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The Selfless Share of NFLS Excellent Recommended Students, Thumb Up!

The Selfless Share of NFLS Excellent Recommended Students, Thumb Up!

The country's policy for recommended foreign language majors this year has given the students'  more choices and increased the intensity of competition. NFLS senior 3rd graders, with solid and broad foundation and excellent on-the-spot ability to play, were widely praised by major domestic schools. This year, out of 119 students who participated in foreign language majors recommendation in NFLS, 74 were admitted by C9 colleges and universities (including 12 from Peking University and 12 from Tsinghua University), and two of them were sent to Tsinghua by competition. The students admitted to C9 accounted for 63% of all the recommended students; 25 were admitted to the Beijing Foreign Studies University  and Shanghai Foreign Language University, while the rest were accepted by the People's University of China, School of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese University of Hong Kong ( Shenzhen), Wuhan University, Xiamen University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Southeast University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and many other popular universities, the admission reached a record high!


Yuan Yuqing, Zhou Ruoyao, Xu Yuanze, Li Jiaqi, Li Guanqin, Ling Zhu, Hou Yundi, Ge Yiran ( from left to right)

On April 15, some of the excellent recommended students in NFLS shared their experience with younger alumni, the reporters had an on-the-spot interview.

Let's take a look at the top achiever's demeanor


Li Jiaqi: recommended to Tsinghua University


Ge Yiran: recommended to Tsinghua University


Xu Yuanze: recommended to Qinghua University


Hou Yundi: recommended to Peking University


Yuan Yuqing: recommended to Shanghai Foreign Language University


Ling Zhu: recommended to Shanghai Jiaotong University


Zhou Ruoya recommended to Nanjing University


Li Guanqin: recommended to Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)

What is the eight high achievers’ experience in recommendation? According to the interviews with them, the Zijinshan reporter summed up a few "secrets"-

They are diligent, and hard on themselves

When it comes to high achievers, many people may think that "they have a high IQ and are sure to be sent to a good university." in fact, high achiever's hard work behind his back has not been seen.

Ge Yiran who was admitted by Tsinghua University told reporters that her grade was not good when she was a sophomore. "at that time, I estimated the total scores of Chinese, math and English myself, and I was a little hopeless to be admitted by Tsinghua, so I began to work hard." People sometimes just have to push themselves to the edge of the cliff, from the summer vacation of senior Grade 2, I did exercises every day, I can say that I challenged my psychological and physiological limits. "

Zhou Ruoyao, of Nanjing University, said that there were high demands for foreign language recommended students, especially listening. For this, she began practicing in April last year, using dictation exercises of Major CET 4 first. She listened to the exam papers of the last ten years and 50 simulated questions before July, and tried to keep all answers correct.

Li Guanqin, of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), said he had searched the grammar books at the preparatory stage, imitating authentic pronunciation and intonation, and practicing in front of the mirror.

Reasonable planning and strict self-discipline

Besides hard work, attention should be paid to efficiency, in the interview, more than one of them mentioned the importance of planning. The Tsinghua admitted recommended student, Li Jiaqi told reporters that as the sports minister of NFLS, he had a lot of activities, but he had a clear planning schedule, so the learning efficiency was high. "for example, I plan not to touch any electronics from 7: 00 p.m. to 10:00, and on weekends, I will relax appropriately, watch the game and attend the activities, which are all on my written schedule."

Some people feel that recommended students seem to be more relaxed, Li Jiaqi thinks this is a misunderstanding. It actually is a challenging road with written exams and interviews which are more extensive than college entrance exams. Therefore, those who want to be recommended by universities should make early plans and continue to work for them. "

Try in a wide variety of ways and broaden your horizons

The high school life of high achievers is not only doing exercises, they have rich interests and hobbies with broad dabbling. Hou Yundi of Peking University said that she began to read Liang Shuming's book in the second year of junior high school and became interested in Indian culture, and eventually she was accepted as the Hindi major by Peking University. "you need to accumulate more literary knowledge at ordinary times."

Ling Zhu of Shanghai Jiaotong University likes to watch TED speeches and pays attention to both domestic and international current affairs. "every semester we have to do a certain amount of social activities, which helps us a lot," she added that the school requires credits of doing public welfare activities has greatly improved students' social skills.

Having unique hobbies, playing the warm "affection card"

Xu Yuanze of Tsinghua is more interesting, one of his hobbies you must not think of- --playing mahjong! "my mahjong circle is limited to my family, my platform is only offline, and my time is limited to holiday. Playing mahjong is my best way to communicate with my elders. I know my grandparents are lonely at home, and it's hard to talk at dinner, but at the mahjong table, we talk about everything. Because mahjong rhythm is slower than cards, so playing it gives us more time to communicate our feelings, I also try other ways to make grandparents’ life rich and colorful, let them experience family affection. Mahjong, in my eyes, is not a cold face, but cards with warm family love, "he said.