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Winning Grand Awards, Entering National Training Team, Giving Them Thumbs-Up

Winning Grand Awards, Entering National Training Team, Giving Them Thumbs-Up

Good News

Special Prize: NFLS “Round Table Warriors” 

First Prize First Place: NFLS “Bright Learners” 

Three Students Enter IYPT 2019 National Training Team

Ranking First in the Country

From February 21 to 27, 2019, the 7th China Youth Physicists Tournament (CYPT) and Nankai University National Middle School Physics Training Camp were held in Tianjin Nankai University. A total of 155 students from the representative teams of 27 key middle schools participated. 

CYPT aims to improve students' ability to analyze and solve practical physical problems by using the knowledge they have learned and develop their open thinking ability. In the competition, contestants were asked to do team work on some practical physics problems, then they had debate competition based on the physical knowledge, theoretical analysis, experimental scheme, and the results of discussions. It can not only improve students' scientific research quality but also develop their team spirit and communication and expression capabilities to achieve the coordinated development of their knowledge, ability and quality.

Three teachers of the physics group in our school, Pan Zhimin, Yan Huan and Zhang Jianfeng, led “Round Table Warriors” and “Bright Learners” to participate in the competition. They won the special prize and first prize first place respectively.

The leader of “Round Table Warriors” was Xu Jikai, president of the NFLS Young Physicist Club, and members were Wang Hanyue, Li You, Zhu Siyao, Liu Tianyi and Zhang Haoyang.

“Bright Learners” had its leader Ke Guanguan, and its members were Yu Yunqing, Chen Guanru, Ma Zeyu, Luo Yichuan and Zhang Hengchuang.


The students and teachers on NFLS team in CYPT 2019

In the competition, our students competed for 15 matches in five rounds in the form of academic discussion, fully demonstrating their respective physics level and self-innovation ability, and gained a lot of learning methods and experience.

After five rounds of competition, "Round Table Warrior" ranked third with a total score of 221.875 points and entered the second stage of the competition, along with the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China and Xindu No. 1 Middle School, and finally won the special prize. “Bright Learners” got the first prize first place with a total score of 221.375 points.

In this competition, the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, Xindu No. 1 Middle School, Jinling Middle School and Qingdao No. 2 Middle School all had outstanding performance and showed different speculative capabilities of the students from these key middle schools.


"Round Table Warrior" won the special prize in CYPT 2019


“Bright Learners” won the first prize first place in CYPT 2019

After the CYPT competition, Nankai University held the selection interview for the 2019 IYPT National Training Team. The students of our school did well in the theory written test, competition performance and Chinese and English interview, fully demonstrating their comprehensive quality and winning honor for our school. Finally, Wang Hanyue, Liu Tianyi and Xu Jikai stood out and entered the IYPT 2019 China National Training Team, which consists of 12 members, ranking the first in the country. This is a testament to the prominent ability of our students in physics academic research.


Wang Hanyue (left), Xu Jikai (middle) and Liu Tianyi (right) entered the IYPT 2019 China National Training Team


IYPT students' list   

Congratulations to these students! The students in the National Training Team are expected to strive for further improvement!