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Liang Yucheng, a NFLS Student, Won a Prize in the "Japanese Speech Competition by non-Japaneses".

The 60th Japanese speech Competition by non-Japaneses(日文「外国人による日本語弁論大会」), jointly organized by the Japan Association for International Education, the International Exchange Fund and Batu City, was held on June 1 in Batu City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Liang Yucheng, a senior 1st grader, won the host group award in this competition.

Liang Yucheng ( the 2nd from the right) 

 The Japanese speech contest for non-Japaneses was first held in 1960. Foreigners living in Japan gave speeches on the Japanese society and culture they come into contact with, the contests provides foreigners with the opportunity to show the fruits of their daily studies, it also provides all contestants and listeners with new perspectives about Japan.

From 123 participants, 12 were selected to enter the final on June 1, and Liang Yucheng was the only high school students(other participants included college students, researchers and people from other lines). The topic of Liang Yucheng's speech is “Whom to Salute and Why to Salute”(Japanese「誰に、なぜ礼をするか」) In his article, during his joining the basketball department, he often saw the Japanese bow to the empty stadium, which aroused his deep thinking. The Japanese bow to the inanimate object, which is a manifestation of the Japanese understanding of the symbiotic relationship between man and the natural environment.

Four awards were set up in the final, namely, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Award, the Ministry of Culture and Science Minister Award, the Host Group Award and the Venue Inspector Award. Liang Yucheng finally won the Host Group Award for his excellent speech.

 Liang Yucheng ( the 2nd from the right) 

(Liang Yucheng is currently studying in Mie-kie Advanced Education School for one year as an exchange student through the selection of the "Heart-to-Heart" Study Abroad Program by the Japan Exchange Foundation.)