroll and have high literacy for long time training.

NFLS, as a "model United Nations high school curriculum base in Jiangsu Province" fits the high starting point (students) and high leadership (teachers) needed for curriculum activities to the greatest extent, and the school not only trains students' international vision and sense of responsibility, but also helps them pay more attention to international public affairs. Model couplet activities have better cultivated the national feelings and global competence of NFLS students, and promoted them to complete socialization and internationalization on a higher platform.

The students reflections

Chen Yifei

During the competition, we have witnessed a shift in the attitude of the people from trying to persuade others to seek agreement and to fight to solve the problem, from grabbing for the say to cooperating. In a short period of four days, we all grew up a lot.

Gao Xinyi

This year's conference experience was great! Because I am trying to do what I love, I think those efforts are very worth it. At the same time, thank Teacher Hu Yuchen for his serious efforts. From him, I can see the ten-year enthusiasm of an old model couplet, which is worth learning from every model couplet.

Chen Hongyu

As Boris said, modular couplet should be a learning experience, it should not be getting a certificate as the ultimate goal. I would like to see this HM as a new starting point, a affirmation of the past, a witness to friendship and cooperation.

Cai Haohuan

Regardless of the academic gains, this was still an attempt to live an independent life, a journey to laugh with new friends and old friends, which was the most precious thing that modular couplets has brought us.

Wang Yixiao

Thank my partner for his trust and support for my work; I thank the Bureau for the inclusion of our BLOC member's paper-writing errors and for their patience, and I thank myself for being able to adjusting to changing circumstances and successful completion of an excellent document.

Xue Qijun

In many people's understanding, Chinese module UN is relatively simple compared with foreign languages. Here, I must correct the misunderstanding of the Chinese model. The depth of discussion at the Chinese venue and the meticulous degree of the draft resolution are more difficult than those of the foreign language model.

Ding Ruiyuan

Module UN has never been a single-handed fight. On this road, there will always be teachers and seniors accompanied, there will always be mutual support from our comrades, and we will go together to the end.

Gu Xiaoha

Although Spanish is a smaller language, the performance of each of the delegates in the meeting was excellent. At last, I want to say that I am proud because I am a MUNER!At last, I want to say that I am proud because I am a MUNER!