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Congratulations to the STEM Teachers' Team in NFLS on Winning the "Nanjing Youth May 4th Medal Collective"

Congratulations to the STEM Teachers' Team in NFLS on Winning the "Nanjing Youth May 4th Medal Collective"

It’s the time of the May 4th again, 100 years ago, Li Dazhao, the revolutionary ancestor, called on the young people to "advance civilization for the world, create happiness for mankind, and create a family of youth, a country of youth, a nation of youth, and a human being of youth, the earth of youth, the universe of youth, and rejoice in its boundless life. " Why is youth, what is youth for? In the 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, generations of "hard nuclear" youth have responded loudly to the questions of the times with action!


In the third “Nanjing Youth May 4th Medal” which was just announced, our school's STEM+ teachers’ team was on the list and won the highest honor of Nanjing Youth Collective.

The hope of the state and the nation is in the basic education, as one of the practical platforms of the basic education, the young teachers in NFLS are working hard to smear the beautiful color for their youth.

In 2015, the team of STEM teachers in NFLS was established, which promoted STEM education with innovation, integrated science, technology, engineering, mathematics, humanities, art and other courses, developed a curriculum system of "integrating Chinese and Western, liberal arts and science", and helped students form subject knowledge of the "three-dimensional integration" between ability and accomplishment. The team of STEM+ teachers in NFLS had the courage to break through the bottleneck of basic education reform, found the best fit point between knowledge and practice, and explored it as a leader and doer.


The object of STEM+ education is students, but, not only students, but also teachers themselves benefit from it. Team teachers come from nine subjects, they are young and energetic, willing to dedicate, dare to challenge. Every teacher on the team has a full workload, but they have a passion for STEM+ education to learn and challenge themselves.They bravely crossed the comfort zone of subject teaching, guided a number of interdisciplinary projects and sown thousands of promising seeds for the future.


For four years, behind the scene, it has been unseen dedication and struggle. Through salons, lectures, listening and evaluating classes, visiting, training and other forms, the STEM+ teacher team promotes its members to learn from each other and work together to develop school-based courses that reflect the integration of subjects. At the same time, the team cooperated with subject professors and STEM curriculum developers in colleges and universities such as Nanjing University and Southeast University of China to improve teachers' professional literacy and guide students' research projects.


There has been a strong scientific research atmosphere among STEM + teacher team members, they actively undertake provincial and municipal research topics, actively write and publish papers. At present, a collection of essays on teacher STEM+ education in the past two academic years has been compiled, of which 15 are included in the 2017 school year and 21 in the 2017 / 2018 school year. The vast majority of these papers were published at core Chinese publications. Two of the papers, published in SSCI international journal, show the implementation effect of STEM+ education in NFLS, and have a positive impact on the educational circles both home and abroad.


Since the establishment of the team, the various curriculum systems have achieved great results. Under the guidance of STEM+ teacher team, NFLS students led the research and development of the project or participated in domestic and foreign competitions with outstanding results and good performance. For the last three years,in Dongrun S.T. Yau Science Award, NFLS teachers and students have won global gold, silver and copper awards many times, including Xu Liangliang's guidance in 2017, Zuo Yunfu, Fang Ran and Chen Yixin participating in the project "colloidal photonic crystals with display and detection function with microfluidic guidance” won the only global gold prize in chemistry, Under the guidance of duJing and Pan Zhimin, three students, Geng Jianchao, Qian Yunhao and Fang Ze, participated in the project "Clarney figure: two-dimensional Plate Vibration Theory, Vibration Mode Measurement and Particle Dynamics Research on the Plate", won the only global gold prize in physics, what’s more, NFLS won Best Organization Award.

In the 28 ~ 30 Jiangsu Provincial Science Innovation Competition, in our school, 9 people won the first prize of the province, and they won the second prize and the third prize of the province many times. Among them, in 2018 National Youth Science and Innovation Competition, Tang Junyang won the national first prize, Yang Yifei won the national second prize.


From 2012 to 2018, nine people from NFLS were selected for the (IYPT) China National team at the International Young physicists Championship. During this period, the Chinese national team won four gold medals in this event, with the exception of 2018. For the other three terms, the NFLS students were the captain of the national team. The ability to achieve such excellent results is closely related to the joint efforts of STEM+ team teachers and students.

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The school's STEM+ education is integrated into the whole curriculum, for all students, so that they can grow up freely. The school offers diverse and different courses for students to choose from, and creates a democratic and relaxing atmosphere. Relying on modern technology, we design food health, environmental energy, museum courses and other comprehensive topics to integrate teaching contents. In the process of solving practical problems, the students have improved the ability of comprehensive application of multi-disciplinary knowledge, exercised the literacy of scientific thinking, exploring and applying technology, and realized the feelings of home and country and personal responsibility.

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Through the unremitting efforts of STEM+ team, school STEM+ education has also been recognized by all sectors of society. The school hosted the first STEM Education Conference of Jiangsu Province, at which Xu Liangliang and Qiao Lan spokke, displayed and exchanged. The school has became the top ten scientific and technological innovation education schools in China, the excellent project school of STEM education in Jiangsu Province, and the STEM education integrated into the whole curriculum has won the first prize of teaching achievements (basic education) in Jiangsu Province. Team leader Zhu Zheng, the vice principal, won the 2018 Nanjing Youth May 4th Medal and provincial STEM education advanced individual and other honorary titles.


Integration and innovation are the educational standard that STEM+ teachers in NFLS have been adhering to, and perseverance is the tenet of life that team teachers believe in. Under the guidance of the goal of cultivating "modern people with a Chinese soul and a global mind", the STEM+ teacher team will continue to work hard, move forward bravely, and continue to practice.