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Principal Zou Zheng sent a message to graduates who are about to go abroad: to have "great wisdom" and to have the feelings of the family and the country.

Principal Zou Zheng sent a message to graduates who are about to go abroad: to have "great wisdom" and to have the feelings of the family and the country.

Introduction:On April 25 th, nine outstanding overseas student representatives were interviewed by the media to share the ups and downs of the application process and the joy of success. At the sharing meeting, President Zou Zheng also put forward hope toward the overseas students


Back row from left to right: Shen Zeyu, Wang Yu’ang, Li Yi, Wu Shaolong

Front row from left to right: Liu Yutang, Wu Runxin, Lu Wenxuan, Zhang Ziqing, Chen Zixin

The application of NFLS overseas students in 2019 has been fruitful.


The application of NFLS overseas students in 2019 has been fruitful. According to the statistics, in 2019, in NFLS, more than 260 senior high school students have been admitted to more than 100 colleges and universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore and other countries.

In 2019, the top 30 comprehensive universities in the United States admitted more than 100 people in NFLS senior high school. Among them, the top 10 admitted 18 people. Yale University 2, Chicago University 2, Columbia University 1, Duke University 5, University of Pennsylvania 3, Johns Hopkins University 3, California Institute of Technology 2.

There was one student admitted by Dartmouth College, one by Brown University, 11 by Vanderbilt University, seven by Cornell University, 10 by Rice University, six by Notre Dame University, one by Los Angeles, California, seven by St. Louis University in Washington, and three by Emory University. Nine by Berkeley, California, 15 by Carnegie Mellon University, four by the University of Virginia, 21 by New York University, and 32 by Santa Barbara, California.

The number of our students admitted to League schools in the United States has reached 15. Williams College, which ranks first in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, admitted one person, Amherst College, second place, Wellesley College admitted one person, and the world's top design school ranked first, Rhode Island School of Design, known as Harvard in Design, has admitted 2 people, etc.

In addition, 29 students were admitted to British schools, of which 3 were admitted to Cambridge University, there are also many top international universities, such as the French National Institute of Applied Sciences, the University of Toronto in Canada, the University of Melbourne in Australia, the University of Nanyang Technology in Singapore and Waseda University in Japan, have admitted outstanding students from NFLS.

There are surprises from the admissions of the world’s top universities in our international department this year. Stanford 1 person, Chicago 1 person, England Oxford 1 person, Cambridge 1 person.

Let’s listen to what they said


Chen Zixin

Offer: Yale, California Institute of Technology

For applicants who want to fight for a good school, our academic level is more demanding in the application. We need to take part in more academic competitions / activities. I read a lot of college papers and read all kinds of leading magazines / books about the subject I applied for. Sometimes it was possible to read dozens of papers a day. In this process, the understanding of the subject / English level / fast reading ability have been greatly improved.

Second, in the application you needs to express your real ideas, and you need to express quality ideas. This requires adequate reading and thinking as the cornerstone. I have read the books in just one or two months at school which I spend half a year to finish at usual times, and I felt very fulfilled.


Zhang Ziqing

Offer: The University of Cambridge   Imperial Technology.

I am a very typical science student, "simple" should be my most typical feature. I think this kind of character makes me who I am now.

“Simplicity” makes me like to calm down and think alone. I believe in the significance of thinking and studying, I think they can help me see what’s behind the problem, and give me a sense of achievement.

“Simplicity"makes me not so into success and fame. I like to try new things, after the test of time, it is mainly divided into two categories, one is intelligence type, such as Rubik's Cube Sudoku; the other is the quiet type, such as photography,calligraphy.


Wu Shaolong

Offer: Pennsylvanian University  Duke University  

There is room for free development in NFLS, respect for individual choices, and encouragement for individuals’ diversified participation in STEM, debates and drama. At the beginning of watching American and British debates for several times in the second year of junior high school, I have always been keen to participating in various debate events, such as PF, WSDC, Congress, BP, and have obtained the highest level of national debate championship qualification of US high school students, (TOC Gold Division bid). At first, of course, it was out of competition and a strong desire for self-expression, but gradually I saw that the debate was not either black or white, but to cross social politics, economy, and philosophy, science and technology to start a rational dialogue. In the process, I not only found my interest in political science and economics, but also gradually began to understand the responsibility, obligation and enthusiasm to participate in social service and contribute wisdom as a future scholar or person of insight. Because of this spiritual motivation, when I took part in the CTB Competition, I joined the EES (Environment, Economy, Society) team and devoted myself to the study of environmental economics and public policy to contribute to the solution of air pollution in Nanjing.


Li Yi

Offer: Duke University

To some extent, I'm a perfectionist and tend to do everything to its best. I like to make a detailed plan before doing things, but often, I give up my original plan because I overestimate my ability.

I think the application has improved my ability to deal with many different things at the same time. Overseas students should take into account GPA, standardization and activities. What impressed me most was the week in mid-April, when I had to face the midterm, the linguistics preliminary test, the physics bowl and the SAT2 exam in early May. At first I didn't think I could do so much in such a short period of time, but the application was a process that kept breaking through my limits and turning it into possibilities. It is important to always distinguish the priority and the less important things, then make a practical plan and strictly follow the plan. In the end, Indeed, I have achieved satisfactory results: I was No. 4 of the midterm in the grade, I got the second prize in linguistics, the top 100 of the physics bowl in the world, and in SAT2, three tests got 800.


Shen Zeyu

Offer: Duke University

I think my biggest characteristic is not to give in, or I even have the spirit of "head iron". Although I often sigh at the huge gap between me and the top students in my class, I still believe that what I can do is far more than sighing. If you have a vision in your heart and work tirelessly for it, the chasing process is also great. My efforts paid off in the end, and I achieved satisfactory standardized results, which finally added a strong weight to my application.

In my character, there is also a kind of "Buddhist" spirit. When I encounter embarrassment or awkwardness, I will use a humorous and self-deprecating attitude to resolve it, without making myself getting to deeply into it. Such an attitude to life has always helped me through a difficult situation, no matter how difficult the environment is, I can still maintain a calm and firm heart, which helps me move forward.


Wu Runxin

Offer: John Hopkins University

In such a competitive, stressed environment in NFLS, the first thing that taught me was to recognize my strength and level: if I am not that talented, I will work hard to make progress just little by little. Since there is a difference in talent and ability with the top students, what you just need to do is to go beyond yourself.

Adventure and ration seem to have nothing to do with each other. But after a general reasonable analysis, there is often an unknown courage for me to choose to take risks. For example, a week of self-study of AP biology, the insist on the application of hard nuclear biomedical engineering,  spending the weekend before the college entrance examination entering the competition in Shanghai... Of course, more small attempts ended up with funny failures, so what? It was these adventures that led me to achieve the small goals I had planned, and those failures and successes ultimately led to a complete and unique self.


Lu Wenxuan

Offer: John Hopkins University

 When I was a freshman in senior high, I was introverted and shy and often hid in the crowd for fear of being noticed. But at the beginning of the semester, the elective courses of each competition began to register, all kinds of competition information were posted on the bulletin board, the community gave speeches again and again, and the teachers promoted them many times. I did not bear the impulse and began to sign up with my own interests. I liked to try very much. I wanted to try everything I like. I liked biology, so I signed up for the biology competition. My good friend pulled me to join S.T. Yau, so we wrote our first paper together. I always wanted to learn to dance, so I joined the school cheerleader team. We have seen the dark playground at seven or eight o'clock, we have groped in the gymnasium where the power was cut off at the weekend, we even once laughed at the janitor who jingled the keys and urged us home. We have also felt the unity and pride of the game, the splendor and dazzling school New year's Eve party. At a time when others have already set a direction and studied deeply, I have also explored and tried among various interests. This is not casting a wide net to get more fish, nor is it a waste of time and energy. This is the life I want, no matter what the outcome of everything, it is always fun to experience it.


Wang Yuang

Offer:  John Hopkins University

In fact, the whole application process is the process of filling gaps in senior high school learning, as well as the process of seriously thinking about the future development. How to balance the time of subject and standardized study, how to find interest points in many elective courses and activities, and how to take part in, finish it seriously and strengthen the direction in the attempt. I tried to seize every opportunity, whether it is the talent plan, the STEM course, or later follow the professors from West Point to carry on the project research, I took things seriously, carefully prepared the class, consulted the data, completed the tasks assigned by the teacher ahead of schedule.

Balanced academic achievement and standardization, outstanding academic ability and enthusiasm in chemistry, the experience of using painting expertise to do public welfare over the years, and the perfect integration of the pursuit of the beauty of art and chemistry into the documents, I think, all of this. It is the reason why the admissions officer was really moved.


Liu Yutang

Offer: Brown University  Carnegie-Mellon University

I think independence is my most prominent feature. On the one hand, I do not tend to believe the conclusions told me, as long as there are sufficient conditions, I generally force myself to study things to make my own conclusion,I only accept what I have approved; On the other hand, I don't tend to schedule my time according to other people's instructions.

About my interest -- music. There is no special origin with it, I am not from a music family, I grew up like those countless children who learn playing the piano with ignorance and pain. Later, this confusion became pure love, I began arbitrary exploration by myself. After a period of trying, I formed a set of theory of civilian orchestration in my head, but I could also write music for the National Music Society in a decent manner, and the Akka Society rehearsed the music. With my warm blood and unrefined skills, I could reluctantly call myself "producer" and worked together to complete the original album "phonological"; then I ventured into the field of "creator".

I do not know whether my music fit the taste of admissions office, or showed them such stubborn enthusiasm. Now it may be that these two points, which were not much embellished, made the school see the very important side of me in the clearest way, and  they happened to think that was quite good.

The principals hope

Principal Zou Zheng and nine outstanding overseas student representatives had a nice talk, he told the children two short stories, and put forward hope for the students.

To have "great wisdom" and to have the feelings of a family and a country

Principal Zou's first short story was about Yin Zhiyao, who earns a million dollars a year in the United States, and returned home to start a business at the age of 60, eventually he became the first person in China to break through the monopoly on chip technology. President Zou thought that the children who walked out of NFLS have great wisdom and will certainly make the right choice.

The second short story was the story of the young director in the United States, Zhou Mo, an alumnus from NFLS, who directed the opera "Labe Diary" which was played at the National Grand Theater as a tour director. President Zou said that Zhou Mo used to be his student, and the child had a lot of ideas and pursuits in middle school. Principal hoped the children can also have such a kind of family feelings.


Use cultural confidence to against loneliness

President Zou said that while abroad, knowledge and ability should not be a problem for children graduating from NFLS. The biggest problem is to face loneliness. "Cultural differences, learning pressure......will make you feel lonely. How to sort it out? I think there are two aspects, one is self-confidence, the other is communication. Self-confidence includes cultural confidence, self-confidence in the forms of all kinds of qualities, communication is to communicate more with students, alumni, with the family as well, especially when communicating with parents, you can not only report good news, but also bad news. " Principal Zou reminded the students to go out and pay attention to safety in transportation, food, accommodation and so on.

In the end, Principal Zou said Admission was only the first step, the road ahead was very long, alma mater would be a strong backing!