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Senior 3 College Entrance Exam Results: 100% up to the Score for Regular Colleges

Senior 3 College Entrance Exam Results: 100% up to the Score for Regular Colleges 

First, 100 percent of the students reach the Regular College Score Line

The results of College Entrance Examination were published recently. NFLS Senior 3 students have got good grades. 25 students took the exam and all of them reached the regular college score line and 24 reached the first-class college score line. The results of the optional subject were also great: 100 percent of the exam results were above C, 90 percent A. 12 students got 380 points or more and 20 got 360 or more, and the average score was 374. Thus 99.8 percent of the students will go to the first-class colleges, including those who have got a place in universities home and abroad before. Student Zhao Xinyi reached the first-class admission score line of Tsinghua, and many others passed the admission score lines of famous Universities such as Nanjing University, University of Science and Technology of China, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southeast University.

Second, 31 students got a place in Tsinghua or Peking University

Senior 3 students had performed really well in competitions of science subjects. As a result, 5 of them had been admitted by Tsinghua or Peking University by recommendation and 119 were accepted by tens of well-known colleges of China. So there will be 31 students going to Peking University or Tsinghua, including the students recommended for admission for their achievements in competitions or specialty in languages and those who took the College Entrance Exam, which is a historical breakthrough for our school.

Third, NFLS ranks national first in the number of students accepted by Ivy League.

More than 280 our Senior 3 students have been admitted to over 100 universities of 7 countries. This year NFLS ranks first of China in the number of students going to Ivy League. More than 100 of our students have got a place in top 30 American comprehensive universities and some of them are going to set foot on the campuses of Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Stanford.

Fourth, USTC Special Class for the Gifted Young

Besides, 3 NFLS Senior 2 students have met all the admission requirements of USTC special class for the gifted young for their grades in the College Entrance Exam, as well as a Senior 1 student.

This is good news for all NFLS teachers and students. Here We would like to thank all the teachers of Senior 3 and all the faculty of our school for their great effort.

Nanjing Foreign Language School

June 24, 2018