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Martyrs Are Gratified As Successors Have Inherited Their Behest

Martyrs Are Gratified As Successors Have Inherited Their Behest

In order to cherish the memory of the revolutionary martyrs and promote the spirit of patriotism, all the teachers and students of Senior Grade 1 and Senior Grade 2 participated in the tomb-sweeping activity at the Yuhuatai Martyr Memorial Park on March 30.


They stood in front of the monument, holding chrysanthemums in their hands


“Rain flowers have shed tears as the loyal souls are buried in green hills.”The ceremony began with the laying of a wreath, and then all the teachers and students paid silent tribute to the revolutionary martyrs.


In order to win the liberation and independence of the nation and seek the revitalization and prosperity of the country, countless patriots sacrificed their precious lives. Two students, Li Chengyang and Cai Haohuan, expressed their respect for the martyrs by giving a speech titled “Living Up to Your Trust and Heading to the Sun.”

At the end of the speech, they also sent their best wishes, “There are numerous roads outside the gate of the memorial park, but the starting point of each road is our original intention. We hope the sunshine of the spring shines in the heart of everyone, and every Chinese teenager will be vigorous and ambitious.”


After that, Secretary Wang Shaolin of the Youth League Committee said, “‘Martyrs are gratified at the successors have inherited their behest.’ This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 100th anniversary of the “May 4th” movement. As a high school student of the new times, we should carry forward the behest of the martyrs, promote the heroic spirit, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, and study hard to write a chapter of our life in unremitting struggle to promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the prosperity and progress of human civilization.”

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At last, Principal Zou Zheng, Secretary Liu Qianshu of the Party Committee and Secretary Lv Yan of the Discipline Inspection Committee led all the teachers and students to present flowers to the martyrs.


This activity enabled the students to deeply feel that without the blood and sacrifice of the revolutionary martyrs, we could not be living a happy life. General Secretary Xi Jinping said, “A nation that is hopeful cannot be without heroes, and a promising country cannot be without pioneers." Heroes and martyrs who are buried here are the great heroes of the motherland.


Through the activity, all the teachers and students studied the spirit of the revolutionary martyrs and inherited their behest. We should never forget why we started and remember historical mission to be responsible teenagers in the new era and good teachers to satisfy the party and people. We should always associate our ideals with the destiny of the motherland and the future of the nation and take actions to make due contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.