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To Be A Good School with Good Teachers by Moral Education

To Be A Good School with Good Teachers by Moral Education

On the afternoon of November 29th, all NFLS teachers took part in the theme event called “to be a good school with good teachers by moral education” and the signing ceremony of “refusing to be paid for teaching after class”.


The Supervision Group Leader Zhang Jiwen from the Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission, Deputy Director General Pan Man of the Provincial Department of Education, Director Sun Baijun of the Municipal Education Bureau, Secretary Zhang Sheng of the Municipal Education Commission, the 19th Supervision Group Leader Bao Yajuan from the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission and other leaders attended the meeting. Besides, parent representatives of each grade were also invited to be present.


Secretary Lu Yan of the school Discipline Inspection Commission hosted the meeting.


Principal Zou Zheng delivering the speech on “being a good teacher that pleases the people”

Principal Zou said that the paid teaching after class is not only a burden in finance for parents but also a burden of study for students. “Learning the knowledge beforehand blindly messes up the normal teaching procedure and does not do any good for the students to learn by themselves for better ability and quality. It jeopardizes the good social image of teachers and seriously damaged the normal teaching ecology.” He proposed that choosing to be a teaching is choosing sacrifice, “NFLS teachers should play a leading role in keeping the promise of not organizing or participating in paid teaching after class or introducing students and relevant information for training organizations out of school.”

“It is good luck to have a good teacher in one’s life, and it is an honor to have good teachers for a school.” Principal Zou said that NFLS teachers will take being a good teacher that pleases the people to be our pursuit, to equip ourselves and our teaching with virtue, to love our students, to try our best to be guides for the students’ personality shaping, knowledge learning, creative thinking and making contributions for our country.”


After that, teacher Liu Yongmei, the “excellent volunteer teacher of Nanjing” and “good example of learning from Leifeng”, shared her experience.


The parent representative speaking, taking the teachers of NFLS as examples to describe the good image of teachers in her heart

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In order to further promote the coordination of school education and family education, to advocate the construction of the teachers’ professional ethics, NFLS has invited 8 parents to be the supervisors of our school spirit. Principal Zou Zheng and Secretary Liu Qianshu presented the agreement of appointment to the supervisors. 

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Next Secretary Liu Qianshu led all the teachers to review the vows of teachers and read the promise with the teachers who signed their names on the commitment which means that they refused to teach for payment after class.


In the end, Secretary Zhang Sheng of Nanjing Education Commission made a speech. Secretary Zhang thought that the event was very good and expressed his great expectations for NFLS, hoping that as a school with good reputation in the province and even in the country, we should have a higher standard in the teachers’ moral construction.

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President Xi pointed out in the National Education Conference, “A teacher must focus on teaching, which means to love education, not interested in fame or wealth.” Now that NFLS is aiming to be a world-famous school with Chinese features, we must deepen the reform in education comprehensively and try to build up a high quality school.

We hope that all the teachers will work together to establish our professional image of “virtue and prudence”, to treat each one of our students with justice, to work with all our mind and heart and to train them to be modern people with a Chinese soul and world mind.