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Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Semester,2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Semester,2018 - 2019 Academic Year

At 07:30, February 18, 2019, the opening ceremony was held in the broadcasting studio, presided over by the Director Yin,the Student Affairs Office.


Director Yin Herong from the Student Affairs Office presided the opening ceremony

First of all, Principal Zou Zheng delivered a new semester speech on the theme of "From the Heart  Go toward the Path of Striving for Dreams." At the beginning of the New year, Principal Zou summarized the achievements of our school in the past year, and hoped that the NFLS students would have great ambition, strive for their dreams and live up to the beautiful youth in the new year. 


Principal Zou Zheng is giving a speech

Subsequently, junior Grade 3 teacher, Cheng Ya-ching, gave a speech as the teacher representative. On the theme of "Health Comes First", Mr. Cheng urged students not to forget the development of physical and mental health, pay attention to safety and health problems, actively participate in physical exercise, and face learning and life with a strong physique and optimistic attitude.


Teacher Cheng Yaqing, the teachers’ representative is giving a speech

Wan Yuqi from Class 3 (2) of Senior three spoke as a student representative. Wan has been thinking a lot about the field of China Aeronautics, he is determined to devote himself to the cause of research, make unremitting efforts to realize the ideal of life, actively prepare for the college entrance examination which will take place in 109 days, he has set an example for the students.


Wan Yuqi, a student representative is giving a speech

During last semester, many students studies hard, actively participated in all kinds of activities and comprehensively improved their overall qualities, they won the Campus Top 10 individual prize.


Top Ten students in Moral Education in Junior High


Top Ten students in Moral Education in Senior High


Top Ten students in Academic Results in Junior High


Top Ten students in Academic Results in Senior High


Top Ten students in PE in Junior High


Top Ten students in PE in Senior High


Top Ten students in Art in Junior High


Top Ten students in Art in Senior High


Top Ten students in Laboring in Junior High


Top Ten students in Laboring in Senior High

Finally, the opening ceremony ended in the school song “ the World Sentiment”


Lu Xicheng from Class 11, junior Grade 11 conducted the singing of the school song

In the new starting point, we wish all the students bravely  pursue their dreams, steadily move forward, everything goes smoothly!

We wish all the teachers smooth work in the new term, smile a lot, keep young forever!


Speech by the teacher representative at the opening ceremony of the second semester, academic year 2018 - 2019

Cheng Yaqing, junior Grade 3

Dear teachers and students:

Happy New year! First of all, I wish all of you a healthy, happy new year, wish all things go smoothly with you, and wish you constantly make new progress!

At the beginning of the new year, although it is still cold spring,  the new term is full of expectations toward the students, your hearts must be hot. Among the many wonderful visions of yours, I hope to add the "health". Because in my opinion, at any time, physical and mental health will always be the first.

Some students may ask: is health more important than learning? My answer is: Of course! Without it, everything can not go on. That importance is attached to health means being responsible for yourself as well as for  your family; it is also the attitude toward life, because it is often closely linked to self-discipline.

As middle school students, what should we do exactly?

First of all, we should strengthen the consciousness of "self-protection". It is said"sicknesses come from the mouth", the school is opposed against take-outs going into the campus, so that's why. But external, mandatory rules are not as effective as strengthening the consciousness of self-protection. Saying “no”to the food which comes from unclear sources,or lacks of hygiene and safety guarantees is the norm for self-protection; full warming up before exercising and timely informing to teachers or parents after accidental injury are all different forms of self-protection.

In addition, you should take an active part in physical exercise. In middle school, our body is in the stage of growth and development, and effective exercise at this time can yield twice the result of half the effort. In addition, nothing can bring the most direct, most simple happiness as sports. Exercise helps to relieve anxiety, improve anti-stress ability, foster an optimistic attitude, and promote physical and mental health. Some students might say, "how can we get time if our schoolwork is so burdensome?" In fact, there are plenty of exercise opportunities, the key is to make the most of it. When running outdoors, master the technical essentials of "trampling on the rhythm and advancing at a constant speed", and running will be easily done; persist in exercising every day, it will not be problem to improve your physical fitness. Indoor exercises should not be underestimated: its fast and slow rhythms, rigid and flexible movements,is an excellent adjustment for the sedentary body . In addition, if the distance between home and school is within 30 minutes of cycling, it is recommended that you travel in this way, it is both environmental friendly and healthy, and it can improve physical resilience as well. Sports, needless to say, is its only theme. Some people regard it as cowardly because it is not as important as cultural curriculum. A notice issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department on Feb. 1, 2019, will help to change this concept. the Notice mentioned: have the "Sunshine Sports" professional group goes into school, promote track and field, gymnastics, football, basketball, badminton, table tennis and other sports events in primary and middle schools, instruct students to master 1-2 sports skills, and promote students' all-round development and healthy growth. Although it is only on trial in some schools, it releases the information that importance to the health of primary and middle school students and physical education is being attached, it represents the inevitable trend of social development.

Finally, I wish you and I jointly practice the concept of "health first", so that the sun and joy will fill our hearts!

Thank you!

The speech by the student representative at the opening ceremony of the second semester of the academic year 2018 - 2019

Wan Yuqi, Class 2, senior Grade 3

Dear teachers and friends:

Good Morning!

I am Wan Yuqi, Class 2, senior Grade 3, I am so honored to be able to speak here on behalf of senior 3rd graders.

Two and a half years ago, with my dream in my heart, I came here from the NFLS Xianlin Branch. Looking back on my years in NFLS, there is only deep gratitude in my heart. In NFLS, I was transformed from a young teenager into a mature youth. I not only gained knowledge and friendship, but also built a positive character,I have determined the direction of life. And all this is inseparable from the hard work of the teachers and parents. Every step of my progress is a combination of your efforts, every achievement of mine shines your wisdom, and every growth of my life is accompanied by your sweat. On behalf of all the senior high school students, allow me to express our gratitude to our dear school,to the teachers and parents who have always silently supported us. Thank you! You're working so hard!

For senior 3rd graders, it is an unusual opening ceremony. Today, there are just 109 days before the college entrance examination. 109 days later, we are about to participate in a major test of life. I once thought the college entrance examination was in the future time, but now, we must put the college entrance examination on the mouth, on the table, even in the sleep. The students who choose to go abroad or are recommended often call us "college entrance examination warriors" because this road is by no means easy to take. In NFLS, we give up the precious opportunities offered by the school and resolutely set foot on the road of the college entrance examination, only because our dreams are beckoning.

It may be surprising to say that I have always had a strong interest in the military. This interest continues to develop in an environment of openness and inclusiveness in NFLS: in senior Grade 1, with other students, I won the first group prize in the Nanjing Middle School Defense knowledge Competition, and joined the Army Wolf Society in senior Grade 2. My wishes are becoming clearer in the process. My worries and concerns about the backward situation in the field of aero-engine in our country, I came up with the idea of joining in the research of materials, and finally I have determined it as my ideal in life. For this reason, "although there are millions of people, I am only one to go".

Yes, this is a challenging moment, but also a time of fighting, it is more a time to pursue dreams. Whether the holy places in our hearts are the moonlit waters of the lotus pond at Qinghua, or the Weiming Lake in the Yan Garden, under the Boya Pagoda, or in other places of dream, these 109 days will be urgent, difficult, full and unusual. It is struggle accompanied by pain and happiness. Walking into senior Grade 3, we climbed up the progressive ladder. Here is full of hardships and challenges, the road ahead is more tortuous and dangerous, setbacks and difficulties are inevitable. But at the top of the ladder is our dream, and the end of the road will be what we have desired,the direction of the heart. We firmly believe that in the next three months, we will be able to ride the wind and break the waves, like a big fish out of the water, "keep rising up to 90,000 li!"

He who often acts is successful, who keep walking can get to destinations. If you want to realize your dream, you have to work hard and hard. In learning, we should lay a solid foundation, diligently do a good job of learning; in our life, we should not relax the requirements of moral behavior,we should pay attention to physical health, actively participate in physical exercise,and create better conditions for learning. Remember this, too: if you are persistent, there is no need to go to bed at 3 AM and get up at 5 AM; the worst is doing work for a day and take a 10-day rest. Senior Grade 3 is like a protracted war, not an assault by soldiers, what is most needed is not a whim, but a long-term persistence.

Focus on the present, set about at the present, while maintaining a calm state of mind. There are countless exams ahead. In the face of so many exams, mistakes are inevitable, no one is an undefeated hero. Even if the probability is small, it is inevitable that every horse might lose its feet. But the so-called "the wind go through a sparse bamboo forest, wind gone bamboo silent; Geese cross the cold pool, geese gone and pool has no shadow left. So after a gentleman comes and finishes things,his heart begins to forget it, when the thing have finished,then the heart follows the void. This is our counter-quotient test, it is also the  precious wealth that the college entrance examination will leave us in our life.

Our ambition is far up the sky, and our footsteps are moving slowly.

We will not fail to live up to our dreams, nor will we live up to the glory of being NFLS students!

New semester has begun, let us fight together!

This is the end of my speech, thank you all.