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The Real Life and Inner World of a Girl from NFLS: the Truth of Youth

The Real Life and Inner World of a Girl from NFLS: the Truth of Youth




“You kids…” Whenever adults say these words out of impatience, will you teenagers complain in your heart, “What’s wrong with being kids? We know what adult are thinking but they cannot become us and understand us.”

Kids have troubles and happiness that adults can never imagine. Because they have no idea, and we cannot say it, so when we laugh, they would say “silly”, and when we cry they would say “fragile”.

NFLS student Ding Yinuo wrote a book, about little things like what she is thinking in the flag-raising ceremony in the morning meeting when she was saluting and also big things like the discomfort in the transition from one school to another. She wrote it all of these down, not in a boring way, but fun and full of inspiration.

All the truth about youth could be found in this book 


Brief introduction about the writer

Ding Yinuo, female, born in 2001, currently studying in High School of NFLS. Growing up in a free, open and broad-sighted environment, she is sensitive with unique experience and thoughts about life and excellent expressing ability. She began to write at least 1500 words a day since Junior 2, almost never stopped. In her writing she analyzes different kinds of phenomena reasonably with full emotions.

Brief introduction about the Book



The book is about the world in a teenager’s eyes and her inner world, especially the subtle emotions that displays a different perspective from the adults. The true 100 stories focus on the confusion, pain and cries in the process of children’s growth. With the warm and bright keynote, it identifies with the children of her age and serves well as a reference book about the psychology of the children of this age for parents and educators.

Comments of a writer



Ding Yinuo’s book makes me feel that she is good at writing about reality.



Her writing is clear, concise and accurate, neither empty nor verbose. When it touches my heart I feel like hearing big dewdrops sliding slide on the green leaves outside the window.



He writes the real world, so real and so valuable. The inner world of children is often expressed by adults, but she bravely and independently stands out and speaks for herself. It is valuable because from her perspective and what she sees, we always find her defense for the goodness of human nature. Her heart longs for understanding, respect, equality and love and refuses to be flattered, twisted, silenced or conformed, which means she may never be forced to accept things she do not want or lie about things she does not like. Her eyes are as clear as the spring, and as bright as the stars.

The world should be thankful for such a Ding Yinuo, for undoubtedly, it will be a better place for this independent, pure and brave girl.   

By Han Qingchen

Her head teacher says



She is a girl with unique thoughts and personality, and she loves life. As the leader of the Learning Association and Movie club, she is good at organizing activities and uniting the members, capable and responsible.

Her friends say



Being with Ding Yinuo, I always feel her pureness and persistence that could also be found in her book. It is comfortable to read her writing, because the exquisite and indescribable emotions touch my heart, and arouse many of memories and thoughts. With a perspective of a child, she tells stories that even adults cannot explain.



                                                          Zhu Ruoxi



I have known Ding Yinuo as my deskmate for almost 6 years. She has been always so direct and insightful. Her writing contains not only a pure perspective and exquisite emotions like little children, but also independent thinking and understanding. I think that is what makes her stories different.



                                            Zhang Ziqing



It is the 12th year since I knew her. How time flies! But she has not changed much, still loving Chinese, reading and writing. She expresses herself by writing, and takes part in debate. She looks quiet, but with unlimited power while she is doing something. She has always been so great.



                                                        Lin Jiayi



Life in high school is more or less restless with anxiety, but Ding Yinuo is able to make you feel peaceful. Like many with a natural gift of writing, she is well-read and never stops writing, which serves to create a kind of peace in her. However, I think the power of peace also comes from her nature that is warm, kind, sensitive and tolerant.



I believe she will become a writer that she has wanted to be, not only because she is endowed with the talent, skills and attitude as a good writer, but also because it is who she is.



                                              Chen Zixin



The author says, “The front cover and back cover must be appreciated together.



The initial thoughts about the cover can be traced back to a sketching class 3 years ago. I discussed with my good friend Mandy and came up with the design of a sketch. Later by communicating, the designers almost completely realized what we had in mind.


First, in adults’ eyes, childhood should be painted with bright colors, so we often use “carefree” to describe it. But the navy blue of the back cover means what’s in each child’s heart is not always so simple. They also have complicated troubles, which is closer to the truth of the world than adults think. In the book, I always want to use the colorful surface to write about reality.



Second, in the book the main character is dressed in pink in the wedding. But in her grandpa’s funeral, she wears dark clothes. The front cover and back cover reflect both. Children will gradually know the joy of birth and the sorrow of death, and learn to keep sad things in their heart.



Third, in the process of our growth, sometimes we are told, “you should look more like a girl/boy.” What should a girl look like? Pink, dolls, cute dresses, dreaming of wearing her mother’s high wheels, which I do not like to use to impose restrictions on a girl. The things on the back cover may be better to represent what some girls really like: reading, sports and dark colors. And a boy may also enjoy beauty freely and be someone with sensitive feelings.

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