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My Goodness! The Outstanding Representatives of the MODEL United Nations Were All Taken by NFLS? The Best Delegation Was Also NFLS?

My Goodness! The Outstanding Representatives of the MODEL United Nations Were All Taken by NFLS? The Best Delegation Was Also NFLS?

NFLS Delegations 2018 visit to Beijing Foreign Studies University

From November 30 to December 2, 2018, the annual Beijing Foreign Studies University’s  General Assembly Model United Nations was held at Beijing Foreign Studies University. As the country's top model United Nations Congress, the BJFSU  attracted more than 300 delegates from all over the country, among them were some great Model United Nations participants from the universities in China. Nanjing Foreign Language School was not willing to fall behind. It sent 20 people to the conference, including Lu Shangquan and two other senior 3rd graders, Ding Ruiyuan and six other sophomores, Sun Yuhe and nine other senior 1st graders. With the guidance of Teacher Zhou Yuanyuan, Teacher Gu Yijie, the delegation of NFLS made remarkable achievements!

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The Congress consisted of eight committees. In the three days of intense competition, a senior 3rd grader, Lu Shangquan, senior 2nd graders Ding Ruiyuan, Gao Xinyi, Wang Yixiao, Fan Yuhang, senior 1st grader Sun Yuhe respectively won the Outstanding Delegate, senior 1st graders Jin Yucheng and Yang Yufei received Honorary nomination Award (Honorable Mention). The students from NFLS stood firm in the competition with representatives of Peking University, Foreign Affairs College and other famous universities and won almost all outstanding delegates' awards. What's more, it's worth mentioning that, in NFLS, The delegation came to the fore with outstanding achievements and won the best delegation award!


The students could achieve such a great success in this competition, it could not be separated from enough academic preparation and excellent language comprehensive ability of the participants, and from the careful encouragement and guidance of the teachers and older alumni. In this grand event, the spirit of NFLS model UN which linked the students from different grades has been the best embodied. I hope that in the future, in the development of the NFLS Model UN, there will be more and more excellent younger generation under the guidance of the senior teachers and students, and further pass on the spirit of NFLS Model UN!

The participants feelings:

This BFSU Model UN meeting was unusual. The participation of many high-level university representatives upset the representatives from NFLS, who once fell into a bitter battle in various committees.

The representative Ding Ruiyuan from ECOSOC said:

"This meeting was a huge challenge for me. Because of my inexperience, my academic preparation, although it took me a lot of time preparing the materials, was not adequate before we reached the second session of the conference. The most painful experience was watching other delegates on stage talking and talking, but we could only sit on stage and laughed bitterly because of our academic weaknesses. At the end of the second session, we were almost cornered. However, after a night of hard thinking and encouragement and guidance from Li Ying, we understood the importance of sticking to our country’s side. In the discussion of the last draft resolution, we calmly analyzed, judged the situation, and represented Germany by doing a good job, manipulating and mediating, on behalf of Germany, we managed to do things freely and skillfully among several groups of countries. In the end, we made the best of the joint statement and got the best interests,got the endorsement of the presidium. The most important thing about the meeting was to win friendship. The university student representatives on the same stage were really admirable and very friendly to us. I hope I will meet such good representatives and the presidium next time! "


Gao Xinyi, a representative from ECOSOC said:

This time at ECOSOC, our topic was transboundary river cooperation, honestly speaking, it demanded good academic level. Preparation before the meeting was clearly not enough, and the excellent debate skills and solid academic skills of the college delegates in the field made us collapse in the first two sessions. After the second session, I fell into self-doubt, and the pressure was there, but we had a new way of thinking after consulting our teachers and senior alumni. Later in the session, my partner and I, as German representatives with no interests concerned, still found a starting solution for getting involved in the conflict. That is, international aid, and we obtained the joint statement which provided aid and profits from the United States and Japan. From our national point of view, we successfully managed to control the situation by providing technological, financial and empirical assistance between upstream and downstream countries. At this meeting,  I got to know a lot of interesting university students, some of them had solid academic skills, some had astounding skills, others could handle things under the pressure with ease, I was so satisfied!


Fan Yuehang, a representative from UNSC,said:

During my participation in the United Nations Security Council, I experienced the integration of learning, experience, culture and spirit. This is particularly evident in the debate between the bloc we have formed. Because Iran, the country we represent, and the United States were in two camps, the conflict between the two sides was clear. But, given the extent of our academic disparity, Iran and its allies had been at a disadvantage. Compared with our performance, the experience of the American representatives and the quality of the model UN were reflected.

Despite the US representative’s plump stature, which did not stop him from becoming the most prominent diplomat in the room, smiling, he was forever fighting on the battlefield, both East and West in our discussions under the banner of "Freedom, Democracy," and won a great number of backup forces.

By the end of the day, in our nation groups,only those who were firmly aligned with us remained, and the rest submitted to the United States. This was the perfect embodiment of diplomatic demeanour and the quality of the model UN. But we saw the differences that the Council had never had before. Finally, both groups of countries submitted their respective draft resolutions. Although the two documents had roughly the same meaning, both sides had actively voted for themselves in order to defend the position of their group. The vote, however, rested entirely on the division of national groups, ignoring academic accuracy. One party and the other both "abstained" from voting each other, in a way, it violated the right to vote and academic model UN spirit. This was  the point what I felt sorry about and dissatisfied with at this meeting. Next time, I will do better!


Wang Yixiao, who was also a representative of the UN Security Council, had a profound understanding of the meeting. Let us listen to what he said:

This was the third time I had participated in the model UN outside our school, and I tried as a double representative for the first time and experienced at a university venue for the first time. The university’s pursuit of the academic was far beyond my imagination. The representatives of BD,USA in the field studied international relations at Peking University, with their deep knowledge reserve, beat our self-confidence and measures, and they responded to all doubts and bottlenecks in a calm and easy manner. The paper document which was difficult to refute was written in a complete train of thoughts. there were more capable people, the so-called academic,means that, even as the opponent country, Iran, could only "peacefully" approach to the venue, it could not point out the other side's logic mistakes, on the contrary, the other side blocked back freely. The gap helped to improve yourself, when we finished each meeting, if you can play with the previous meeting with yourself, the latter will be defeated. OD and BD, the difference between the two letters,the ability of the US representatives was several times better than that of mine. This can be said as a warning of how academics, speeches, and document writing really ought to be accomplished, so that I can find a goal to climb.


However, the BFSU Conference was a very special experience for senior 1st graders.

Sun Yuhe from SOCHUM, said:

In real sense, the first time I went to a BFSU meeting, I was really satisfied with OD's affirmation.

When I was doing academic work before the meeting, I always felt very empty and panicked. I felt that most of the students in the meeting room were college students, and I must have been led away by them. Moreover, when I found out that Ding Qingyun, chairman of the NFLS Conference during the summer vacation, was the Russian representative in the meeting, I was really afraid of BFSU Conference.

The Agenda was carefully posted before the session, even as I was sending messages in the the WeChat group, I kept thinking about the suitable words. But it was only after we really started the session that I slowly adapted and eased my own excess tension. I remember the first session of the first unmo, suddenly around a dozen delegates around my seat began to ask me about the plan for the next session. Because of their trust, in addition to surprise and gratitude, there was also a sudden sense of responsibility. In the following session, my Russian representative and I split into two bloc, to start the collision between the two bloc. In the last session, the two DR have been discussed and questioned by the two blocs. The integration the day before continued late into the night, I did not carefully read the part written by our team members,a few mistakes occurred, the senior alumni questioned me until my tears dropped out. But the team members were still actively support, I was really touched.

Overall, there were too many people to thank for this time around. Thank you to our delegation from NFLS, to the four Dais, the members of SOCHUM and to all the representatives of my partner, bloc, and to my roommate, Mei Yidan, who represented France, and several of our little sisters in our senior Grade 1. But I realized that there was still a big gap between me and the older alumni. My academic level is still very shallow, my ability is not strong enough. I have a long way to go! But I have learned a lot from different representatives,this trip was worthwhile.