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Improving Personal Ability and Paying Attention to Practice, Cherishing Good Times – STEM+ Teachers' Group Salon in New Semester of 2019

Improving Personal Ability and Paying Attention to Practice, Cherishing Good Times – STEM+ Teachers' Group Salon in New Semester of 2019


At the beginning of the new semester, all members of the NFLS teachers' group for STEM+ attended the first salon of the group in the new semester at the conference room of Administrative Building on the afternoon of February 20. Principal Zou Zheng, Secretary Liu Qianshu, Vice President Zhu Zheng, Deputy Director of the Teaching Office Li Hongbin and Deputy Director of the Department of Education Research Chen Yi took part in the activity.


Vice President Zhu summarized the work of the STEM+ teachers' group in the previous semester, including offering almost 20 STEM series optional courses to provide students with a variety of school-based curriculum options, making full use of the excellent teachers and technical support of universities and enterprises to provide a high-quality platform for students' scientific research and innovation, and improving the group's teaching and research ability. The new STEM+ education and teaching thesis includes 22 papers from our teachers, many of which have been published in Chinese and foreign core magazines.

At the same time, he also put forward the goal for this semester. The STEM+ teachers' group should strive to create more complete and diversified curriculum group  and carefully design project research cases that integrate multiple subjects according to the school's requirement of creating a high-quality demonstration senior high school. All the teachers of the group should be fully prepared for the provincial curriculum base demonstration activity in May. They should continue to deepen the “Being a Master” project and integrate it more effectively into the STEM+ school-based curriculum to build a broader and more challenging innovative practice platform for students.


STEM+ teachers' group salon always includes a collective learning. This time, Teacher Chen Jing, one of the key teachers who participated in the second round of STEM course study organized by the Nanjing Education Bureau, was invited to share her experience of study in the immersion STEM teaching exchanges. Ms. Chen Jing vividly introduced her feelings with rich graphic materials and summed up five characteristics of STEM education and teaching in the basic education stage of the United States: advocating group collaborative research, implementing diversified evaluation system, promoting interdisciplinary Knowledge integration, focusing on curriculum resource development, and playing the role of libraries.

As a participant of the exchanges, Ms. Chen Jing was deeply impressed by the education differences between China and the United States. It is the best way to promote the development of STEM+ in China to integrate the essence of mutual education and choose the mode that is most suitable for the current status of Chinese education. She said that she gave a demonstration class to senior 10th graders at Dulles High School. The class was successful thanks to her excellent comprehensive quality and the efforts of the group. It not only gained popularity among local teachers and students but also made a lot of headlines of local media. Meanwhile, it generated buzz after it was reported by China Daily. The class demonstrated NFLS' achievements in STEM+ and helped enhance the world influence of the school.

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Principal Zou and Deputy Director Chen Yi highly affirmed the achievements of the STEM+ teachers' group and put forward requirements for their work in this semester. Principal Zou said that all the teachers should not only take a wide view to innovative boldly but also focus on details to have a cautious and practical attitude. All the teachers and students are expected to give play to their language advantage and get more opportunities to attend international forums so as to promote the school's class and philosophy and have a dialogue with the world. Meanwhile, humanities, including History, Politics and Art, are also encouraged to take an active part and carry out multi-disciplinary integration so as to make NFLS' STEM+ education more distinctive.


There is a long way to go in the new semester. The STEM+ teachers' group will continue to improve their personal ability, pay attention to practice, march ahead of time and cherish the good times!