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Superb!NFLS Moved the Museum into the Campus

Superb!NFLS Moved the Museum into the Campus

writing brushes, ink, paper and ink stones

Learning traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting Materials

the elegance of the two Song Dynasties

 experiencing the life and art of the people in Song Dynasties

sketching and portraits

understanding the views of the people in Song Dynasties

December 5th

NFLS moved the museum into the school campus


At noon, the Art Center, Nanjing Foreign Language School Art Museum and “the Mobile Art Gallery -- Song's People’s View” were inaugurated and opened .


In his speech, President Zou Zheng explained to everyone the meaning of "mobile". "the mobile art gallery allows the works of art to flow, the classroom to flow, and culture to flow." at the same time, President Zou also expressed his hope to everyone, participate more in art activities to improve aesthetics, enter art galleries more and enjoy the charm of art.


In a speech delivered as a guest representative, Jiangsu Province's special teacher, Mr. Youkang Fu, affirmed the activity, greatly praised the importance attached to art education by NFLS, and he told the students in earnest the important role of art in the process of human growth; He also proposed that promoting traditional culture and improving artistic literacy should be a compulsory course for middle school students.


In order to cooperate with the "Song people's viewing" painting exhibition, junior 3rd graders and members of the art group responded positively. During the exhibition, 4 students held an exhibition of personal books and paintings, an art-themed exhibition, 20 students won an excellent prize for their line drawing works. Liu Qianshu, Party Secretary of NFLS Party Committee, and Vice President Zhou Ye issued individual exhibition certificates and award certificates to students respectively.

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Finally, Professor Jiang Yan of the Central Academy of Fine Arts led the visit. It was a rare experience to follow the explanation of an expert of the Academy of Fine Arts, we had a close appreciation of famous masterpieces such as "the Ching Ming River on the Upper River", "the Thousand-li River and Mountain Picture", and so on. We learned about the creation process of the Song Dynasty paintings and the production process of the traditional Chinese painting pigments. We appreciated the Song Dynasty emperor painter Zhao Ji's artistic achievements, had a better understanding of Fan Kuan, Mi Fu, Ma Yuan, Xia Gui and other Song Dynasty artists’ artistic pursuit of "observation, portraiture" .


“We want to give it a try throught ‘mobile art gallery’, to create a high standard, high quality, cultural connotation in an art exhibition on high school campuses, so that middle school students can feel the atmosphere of art galleries and museums without having to go out of the campus. At the same time, I also want to take this opportunity to show the achievements of art education in NFLS. We welcome friends from all walks of life who care about the basic education of secondary schools to give us valuable opinions on this exhibition. " The curator of this activity art teaching and research group leader, Cao Qihai said.

Exhibition Appreciation

Under the influence of social humanities and art, the literati and bureaucrats of the Song Dynasty generally pursued the life of elegance and seclusion. Calligraphy and painting cultural relics, the ancient and the modern’s admiration of each other, were indomitable in the Song Dynasty. The Song people referred "sketch, portrait", "health" to the living nature, spirituality, living birds, birds and fishes, "true" was what they observed through the "truth", was that they had thought, understood, and recognized the "truth."

Through appreciating the outstanding works of the Song Dynasty art, we can feel the elegant life of the Song people, and learn the attitude and method of the "observation and portrait" of the Song people. We experienced the physical and practical experience of broad and profound Chinese traditional culture.

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For many years, Nanjing Foreign Language School has been committed to training "the compound talents with a combination of Chinese and Western culture, arts and science ", vigorously promotes art education, encourages the students to innovate, and actively explore the road of art education that conforms to the characteristics of NFLS.

During the summer vacation this year, Cao Qi-hai, head of the Art Teaching and Research Group, led the art group teachers to various field trips, eventually he made some space on the NFLS campus and built the NFLS Art Center, thereby comprehensively enhancing the level of art education in NFLS, creating a number of fine art groups, and we gradually became the first-class art team in Nanjing and even in the province, and the whole country .

Ordinary senior high school curriculum standards require art teachers to pay attention to strengthening the cultivation of students' core accomplishment of art curriculum, fully tap the breadth and depth of art classroom, and truly enhance students' aesthetic and artistic qualities. Although there are more and more opportunities for modern middle school students to enter the museum, if they can move the museum into the campus and into the classroom, they will certainly have unique artistic feelings.

In view of the above two reasons, the school actively contacted the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing New Pictures, Shanghai Yachang, Nanjing Jinling Art Museum, Nanjing Academy of Art and many other universities and teams to plan the "Mobile Art Museum-the viewing of Song People" series of activities and Nanjing Foreign Language School Art Center opening ceremony.