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Awesome! Five Students from International Department of NFLS Have Won the World's Highest Prize in IGCSE Mathematics!

Awesome! Five Students from International Department of NFLS Have Won the World's Highest Prize in IGCSE Mathematics!

Recently, the IGCSE global high marks list was released like a bomb. Li Hetu, Zhang Zeyu, Zhang Wentao of the Cambridge International Curriculum experiment Class of our International Department, and Ou Zefe, Chen Ziwen of the IB International Diploma Course Experimental Class, obtained the world's highest mathematical award, outstanding result! Zhang Wentao got the highest score in the world in Additional Mathematics, the most difficult math subject in IGCSE.


From left: (IB) Ou Zefei,  (Cambridge) Zhang Wentao,  (Cambridge) Zhang Zeyu,  (Cambridge) Li Hetu , (IB) Chen Ziyang

Whats IGCSE?

IGCSE (full name:  International General Certificate of Secondary Education),) is an important part of the system of Cambridge University evaluation and international examination (Cambridge Assessment and International Examination), and is the preparatory course for students to enter the A-Level stage.


Over the years, globally,IGCSE courses have been used in many countries, including the United Kingdom, to help students lay a good foundation in the fields of knowledge, skills, comprehensive thinking and exploration, so that they can smoothly enter the stage of A-Level. Many prestigious institutions of higher learning in the Commonwealth assess the results of each global test from the IGCSE stage to the A-Level stage at the time of admission and select the best applicants.

IGCSE Courses in NFLS

Since 2006, Nanjing Foreign Language School has introduced the IGCSE curriculum, and has carefully selected from 64 subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, economics, business, history and so on in combination with the Chinese students’ characteristics to remake the teaching and evaluation system to help students complete the traditional IGCSE two-year study and participate in the global examination in senior Grade 1. Later on, the introduction of the IB International Diploma course, the IGCSE course in the first stage of senior high school is also used as the preparatory stage of IB, and the results are remarkable.

the Result of 2018 IGCSE

From May to June this year, 113 freshmen (now sophomore AS and DP1 students) took the IGCSE Global Unification examination. Each student completed six subjects, and 78 percent scored above A (70 percent in 2017). One student received all A*, 19 students got 5A*1A, a total of 34 students scored above 5A *. The top five students in math in the world also scored very well in other subjects.


Let us cheer for them again and wish them every success in the coming A-Level and IB core courses and wish them a successful entry to their favorite overseas universities.