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Rock album signing singer, 2006 alumni, Ju Qi Came back to Alma Mater to Communicate with the Younger Alumni

Rock album signing singer, 2006 alumni, Ju Qi Came back to Alma Mater to Communicate with the Younger Alumni

Excellent older alumni returning back to school to have a talk with younger students is a tradition in NFLS.

On November 30, on the eve of the annual art festival, the art section of our school invited the signed singer from the Rolling Stone Records, and the  alumni in Grade 2016, Ju Qi to give a special lecture on "40 Years of a Chinese Record Company" for students of Class 1 and Class 12, junior Grade 3.


The alumni improvised singing three songs at the scene, and shared with his younger alumni his understanding of the way to music. The entire hour of the meeting was friendly and full of warmth.

From the founding of the company, he talked about the first time that Rolling Stone introduced Chinese music, the first time it launched rock music in China, and the first time it released CD records in Taiwan. He talked about the early signings of Rolling Stone, such as Luo Dayou, Pan Yueyun, Li Zongsheng, and so on.


the scene at lecture

He sang Zhang Aijia's “Childhood” for the students, playing the guitar skillfully, his singing was clear and fresh. The students all seemed to return to the beautiful, colorful campus in the summer of cicadas. Ju performance was confident and full of vigor, the students’ applause lasted for a long time.

From 1995 to 2000, Rolling Stone reached its peak. It has a series of singers, such as Zhou Huajian, Zhang Zhenyue, Zhang Xinzhe, and so on, who have been the kings in Chinese music world. In the process of Ju Qi’s explanation, often he gave example with small pieces of songs arbitrarily , the familiar songs  or the music the students liked both have a strong resonance among the students,there were excited feelings flowing out, they wanted to hear every note, every word.


Ju Qi played and sang at the scene

Ju Qi sang two songs, "Crazy about Love " and "Embrace". The former is about being  firm and persistent about love, while the latter is about full of hope and sunshine. When singing the chorus, Ju’s easy, free high tones the students turned into fans, they were enchanted by the singing.

After 2000, Rolling Stone was hit hard by the impact of the nascent internet industry on traditional record companies and was once heavily in debt. But Rolling Stone, having recovered little by little, now takes on a new look in the Chinese music world.

After the rolling stones, with an exclusive view, Ju Qi narrated a musician's daily life. Through Ju's description, the students knew how each album was recorded and many scenes behind the music production.

Ju's music dream began on campus, where he wrote his first song. Ju told junior high school students to "be brave to pursue your dreams, listen to their inner voice, do what you love." A brave pursuit of music dream of the alumni' statement was undoubtedly a crucial lesson to the students  .

The school specially invited Teacher Cheng Yaqing, the head teacher of Ju Qi’s when entered the junior Grade 1 18 years ago, Teacher Cheng reviewed Ju's time in the NFLS campus together with the students on the scene.


Teacher Cheng praised Ju to the students that "in junior high school, he showed a great talent for music. He was pursuing his music dream with perseverance all the way."

Coincidentally, this year, Class 12 of junior Grade 3, whose head teacher  is Teacher Cheng, was specially invited to take part in this activity. Teacher Cheng’s past students and his present students were in touch with each other, because of this activity. The bonds of this relationship seemed to have been tightened again.

NFLS spirit was better inherited here.

In everyone's heart, there may be a writer's dream, a music dream, a painting dream... If you can find your interest and follow your heart while studying hard, everyone can become a young star like Ju Qi who has a dream and works for it.

dear school friends:

I wrote my first original song in my life when I was in junior Grade 3 in NFLS. Studying in this best school in Nanjing and even in China naturally carried some heavy pressure due to the expectations of our family and the excellence of our classmates, but we had enough time, space and atmosphere to understand the vast world and the profound ourselves. Think about who you want to be in the future.

It doesn't matter if you can’t figure out. Anyone is lost at the age of 15. But the thoughts today and the dots around you will one day be linked to shaping your future.

The children of NFLS enjoy a wider vision and more freedom. May you always stop and participate in your youth. Here at this moment, if you just bury yourselves in the problems, you definitely will miss the best part.

love,Ju Qi