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NFLS Volleyball Team in Nanjing Teenagers Sports Festival Campus Volleyball Competition2018

NFLS Volleyball Team in Nanjing Teenagers Sports Festival Campus Volleyball Competition2018



The High School men’s completion and women’s competition of Nanjing Teenagers Sports Festival Campus Volleyball Competition 2018 were finished in Nanjing No. 1 Middle School and No. 3 Middle School on June 16, 2018. NFLS Men’s Volleyball Team and Women’s Volleyball Team fought very hard, keeping the rules, respecting the referees and opponents, which showed the qualities of our school. Finally the two teams both won the 1st Prize and Spiritual Civilization Prize.



Before the competition, they took the event seriously and overcome all kinds of difficulties to spent time on the training. In the training camp, they kept practicing under the hot sun and made full use of every minute, trying to get better and better as a team. When someone got hurt in the training, others took his place. In the competition, their spirit of teamwork, precise skills and cooperation were very impressive, which were spoken highly by other teams and the judges committee.



In the end, we would like to thank those who had been with us all the time. Thank the school leaders for their strong support. Thank all the team members and all the participant of the sport for their effort. Thank Coach Wang Shaolin and Xie Yaxiong for their arrangement of training every time and their care and instructions. Thank all the teachers who had been with us for the training. Thank the former players for their care and help. Thank the parents for their support. With your help and support, it is believed that NFLS Volleyball will be carried on and forward generation after generation and will accomplish more in the future.



In the Teachers’ Competition next day, NFLS Teachers’ Team worked well with one another, not only respecting the opponents and the referees, but also trying to win every point and fully displaying their abilities. At last they won the 4th Place and the Spiritual Civilization Prize.



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