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There Are Far More Than Three Good Stories in His 27 Years of Art Education

On May 24, the final of the 2019 Nanjing Education Good Story speech contest was held in Nanjing Zhiyuan Junior Middle School. 37 outstanding students selected from 12 directly affiliated schools in 12 districts of the city once again showed, expressed and competed to tell the ordinary and shining educational stories of front-line teachers in Nanjing.

Teachers’ stage is not only in the classroom and school, but also in society. Education does not only focus on knowledge and skills, but also growth. Teacher Cao Qihai of our school shared his understanding of art education as an art teacher, and his story touched the judges and audience. He won the special prize at the contest.



Education with Art


“It is the best affirmation for me that children remember the lessons I taught and the words I said.” He has been an art teacher for 27 years. Teacher Cao showed the postcards he had received from the students who had graduated. “I have kept two postcards, and the students told me that ago, your explanation of the picture a few years ago was as vivid as yesterday.” This made me very happy.


Xiaoye is a blind student, and he loves music. I have been with him since he was in Grade five. I invited the Swedish master to guide Xiaoye in chorus, encourage him to perform on stage, and provide him with various artistic practice opportunities. He is 19 years old this year, and has just passed the Academic Test for Ordinary High School Students. He is moving towards his ideal. In addition to the teaching work in the school, Teacher Cao also serves as an off-campus art guide for blind schools. “Art has opened the black curtain in front of the blind students, so that the blind children always have a bright heart.”


He told his students that while enjoying art and life, we should realize that there are countless children in the world who can not see the future because of war. In the summer of 2017, he and his students assisted the International Future Volunteers Organization in holding an exhibition entitled “They and Our Future.” The exhibition was held at beginning of the academic year, school, so as to express our concern for refugees and thinking about war and arouse students' deep thinking about international humanitarianism.


What can shock people is not only the artistic form, but also the truth, goodness and beauty that arts show. It is not only the educational behavior, but also the responsibility and feelings of educators that can change people.


 During his 27 years of art education, there are far more than three good stories. Over the past 27 years, Teacher Cao and his colleagues have taken root in education, devoted themselves to integrating art into teaching and spread love in the hearts of every student. They firmly believe that with art education will be more effective, interesting, powerful, and affectionate.