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Burning the Passion of Youth: the 56th NFLS Sports Meet

Burning the Passion of Youth: the 56th NFLS Sports Meet

The 56th NFLS Sports Meet was held in the Olympic Center on October 19th, 2018.


The opening ceremony    

The march-in ceremony

The march-in ceremony started at 8:00 am. In our excitement and expectation, the squares walked toward us one after another in the passionate music. In their orderly steps there was confidence determination of each member. We saw athletes from the National Flag Class, the School Flag Class, NFLS Main Campus, Hexi Campus and Hexi Foreign Language School, and the referees and volunteers. With creative and careful design, the formations looked powerful and solemn, which filled the broad sports field with the atmosphere of youth.

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After the march-in, there were the national anthem playing and saluting with eyes, which meant the official beginning of the exciting day.


Principal Zou addressed the opening speech. Pincipal Zou illustrated the significance of sport meet, emphasized the importance of good PE morality, expressed his good blessings for the athletes and announced the opening of the event.


The representative of the athletes, head of the PE department, Xiao Guohao from Class 4 Senior Grade 1 shared the story of the “Flying Man” Su Bingtian to show his understanding about “no fear for failure or formidable competitor” and swore on behalf of all the athletes, “we will value unity, improvement, integrity and participation, carry forward the spirit of sports, fight with strong will and try to accomplish good results.”


The last part of the opening seemed very different. The students of Junior 2 and 1 took turns to perform Physical Quality Exercise and Bodybuilding Boxing. The spirit of collectivism was fully displayed in the grand square formation of a whole grade. Their smooth movements, neat cooperation, jumping of standard height aroused the enthusiasm of the audience. Applause and cheers resounded in the huge stadium, highlighting the whole opening.

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Track meet

The exciting competitions were the most important part of the sports meet. Let us feel the athletes’ energetic look, their sweats and burning youth. When they were running in the field, everyone was looking. In the red track, they left only glimpses of their figures; however, in the camera and the heart of the teachers and students, they left deep deep impression.

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Field events

Though without thrilling sprint or chasing one another, in the field event, anyone who had held on to the end with hard work also deserved our heartfelt applause. 

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Football match between the teachers and students

The football match attracted a lot of attention. As the main referee’s whistle was sounded, the game began. The students’ team had a good start by scoring twice in the first ten minutes, which caused the audience to cheer and shout from time to time. Not to be outdone, the teachers fully fired up and achieved an equalizer by two goals. In the end with the final whistle, the students’ team won the game by 4:2. Whatever the result would be the relationship between teachers and students lasts forever. The teachers were really proud of the students’ excellent performance.



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The referees might not be the most eye-catching because of their running about here and there or their efforts in silence, but what they contributed meant a lot. The volunteers in read also mattered much to the success of the sports meet. Let us cheer for them and give our sincere thanks.

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Let youth display its charm and let the spirit of sports be with us forever.