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Senior Grade 3 Graduation & Coming-of-age Ceremony

Senior Grade 3 Graduation & Coming-of-age Ceremony


It was a hot summer day while the sun was shining brightly in the sky. NFLS Senior Grade 3 Graduation and Coming –of-age Ceremony were held in the report hall on the afternoon of June 11. The school leaders, students of Senior 3, their parents and teachers witnessed the unforgettable ceremony.


The hosts Ping Xinyu and Li Jiaxin introduced the 8 classes of Grade 3 one by one, for each class was unique and all of them were excellent.


After standing up and singing the national anthem, Principal Zou made a speech. He looked backed on the great achievements of the students of 2018: 30 admitted to Tsinghua or Peking University, half of those recommended for admission getting a place in universities of C9 and our number of students going to Ivy League ranking 1st in our country. Then he blessed the 25 students who just finished the College Entrance Exam. Meanwhile, he expressed his expectation that it was better to be ambitious for stronger either than sharper, for longer either than faster, which encouraged the students and the teachers a lot.

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When we were still thinking about the principal’s words, the video I Love You, NFLS appeared on the screen, from which saw the students sweating in the military training, their friendship during the time of learning agriculture, their talents in the Art Festival and Foreign Language Festival, and their hard work in the Dragon Boating Competition, football competition, and basketball competition and so on. The video brought about laughter, applause and cheers, and took us to the memories of the 3 years. And of course, the 3 years in high school also included the love of the parents which could not be seen in the video.




Student Chen Qianfan’s father Chen Bingshan speaking on behalf of all parents



Next, Chen Bingshan, father of student Chen Qian Fan from Class 1 Senior 3, spoke on behalf of the parents of all senior 3 students. Mr. Chen told the teachers, students and parents that, to let his child enter NFLS was the best choice the family had ever made. It is believed that this is also what numerous parents wanted to say.



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In NFLS, the teachers also love and protect the students like parents. In this time of leaving, the teachers of Senior Grade 3 expressed their good wishes for the children, and received the flowered presented by the student representatives.


Student representative Xu Xuanhuang speaking

Xu Xuanhuang, who had received offers from both Yale and Harvard, spoke on behalf of the students. “During the 3 years in NFLS, we spent time in the student clubs of all kinds, we worked hard and anxiously for the College Entrance Exam, competitions, TOFEL and SAT, we read book and improved ourselves in different circumstances, and we had good times in the school stadium, on the little paths, in the classroom, cafeteria, and the experiment room. The long and short time in NFLS has become an invisible video that will be cherished in our mind forever.” She said to the teachers: “we will never forget you, our teachers.” To the schoolmates, she said, “we will always be friends.”


Jin Zheyuan, an excellent graduate of 2009


In the Coming-of-age ceremony, Jin Zheyuan, the excellent graduate of 2009, led the students to take a vow in front of the national flag, as an encouragement for them to carry forward the spirit of NFLS with “a Chinese soul and a world mind.”


Poem reading Raining Again


Singing Wish You Well on Your Way

Zhang Siyao, Chen Zhouyi and Ji Li read the poem Raining Again, leading all the student to say goodbye to the school. As He Kejie, Cao Haoran and Shi Yifan were singing Wish You Well on Your Way, all of them took out their cell phones, turning on the flashlight and waving their arms according to the rhythm, which reminded us of the touching moment when they were learning agriculture.

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In the beautiful school song, witnessed by the teachers and parents, Principal Zou Zheng presented the diploma to every one of the student and took pictures with them. The red diploma not only meant the teachers, students and parents’ effort over the 3 years but also symbolized the beginning of a brand new stage of life for all the graduates of 2018.