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Neo Cliché | NFLS IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition

Neo Cliché | NFLS IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition

A group of NFLS students learned visual arts from the foreign teacher.

Graduation is coming.

When asked if they need help?

The teacher said,” No, they do it themselves.”

It was a unique exhibition.

From conception, creation, mounting, layout to opening ceremony,

Everything was done by the students.


On April 4,

the NFLS IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition 2019 kicked off.


The theme of the exhibition was

Neo Cliché.

What does it mean

The students explained to us.

neo means new

or neo-classicism

It means innovation.

Cliché refers to stereotype,

or a saying or expression that has been overused.

The two words refer to making innovation on old things,

or producing contemporary new ideas in something old.

Art· Fervor· Intensity


From classical to modern, from traditional folk music to western music, the music students of IB Senior Grade 2 and Senior Grade 3 gave a wonderful opening performance.


Under the direction of the music teacher Ms. Wight, the orchestra played Mozart's Andante K.167 and Menuett KV2, and Flower Duet, Spring is Coming, TheSkylark, Canon in D, and Dance of the Golden Snake and Chinese Music, which feature the classical Chinese rhymes, as well as Bubbly, Black Star and Auld Lang Syne.


Classic· Modern· Innovation


The girl on the right is made of sugar

This means she melts in the water

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Sculptures, models, posters, logo, oil paintings, acrylic paintings, and watercolors ... The audiences feasted their eyes.

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You could ponder the philosophy of abstract works, and was impressed by the seductive colors of impressionist works. Surrealistic works may enable you to reflect on the current social situation.

Artistic works have brought endless enlightenment for people.

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During the three-day exhibition, the audiences were impressed by wonderful performance of the music students from the international department and the works of the art students. They were highly praised by the teachers, parents, students, and insiders.  

Congratulations to the students who did well in the graduation exhibition. It is believed that they will go further in the future.