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Two NFLS Chinese Teachers Won the 8th National Junior High School Chinese Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skill Competition

Two NFLS Chinese Teachers Won the 8th National Junior High School Chinese Teachers Basic Teaching Skill Competition

On April 14-17, 2019, the 8th National Junior High School Chinese Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skill Assessment and Teaching Observing Seminar were held in Suzhou. Teachers Hong Yu and Liu Hui of our school, on behalf of the Jiangsu Province, won the first prize in the basic teaching skill excellent lesson example assessment (CD-ROM class), and Teacher Hong Yu won the best teaching etiquette award. In the evaluation of the papers, Teacher Hong Yu won the first prize, and Teacher Liu Hui won the second prize.


The National Junior High School Chinese Teachers’ Basic Teaching Skill Assessment is a nationwide Chinese teachers' teaching knowledge and skill training and demonstration activity. This competition, together with the National Young and Middle-aged Teachers’ Classroom Teaching Competition and the China Middle School Students' Composition Contest, is the three major teaching competitions for Chinese teaching in middle schools. It has a great influence on promoting the professional development and teaching quality of Chinese teachers. Participants are selected from the national middle school Chinese teachers’ skills evaluation or other teaching activities held by each province, autonomous region and municipality.


In the excellent lesson example assessment and display, Teacher Hong Yu presented the use of adjectives. Under the background of the new curriculum, she led the students to pay attention to the words and grammar, with simple but profound teaching design. The students thought positively, dared to express, and gained an understanding of the charm of the language. 


The topic of Teacher Liu Hui was An Eulogy on My Humble Home. The class was designed around the characteristics of Liu Yuxi, avoiding set pattern and being linked seamless, guiding students to have a deep understanding of the text, fully demonstrating the advanced Chinese teaching philosophy of junior middle school in our school and the spirit of young teachers of NFLS.


The teachers of the Chinese group in our school have achieved remarkable results in many high-level teaching competitions, which are attributed to the importance that NFLS has attached to the development of young teachers. NFLS has provided opportunities and platforms for young teachers to display themselves, and the teachers have continuously made success.