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Studying "China's Educational Modernization 2035" , Deepening the Basic Education Curriculum Reform

Studying "China's Educational Modernization 2035" , Deepening the Basic Education Curriculum Reform

On the afternoon of March 27, Wang Zhan, former Vice Minister of Education, member of the State Education Advisory Committee and member of the National basic Education Curriculum Teaching Material Expert Working Committee, came to Nanjing Foreign Language School.

Our school principal Zou Zheng, Party Secretary Liu Qianshu and other school leaders accompanied Minister Wang to visit the campus.


President Zou briefed Wang on the current development of NFLS alumni and international gold medal winners, as well as the unique campus culture of NFLS and the demeanor of famous and excellent teachers.


Principal Zou and Vice Principal Zhu Zheng briefed Minister Wang on the implementation of STEM curriculum in NFLS, as well as the fruitful results achieved by the teachers and students in carrying out research on the subjects.

After that, Minister Wang gave a special lecture entitled “Learning 'China's Educational Modernization 2035’, deepen the basic Education Curriculum Reform “ for the present NFLS teachers and the teachers from branch schools

Minister Wang first pointed out that the promulgation of "China's Educational Modernization 2035" is a major strategic arrangement made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in entering a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is an important measure to implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, it is the first medium-and long-term strategic plan with the theme of educational modernization in China, which is positioned in the overall, strategic, guiding, and goal-oriented orientation. It is the blueprint of educational modernization in our country.


Minister Wang started from the historical process of educational modernization to after the 18th CPC National Congress, the CPC Central Committee, with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, unflinchingly implemented the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science, education and the strategy of strengthening the country with talents, insisted on giving priority to the development of education, made great efforts to promote the comprehensive reform of education, continuously increased the investment in education, accelerated the modernization of education, advanced the development of education to a new level, and achieved all-round and groundbreaking historical achievements. The development of education in China has stood at a new starting point.

Then Minister Wang analyzed the advanced ideas contained in "China's Educational Modernization 2035": more attention was paid to taking morality as the first, more attention to all-round development, more attention to individual-oriented, more emphasis on lifelong learning, and more emphasis on teaching according to students' aptitude, more attention was paid to the unity of knowledge and action, to integration and development, to co-construction and sharing. He pointed out that education should "return to the truth and keep pace with the times". The modernization of education is an important part of the modernization of the country, and the modernization of education provides the service support for the modernization of the country.

China Education Modernization 2035focuses on the outstanding problems and weak links of the development of education, and is based on the current situation and viewed the long-term, the ten strategic tasks facing the modernization of education are mainly deployed, which reflects the main connotation of the modernization of education, from the popularization, the quality, the equity and the structure, these four dimensions are developed, showing the height of the education modernization, that is, theglobal advanced level with the Chinese characteristic.


After reading "China's Educational Modernization 2035", Minister Wang also interpreted the important educational policy of deepening the curriculum reform of basic education for teachers in our school.

Curriculum reform is the core task of educational reform. In his speech at the National Conference on ideological and political work in Colleges and Universities, General Secretary Xi Jinping made it clear: "the construction of teaching materials is an important support for educating people and cultivating talents." What kind of teaching material system should be built, what content should be taught in the core teaching material, what value should be advocated to embody the will of the state, it is the rights of the state. " Minister Wang established several understandings of curriculum reform from the aspects of the task of curriculum reform, influence, correct ideological guidance, character of keeping pace with the times, and so on, that is to say, to carry out the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating human beings, to develop quality education, and to promote educational fairness, strengthen cultural self-confidence, cultivate and practice socialist core values. It has defined the overall goal of the following curriculum reform: by deepening the reform, building courses with more missions and responsibilities,building courses with more spirit of the times, courses with more vitality, courses with more room for growth, and courses with guaranteed implementation, promote the modernization of basic education curricula.


Minister Wang, with a high vision, read the policy of Chinese education level in the new period, the fundamental requirements of the educational "education and cultivation" and the direction of the development of the world and the future. In the end, the minister hoped all the teachers present, to contribute their own strength in the course of the reform of the basic education in such an excellent school as NFLS .

After the lecture, Principal Zou said that all his colleagues in NFLS had a deep identity for the development of the modern education of the world level with Chinese characteristics, the acceleration of the educational reform in the information age, and the creation of a new pattern of education to the outside world. It is hoped that all the staff in NFLS will implement the fundamental tasks of the establishing morality and cultivating students, with open vision and solid actions to promote the teaching reform of education, and to work together to build the school into a world famous school with Chinese characteristics.