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2019 NFLS New Year’s Gala

2019 NFLS New Years Gala


the annual lights are on

 to brighten

the road for the students afar to return home

and to warm you at a cold night

the fluttering hearts  


when snow flakes are dancing

above 30 Beijing East Road

I believe, wherever you are going to

this beautiful moment

will forever be remembered in your mind


years later

maybe you have forgotten the wonderful English class

maybe you have forgotten the pain in the exam failure

maybe you have forgotten the fights with your deskmate

maybe you have even forgotten your teachers’ names


but you won’t forget

this cold evening which snows just for you

then, no matter where you go

come home often, please

dear NFLSers


On December 28, 2018, the annual NFLS gala party kicked off at 17:45 as scheduled. The outdoor temperature of minus four degrees Celsius did not stop the enthusiasm of the students, who gathered early in front of the stage or the playground, waiting for the brilliant performance quietly.


Unlike last year, there was no bonfire this year. In order to have the students experience the happiness of the winter New year, the school specially snowed for everyone.


The Student Union continued its traditional treasure hunt and creatively added cultural elements. The theme of this year's Art Festival is "Impression Jinling", so the design of treasure hunting was divided into six small cubes, a total of 250, scattered in every corner of the campus. Each small square emblazoned with one of the six dynasties (Wu, East Jin, Song, Qi, Liang, Chen). If you were lucky enough to find a small square in the specified area, you could get mobile phone HD head, or a warm scarf or other gifts. On campus, students can be seen everywhere with flashlights, bending and carefully looking for the cube, occasionally surprise screams could be heard when they discovered a treasure , adding lot of popularity and liveliness to the evening. 


Hanging festive red lanterns are lantern guessing activities organized by the Guofeng Club and the Literary Club. The winners were rewarded with the treasure of a dynasty. At the same time, the Calligraphy Club also held writing activities on the scene in the art classroom 201 .

In addition, the sales activities at the electronic large screen, the exclusive sweaters, pen cases, key chains and bracelet were sold out in an hour. The students who got the objects were satisfied and happy, while the students who didn’t  were full of envy!

The performances on the stage were even more colorful, making people dizzying, the dance “Peek-a-Boo”by BUNGEE G was active, and the formation was varied and tidy. Their dance was released on the star-studded stage, dazzling and glamorous, instantly igniting the atmosphere of the scene, receiving endless applause; the Ballet Club member's show "the Sound of the Oar Lamp Shadow" was refreshing; Rock Club's “Mountain and Sea”, Zhou Yunjie's “Xiao Wang Book, Yu Yan, Xia Jingyi, Han Bingyi's “the Swallow’s Return to the Nest” were also very beautiful.


Every half hour, there was rabbit dance which was also popular, with long lines standing on the right side of the stage. One by one, the students jumped forward with the music to the edge of the stage with joy.


 During the draw session, President Zou Zheng, Secretary Liu Qianshu, Vice President Zhou Gi, Secretary Lu Yan and Vice President Li Xifan drew the lucky ones of the night for us.


In the end, the party came to a successful end in Akabella's “the brightest Star in the Night.


The perfect party was ascribe to the hard work of the busy teachers, the Students’ Union members and the students who performed on stage with persistence in the cold winter. With their efforts, we enjoyed and appreciated the 2018 New Year party.