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During Nine-Year Teaching, Funding 323 Students, a French Grandmother Widened the Bridge of F Friendship between China and France!

During Nine-Year Teaching, Funding 323 Students, a French Grandmother Widened the Bridge of Friendship between China and France!

October 17th, 2018, afternoon, Nanjing Foreign Language School held the unveiling ceremony of Jaclyn Tiyake statue. Among the guests attending the opening ceremony were Mr. Zhu Bangzao, former Director of Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, former Chinese Ambassador to Tunisia, Switzerland, and Spanish, NFLS alumnus; Ms. Melanie Roach, language and Teaching Program Officer, Education Office, Consulate General of France in Shanghai; the head of Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office, the head of Nanjing Education Bureau, and the student representatives of Teacher Jaclyn, teacher representatives who worked with Jaclyn and some teachers and students from NFLS.


The French expert, Jaclyn Tiecker began to work in NFLS from September 1986 at the age of 66. Working in NFLS for nine years, she was diligent and dedicated, and was admired by students and colleagues. Ms. Jaclyn altruistically donated 1.2 million yuan in part of her salary, pension and legacy from her parents to the school. She also helped NFLS and French high schools and universities exchange studies, financed 323 students to study in France.

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In view of her outstanding contribution to culture and education in China and France, the Chinese Bureau of Foreign Experts twice awarded Ms. Jaclyn the National Medal of Friendship. In addition, she was awarded the title of "Advanced Teacher in Nanjing" in September, 1989, the Medal of the First-Class Education Knight awarded by the French Government in 1991, and the "qualification for permanent residence in China" in 1991. In August, 1994, she was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen" in Nanjing, and in October, 2001, she was awarded "Special Honor” Certificate by Jiangsu Foreign Affairs Office.

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Guili, who entered school in 1989, was one of them. Recalling the past of more than 20 years ago, she said that during the six years in NFLS, when Jaclyn taught her, many things are still vividly remembered. To encourage students to learn French, Jaclyn took some candy or chocolate to school and shared it with the students. In her first year of high school, Guili became the third group of students to study in France. At the age of 15, she first stepped out of the country and went to Fontainebleau International School in France for a year. "it was an unforgettable gift and a wonderful experience for me to meet my teacher Jaclyn in that age and to study in France with her support. It also has far-reaching influence in my present career of education and charity. "


"on this special day, we all remember Ms. Jaclyn. Not only because she is a foreign teacher in Nanjing Foreign Language School where we grew up for six years, but also because of the deep love of an elder generation and the compassion that we felt in her. This love transcends national boundaries, regions, races, it is deep and great. "


Principal Zou Zheng

President Zou Zheng of Nanjing Foreign Language School introduced that this year was the 10th anniversary of Ms. Jaclyn's death, and the 4th of this month is her birthday anniversary. At the three-foot stage of the Nanjing Foreign Language School, she nurtured Chinese students with sincere love. Even after returning to France at the age of 75, she was still eager to help the teachers and students from NFLS who were studying in France. She broadened the bridge of friendship between China and France with a wide range of love.


Teacher Xu Huafa

Teacher Xu Huafa, former director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Nanjing Foreign Language School, who worked with her, recalled that the nine years during which I worked with Ms. Jaclyn were the most touching and unforgettable memories of my life. She was the example for me about how I lived and how to be a better person. The longer I was with her, the more strongly I could feel her charisma. She is an emissary of love to the world, especially her heartfelt love for the Chinese people, which always makes me feel so full of emotion!


“We Will Never Forget You” --- A poetry recitation by the French Class


Madame Melanie Roach

Ms. Melanie Roach, Language and Teaching Program Officer, Culture and Education Cooperation Office, Consulate General, Shanghai, France, gave a speech.


Mr. Zhu Bangzao

Mr. Zhu Bangzao, an alumnus of Nanjing Foreign Language School and former Director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that Ms. Jaclyn had devoted all her efforts and energy to training Chinese foreign language talents, making outstanding contributions to the friendship between China and France, and people making outstanding contributions like her should be given great respect and memory by us, we should set up bronze statue for her.

At the same time, he expressed that he was pleased with the current level of French majors in NFLS, suggesting that Jaclyn's contribution had been passed on. he hoped that the bronze statue of Ms. Jaclyn would accompany NFLS teachers and students to pursue new and higher standards so as to better serve the friendship between China and France, the friendship between China and the rest of the world, and make its own contribution to the construction of China, to China's reform and opening .


Finally, the guest representatives unveiled the statue of Jaclyn Tiyak.


Five years ago, NFLS set up the Jaclyn Foundation in honor of her outstanding contribution to the school. Today, we witness the unveiling of the statue of Ms. Jaclyn. The school hopes that through the deeds of Ms. Jaclyn, the volunteer spirit of selfless dedication is deeply rooted in the hearts of generations in NFLS.


NFLS greeted her 55 anniversary of the founding of the school in such a unique way, and completed the first edition of the alumni collection “Xiao Yuan Hong Yu”. Fifty-five years to forge ahead, fire passes on; 55 years of hard work, peach and plum fragrance. Nanjing Foreign Language School was born in the reform, grew in the opening, and developed in the innovation. So far, it has trained a large number of modern talents with the "Chinese soul, the global mind" for the country.


The development of NFLS can not be separated from the hard work of every teacher, including many foreign teachers, who regard the school as their home, and have made great contributions to the development of NFLS.